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Countdown to Christmas: 20 sleeps!

This week on the Countdown to Christmas, I’m bringing you not one but two parts to my mini series. With only 20 sleeps to go, its time to crank up the festiveness and start transforming our houses into magical grottos and finding those special items to buy. On Friday, I will be sharing with you a great find for stocking fillers as well as my usual ramblings about what I’ve been getting up to!

Today I’ll be showing you a very simple way to create a stunning and effective centrepiece for your house or for your Christmas table. It really is so beautiful, that I can’t wait to show you how I made my Santa hat bauble tray!

Anoushka Loves Santa Hat Centrepiece

What you will need:

Red stiff craft card
Black stiff craft card
A tray (sizes depends on where you are displaying it, mine is 30cm x 12cm)
Small baubles in your colour scheme (Mine were from Next for £5)
PVA glue
Crafting pom poms
Square cut jewels
A glue gun

Anoushka Loves Santa Hat Centrepiece2

I wanted a tall santa hat and a smaller santa hat, so I used my crafting card to make a cone to the size I wanted. Rolling it in my hand and using PVA glue to seal down the edges until it had dried. Although the bottom of the cone is uneven, this can be trimmed into shape after the glue has been dried.

Anoushka Loves Santa Hat Centrepiece3

Anoushka Loves Santa Hat Centrepiece4

Take a strip of black card to make what will be the belt around the cone. Thats if you can get the cat off it!

Anoushka Loves Santa Hat Centrepiece


Using the square cut jewels, I applied a sall dot of PVA glue to the back of them before placing them in a rectangular shape around the black card, so it looks like a sparkly buckle. The PVA glue dries clear so don’t worry if you make a mess!

Anoushka Loves Santa Hat Centrepiece5

Whilst you are waiting for the buckle to dry, plug in your glue gun. If you don’t have a glue glue, don’t run out and buy one, just use a glue that is strong enough for bonding pom poms to cardboard. Make a circle of pom poms around the base of your cones, them top the cones with either one pom pom or a few!


Once dry, place your Santa cones in your tray and fill with small baubles. I trimmed the strings off mine first.

Anoushka Loves Santa Hat Centrepiece

So, a very easy and simple but wonderful effective centrepiece or decoration for your house. I absolutely love mine and I hope you like it too!

See you on Friday where I will be showing you my Winter Wonderland-esque house!

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