Beauty Advent Calendars 2014

I know its ridiculously early to be dropping the C-Bomb, and I promise that I will try and refrain from mentioning anything to do with the holiday season until at least mid October, but I have to let you know about the Beauty Advent Calendars of 2014. Several companies released their own Beauty Advent Calendars last Winter however they sold out rather quickly and left a lot of people broken hearted, I’m blaming you Benefit, and I had to settle for a Percy Pig calendar instead. Here’s my guide to the best of the best of beauty advent calendars for Christmas 2014.

Beauty Advent Calendars 2014

First up is the Benefit Cosmetics advent, priced at £60. The Candy Coated Countdown is top of my list for the festive period. Containing 24 beauty treasures and mini Benefit goodies which are so cute, this calendar will be available at Benefit and Debenhams from the 16th October.

Beauty Advent Calendars 2014

Exclusive to Selfridges, and comes in three special designs, the Ciate Mini Manor is one of my favourites for advent choice. With 17 mini colours, 5 texture paints, a full size polish and festive transfers, I’d find it hard to not open the entire thing in one day. At just £49, that’s a lot of polish for not a lot of pennies.

Beauty Advent Calendars 2014

The Selfridges Enchanted Spells advent calendar doesn’t have a release date just yet, but I can guarantee that it won’t be around for long. With 24 mini luxury items, I would be head over heels in love with this! Mini goodies include Kiehls, YSL, Lancome and Viktor & Rolf.


The most luxurious and expensive out of the bunch, the Liberty advent calendar costs a whopping £149. Designed in gorgeous Liberty print, natch, and filled with top notch brands such as NARS, Eve Lom, Dermalogica and Deborah Lippman, this really is the one to be lusting after. I need it! It should be in store and online by November. Shop the Liberty Calender here.

Beauty Advent Calendars 2014

The biggest bargain award goes to No7 for their £35 calendar that contains products to the value of £130 including the new wonder cream, Protect and Perfect. Not only is there a gift every day on the run up to Christmas, but you even get one on Christmas Day. Extra presents, wahoo! No release dates as of yet, but I will update as soon as I find out!

Which Beauty Advent Calendar 2014 takes your fancy? Can I have 5 calendars please?

  • I can’t wait for the benefit one! I missed out last year 🙁 also the No7 one seems pretty good so I’ll keep my eyes out for that one xx

    • I quite fancy the No7 one too!xx

    • Debbie

      You can pre-register for the No7 one on the website … just type in No7 Advent Calendar in the search and it will let you know in advance when they’re in stock, as they sell out pretty quick. Good Luck …

  • Ahh I can’t wait! Definitely my favourite time of the year especially all the beauty advent calenders that come out. I want them all! xx


  • Would it be overkill to buy the Liberty.. and the Selfridges? I think not, right?

    • Not at all. In fact, buy them all!xx

  • I would LOVE the Benefit one, but not sure I can justify £60! I bought the Ciate one last year & loved it!

  • I’m definitely nabbing the benefit calendar this year! Last year I missed out and I was SO gutted, I couldn’t stop thinking about how stupid I’d been to not go for it when I had the chance! If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is!
    Daniela xo | danielascribbles ♥

    • Benefit have said that they will make it a bit easier to get your hands on one this year 🙂 xx

  • I really don’t see why anyone would buy the No7 one….the Benefit one looks fab, but I could never justify the price, need someone to treat me!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • I recently just found out about the concept of beauty advent calendars, I had only ever seen the chocolate ones before. I love this idea so much and would really like to get one,

    • You must! Let me know if you get one!xx

  • It’s between the Selfridges and Ciate for me! So expensive, but being a Lancome fangirl, there is so much love for me in the first!! Guess I’ll have to see if Santa has liked me this year!

    • Let me know which one you get!xx

    • Debbie

      Don’t forget that Lancome doe their own too … (And have just seen their Christmas Beauty Box … Totally lush ) x

  • Laura Kate

    Ahh i really wanted the Benefit one. But it doesn’t look that exciting. The Selfridges one looks the best x

    • I think it’ll be a good one this year 🙂 xx

  • Unfortunately for me, the Selfridges Advent Calendar looks the most appealing to me, haha! But they are all lovely. Thanks for the heads up, they all look great! xx

    • I think Selfridges ship internationally?!xx

  • kpsays

    I am quite the Grinch. Not an over-the-top-Christmas fan. I have never bought a beauty advent calendar! Please still love me!

    • We can no longer be friends. Haha just kidding, of course I STILL LOVE YOU!!!!XX

  • HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DECIDE!? Help me D: xxx

    • Buy them all. Its the only way!!xx

  • Would it be really greedy to want them all? I don’t know how the other half would feel though if he just ended up with a Mars bar advent haha xx

    • I reckon he would love a Mars bar one 😉 xx

  • This makes us even more excited for Christmas, mostly so we can decide which one we want buy! These are much more to our taste than opening chocolates everyday!
    xoxo Nikki @

    • I still want a chocolate one too haha!!xx

  • Debbie

    Hello … You must check out the L’Occitane Advent calendar – it’s lush 🙂

    • It is stunning!xx

      • Debbie

        It is isn’t it Anoushka … Am looking forward to my shopping trip 😉

  • Debbie

    Anouska … also check out the Mail You Beauty Advent Calendar … it has a really nice range of gifts and products for both keeping and wrapping up for tree presents or little birthday treats through the year.

    • I’ve seen it 🙂 Last years was really good as well!xx

  • Debbie

    And another one is the Elemis 12 Days of Beauty available at Time To Spa … another box of gorgeous products 🙂 …. So you could have an advent calendar for the lead up to Christmas and then another one for the 12 Days of Christmas (either Elemis or the L’Occitane one) 🙂 Taking you well into the New Year with lots of gorgeousness

    • You are a very bad influence lady!!xx