Younique : The new ‘Juice Plus’?

I’m quite sure that this post may cause some controversy and spark up a lot of debate however I feel like I need to get it all off my chest, and explain why I am already hating this new brand that has set the beauty world into a bit of a tizz. First of all, I have no issues with the way people earn money and the ways in which they do so. That has nothing to do with me. Secondly, this is just my opinion and what I say is not gospel, and of course, your opinion may differ a lot. I’m not asking for an argument or hate towards what I say. This is just a simple post to get my frustrations out there.

There has been a massive buzz lately about this new wonder product, the 3D Fibre lash, that has only just been released into the UK in the last 7 days. The idea is a simple one. Using your own mascara as a base, and the Younique special fibres and lash building gel, you can recreate thick, full lashes in moments in the comfort of your own home. Not only will you have amazing lashes, but it stops the need for using false lashes. Alongside the 3D fibre lash, a whole range of products are available to purchase, each with the promise that they are the absolute best on the market. So, where can these amazing wonder products be purchased? Boots? Selfridges? Harrods? No. They have to be purchased through a distributor of Younique products. A distributor who is in a team with other distributors who all have a team distributor who rises through the Younique ranks by how many sales they have. Just like how the Juice Plus scheme works. And, if you like it enough, you can also be a distributor of make up and earn money whilst you do so.

In the last year, I have seen an increase of followers in my social media from new connections with names such as ‘Jane Juice Plus’ or ‘Sarah Juice Plus’ or ‘Joanne Juice Plus’. You get the idea. All these new followers have inboxed me promising an amazing new way to lose weight by eating whatever I like but taking these capsules that are way better than eating fruit and veg to get my daily amount of vitamins and minerals. No thanks. I’ve noticed how it has died down throughout the year, however I am expecting a huge increase of followers come January, all promising the same and using the same focus keywords in their pitch. I’ve also been asked if I would like to join team after team of people, all selling Juice Plus and earning so much money that I would have to give up my exceptionally well paid job as the money I would earn would surpass my gross salary. Sounds way to good to be true doesn’t it. I’ve also been asked to share the wonders of Juice Plus on my blog because I have a good readership and I could get people to sign up and make money too. The more people I sign in my team, the more money I will make. This pyramid scheme will keep bringing in the money for the people at the top, leading to self made millionaires across the globe. Until a new pyramid scheme arrives and takes over.

Hello to Younique. Another scheme that works using the same principles as Juice Plus. You, as a distributor, sign up members for your team and build sales. They can also become a team leader and drive sales in their own team with their own distributors. All great, and a great way to make money. Like I said, I have no issue with how people make their cash, however it only bothers me when I am getting bombarded. Not only by new followers, but also now by people who I have known for years who have looked down their nose at me for spending so much on makeup, yet now they are a self proclaimed make up artist because they are able to make their lashes resemble dead spider legs.

I totally get the concept. I also get that in this current economic climate that money is tight and extra cash on the run up to Christmas is ideal. What I don’t get it why, if this product is so good, is that it hasn’t been snapped up by buyers from high street stores and luxury stores such as Selfridges, Harrods and Space NK. If it is that good, why do I need to purchase it from a distributor that has a team leader that has a leaderboard on a website.

Every single day, I am being offered amazing opportunities, again using the same focus buzz keywords with the promise of financial freedom, great lashes and working in a great team. I don’t want to. I want to buy my make up at a department store based on my choices. I’m more than sure that when the 3D Fibre lashes are applied properly, they look amazing but from what I have seen…well, I’m not sold. I’m being bombarded daily by new pages from people asking me to like their Instagram/Facebook/Twitter pages ‘Younique by X’, ‘Younique by Y, ‘Younique by Z’. People are adding MUA to their names on Facebook. They’re telling me that I can’t live without fibre lashes. People are telling me that I don’t know much about beauty if I haven’t tried Younique. I’ve quite simply had enough of this hype and I am so bored from it all after being harrassed.

The sad thing is, when there was the original hype surrounding Younique, I was actually quite interested. Now, I couldn’t give two toots if I never saw it again. I know that some of my friends are distributors and I wish you every success with this scheme, however due to the sheer amount of harassment that Younique has brought to me, I will not be participating.


  • AMEN
    I can’t stand this brand, I too have been bombarded with people offering it to me & I agree that the 3D lash fibres do make your lashes look like bloody dead spiders legs!


    • I haven’t seen a good demonstration of it yet!xx

  • Ah no I love my 3D lash fibres I had quite a few compliments, but I am not a seller or distributor hahah! I hate the juiceplus accounts though I don’t like it being forced upon me xx

    • I don’t like anything being forced upon me, I’m so stubborn!xx

  • I really dislike all the stuff like this you see on social media, it just makes me want to try anything even less!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • That’s how I feel. No thanks!xx

  • I can’t comment on the quality of the products as I haven’t tried them but I agree that the marketing has now gone into overkill which totally puts me off. Is the 3D mascara any different than magnifibres?

    • I don’t think it varies that much. It just has a transplanting gel and the fibres are black not white like magnifibres xx

  • I completely agree actually, I get so many spam comments like HERE LOSE WEIGHT ON THIS INSTA ACCOUNT or NICE LASHES BUY THESE ON THIS ACCOUNT.

    Shut up and leave me alone! I have no doubts that the products are good, but I just think pushy sales techniques are outdated, no matter whether they’re door to door or on social media.

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    • Totally agree! The only person who becomes rich is the person at the top!xx

  • MJ

    I have been contacted multiple times too and yes, they must be doing something wrong if everybody is so annoyed.
    Next time we should just answer “But have you seen the lashes I already have? With the mascara I already use? And do you know how much money I already make? And how many people I’m already on top of?” – ok maybe this last question is best left out of the plan, that might prompt other uninvited companies to contact us and try to sell us a whole other kind of stuff so yeah, let’s not take it there friend.

    <3 <3

    • Hahahahahhaha!! Best comment yet 🙂 xx

  • Lou

    I signed up as a presenter when Younique first launched in the U.K and I lasted all of 3 months…I was really dissapointed with the quality of the products and the way we are told to ‘sell the lifestyle’ and do attraction marketing really bothered me…as Presenters we had to pretend we were living the high life (even though I wasn’t) and do posts to reel people in and are encouraged to random add all women to ‘network’ and grow our business and then try to get everyone and their aunt etc to join our team so that we can earn off them and reach better ranks…the whole pyramid scheme left a bad taste in my mouth,,,it’s all built on hype and the products are shit. I quit and it was a good decision but all of my brainwashed ‘Y Sisters’ ditched me as son as I left the clan. Hopefully it will die a death soon and all of the overhyped brainwashed ladies hoping to make millions will wake up and realise it’s pointless and get a real job…phew rant over!!!!!!! lol