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Yodel. The worst courier ever?

Let me take you back to last summer. I ordered a new black gloss television stand from a reputable company on eBay. The company kept me informed of dispatch times, expected delivery dates and further contact information. When I asked who the courier was, I had my fingers crossed it wouldn’t be Yodel. Huge groan when they confirmed what I didn’t want to hear.

Why you ask? Well, since I have been using companies that use Yodel as their preferred courier, I have had nothing but trouble.

The television stand took four attempts at being delivered as they didn’t turn up on the day I was waiting in for it, and then trying to deliver whilst I was at work. Finally when it arrived, the box was taped up to hold it together as during transit it looked like it had been drop-kicked from one side of the depot to the other. Once I’d spent an hour or so constructing the table, I realised that whilst they had shredded the box, they had also made a rather large crack in the underneath of the table top.

In the January sale, I ordered a beautiful black dressing table with mirrored drawers. I was so excited as it was on a next day delivery. I had been planning my dressing table layout, right down to my baroque mirror and velvet roll back chair with swarovski buttons for months. The next day…no delivery. I rang the supplier and was told it was with the depot. I rang the depot and was told they had no record of it. I rang the supplier who then told me I had to wait 21 days for Yodel to find it as Yodel did indeed have a record of it, yet they had lost it. So, I needed to wait 21 days for the money to be re-credited to my account and hope that they found it so I had something to put my chair and mirror too. 21 days later, I had to reorder another dressing table, however the next day delivery was no longer available on this item as it was coming from the manufacturer, however it would be with me within the next 3 weeks. So, in total I waited nearly 2 months for a dressing table that should have been with me a day after ordering it.

Bringing the story back into the present, and the reason I am writing this post is due to the blatant lies that have occurred this week. On Sunday night, I ordered a lamp on behalf of my neighbour. Again, the parcel was to be delivered on a next day, meaning it would arrive on Monday. Special instructions were clearly stated to leave the parcel with my neighbour. I had the tracking email and parcel number so I kept an eye out. Here’s what happened:

Monday: ‘Delivery attempted. No access to building’
Tuesday: ‘Delivery attempted. No access to building’. Rang depot, they arranged redelivery for Wednesday
Wednesday: the driver pulled up outside my house, I saw him, opened the front door and he drove off. No attempt to get out of the van and when I checked on My Yodel, the message ‘Delivery attempted, no access to building’ was displayed. Furious, I rang Yodel and they contacted the driver, who turned around and funnily enough, he managed to gain access to my house and deliver my parcel.

Wednesday evening I decided to purchase a camera in the sale to use to take pictures for my blog. I paid for 7am- 12Noon delivery on Thursday. Thursday morning I received a tracking email and parcel reference number. 12 noon arrived and ticked on. I tweeted Yodel who confirmed that I had paid for nothing as pre 12 Noon was in fact not associated with my parcel. Ho hum. Delivery was up until 7 pm, I can cope with that. Being such a lovely day, I decided to sit in my neighbours garden all day and catch those rare summer rays. Now bear in mind, to get to my house you have to go past my neighbours as she is my next door neighbour. A quick check on MyYodel and surprise surprise, ‘Delivery attempted, No access to building’. Well what a bare faced lie. The thing that annoys me the most is the fact that he didn’t even make an attempt to park up, or even try. Why be a delivery driver if you have no intention of delivering.

Now do not get me wrong, the staff in the call centre and on Twitter could not be any more helpful however it must be really disheartening to know that there is not much they can do whilst I bang my head on the table wondering if i’ll get my parcel tomorrow, next week, next month or in fact ever. Unfortunately too many companies are putting their trust into Yodel and whilst most parcels are being delivered, the percentage that aren’t is not good for customer satisfaction. For two parcels in the same week not to be delivered on time with the same message that they can’t access the property even though I was at home is just disgusting.

Over the last twelve months, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell you how many things have arrived late or damaged. The easy way out would be not to use Yodel, however you will find most companies now hide the fact that it is Yodel who they use for fear of loss of sales. A quick research online shows that I’m not the only one who has had such bad service from the delivery drivers. As I said before, the call centre and Twitter staff have been fantastic but the problem lies with the incompetence of the drivers. If you don’t want to walk up apartments stairs, park your van or even get out of it then you are in the wrong job. Unfortunately in this latest case, I will be lodging a complaint with Yodel as this latest situation has really pushed my buttons.

I hate having to write anything negative however I really feel that this needs to be documented. I hope other people have had more positive experiences with Yodel. I’ll let you know if I ever receive my camera!

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