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Yodel: The Conclusion

Knock knock…
Who’s there?
Little old lady…
Little old lady who?

So I finally got my parcel on Friday morning. I tweeted Laura on Yodel, who told me it was to be delivered Friday and that I was the first drop of the day. The parcel turned up at 10.30am and when I opened the door I asked the driver if it was him who tried to deliver it yesterday. I told him how I was sat in the garden and that I didn’t see anyone try to gain access to my property and why he didn’t leave it at my neighbours like the special instructions stated, and that were clearly written on the parcel.

His response: ‘There was a big black dog in the garden and I didn’t want to chance trying to get past it’.

Me: ‘a big black dog?’

Him: ‘yes, it was quite scary looking so I didn’t want to go past it’.

I just shook my head, signed for my parcel and went back in my house, chuckling to myself. Ill attach some pictures if the big scary dog to show you why he was so terrified.

Oh, and even though Yodel said it wasn’t originally on a Pre 12 noon contract, well it clearly stated on parcel PRE NOON.

Here’s Poppy, the 9 month old Border Collie Cross puppy that he was so frightened off. I think she would have licked his face rather than bit his bum.




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