Why do you blog?

Many people have been asking me questions lately about my blog. Why do I do it, what am I aiming for and surprisingly, do I want to be famous?!
So I thought I’d write a little piece on why and what I’ve experienced so far.

I started my blog in June, after being an avid reader of blogs for quite a few years. I’d been thinking of starting a blog for so long but I’ve always had other things that took priority in my life. After finishing uni as an adult student, I found that I missed setting deadlines and that I’d missed composing essays. I took other blogs as inspiration and picked up on things that I didn’t quite like to give myself something to work at.
I’ve always found that I’ve been a sucker for buying products if there has been a hype surrounding it and I want people to tell me how amazing things are using their writing and beautiful pictures. It really irritates me when I see people describing the packaging more over the actual product or saying ‘its really nice and I really like it’. Using other blogs as my basis, I set myself a formula to create a blog that I believe works for myself and I hope that all my readers enjoy it.

I’ve never set out to write a blog for monetary gain or to gain fame and celeb status. I do believe if this is your intention, then good luck to you however in a world full of bloggers, it may take a lot of time and patience to get there. Obviously there are affiliated links and advertising which can bring a small amount of money in, but to make big money, you need to have a very successful, popular blog with an extremely high amount of traffic and people who actually click on the links that you display.

I do look up to the big name bloggers like Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter with great admiration, I don’t ever believe that I could take the world by storm as they have done. They have been incredibly successful and I hope that they last a long time in this crazy world of blogging.

I put my heart and soul in every blog I write, every picture I take and every product I review. My stats for my website are great and I’m more than happy with the traffic I receive. I hope I can continue with these little milestones that I set myself and I will always continue to social network and introduce my blog to others.

I’ve always loved shopping and I have been in love with beauty products since my mum took me to Kendalls aged two, when all the counter girls knew my name. Even though I have been down various avenues with my hobbies and interests, at the grand old age of 30, I have actually found a niche that I am passionate about and that I think that I can do quite well.

At this present moment, all the products I review have been bought by myself. Who knows what will happen in the future or where my blog will go. One thing is for certain, I will never set myself up for a fall and I will never ever believe that I am better than I am, or better than other people.

I’ll revisit this post in 12 months time, I think it will be very interesting to see what has happened in twelve months! Hopefully, I will still be blogging, and I hope that I have reached those other little milestones that I set myself.

Why did you start blogging, and where do you see yourself in 12 months?

Love Anoushka x

  • good luck! I started blogging because I was buying sooo much and hardly using it, and at the same time didn’t have any people really to share it with. Now almost 2 years later, alot of it is the same (still buying, still not using much, LOL), but i am so happy to have met others who share in my beauty obsession. I am SO thrilled to have received products here and there. I would love to be able to make money blogging, but my priority is sharing my obsession with others πŸ™‚ Good luck to you! πŸ™‚

    • Joyce, I totally agree! I love sharing the amazing things I buy and also, sharing if they’ve not lived up to the hype. Keep on spending honey, I love reading your blog!xxx