The Spending Ban.

From the 1st November to the 30th January, I will be on a spending ban for the whole 90 days. Oh em gee, what am I setting myself up for! I’m hoping that it makes me shop my current stash to a better level and also, I may actually start buying food again instead of beauty products. Trust me, I often make a decision to spend my food shop money in Boots. Also, as it is the run up to the festive period, and I will be asking for beauty products, I want to make it a bit more special as I will be really wanting needing those items come Christmas day.

The rules of the Spending Ban are as follows:

1. Unless it is a repurchase or a backup, then it is banned.
2. Essentials do not count ie Cleanser, toner, underwear, t.shirts…
3. Christmas Presents do not count, including one for me (Guy Bourdin Cheek Palette 😉 )
4. January Sale impulse buys are also banned, this includes next years Soap and Glory set. Sob.
5. I am only allowed to buy one glossy mag per month instead of all of them. It will probably be Vogue. Magazines that I subscribe to do not count as I have already paid for them.

Ah well, these things have got to be done. And maybe I may get chance to save up some pennies! Use #AnoushkasSpendingBan on Twitter to see how I am doing!

Anoushka xx

Image taken from Google

Image taken from Google

  • Good luck!

  • Good Luck, How will you able to survive through the Cperiod? I couldn’t cope!!

    • I’m going to be very strong, and cry every night over my Boots Christmas Gift Guide!!xx

  • Geez, 90 days? The longest period I’ve mastered so far were 30 and it was so hard! I can imagine what you feel, I need to start putting as much money aside as possible for my postgrad next year -.-
    Good luck, love!


    • Thank you! I want to save for a new camera and other bits so its a perfect opportunity 🙂 xx

  • Mia

    Good luck!
    Love that picture…

  • kpsays

    Good idea! I need to place a Sephora order, after that I think I will do a spending ban as well 🙂

    • We can all stick together whilst doing it!!xx