The Spending Ban: Part One

Day 13 of 90. I have so long to go before I can buy beauty products and although it’s paining me that I’ve put myself on a spending ban I’m actually not that bothered about shopping.

I think I’ve actually realised just how much stuff I have and just how much I actually use on a day to day basis. I spend most of my days off au naturel unless I’m going out. I have about 68 different types of Skincare products, so I don’t need to pick up any more of those and I’m shopping my stash a bit better however I still find that I go back to the same products.

I recently made a Christmas wish list of the most covetable beauty items, which I have promptly sent to Santa (also known as Mum), and the fact that I’m not allowed to spend any money on beauty means that come Christmas Day, I am really going to appreciate the wait and the fact that I may get some of the items that I have wished for.

I feel quite strong and empowered at the moment! Is anyone else on a spending ban feeling this way?! Being a sensible adult, I could think about using the money that I would spend on makeup for something a bit more grown up and invest it with someone like Glenmore Investments. I could end up in a position where I didn’t have to worry about going on a spending ban.

I will be buying in the next week or two some replacements. These are nail varnish remover and cotton pads so far. The excitement is killing me 😉
I think I also have about £15 on my Boots advantage card, so I may treat myself in the New Year before my ban is over.

I think that I’m doing quite well so far but I have 77 days left. I’ll update in a week or two as it nears Christmas.

Love Anoushka xx

  • Wow so impressed with your dedication on this! Inspiring – I NEED to do a spending ban myself! So hard xxx

    • Aww thank you! I feel I may crack nearer to Christmas though!xx

  • I need to put myself on a ban, i spend way too much on make up 🙂 xx

    • I have saved myself a small fortune so far!!xx

  • kpsays

    I have to put myself on a “formal” ban. I have been really watching my spending the last few weeks, and have passed up things I normally would buy. I did splurge for the Sephora sale, but not as crazily as I have in the past. I’m with you – I have SO much stuff there is no way I’d ever use it all ever. And much of my skincare products end up expiring. I seriously have a problem! 😉