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New Years Resolutions 2014

With every New Year comes a set of resolutions which we promise to stick to. Two weeks in and the resolutions are long forgotten, the healthy diet is out of the window and the house looks like a squat. I’m obviously not speaking from experience or anything…

Image taken from Google

Image taken from Google

This year, as part of my blogging journey, I have decided to make myself a set of resolutions that I can look back on in 12 months time and see just how well I managed. Therefore my resolutions are achievable, without making huge changes to my very busy and hectic lifestyle. I won’t be promising to lose 4 stone, as quite frankly I don’t want to but I will be promising that I can make smaller changes that will benefit myself and my blog.


Have a blogging schedule and stick to it, rather than blogging sporadically. Aim for two posts a week
Take more time to comment on other blogs.
Practice with my camera settings and work on my photos.
Selfies: Stop being so hard on myself and my big nose, work with what I have and be happy with it
Stop buying products just for the hype and buy things I will actually use. Green lipstick? Who are you trying to kid!
Organise, organise, organise! Diaries and notebooks are made for a reason…use them!
Get more fashion items incorporated into my blog


Calm down on the spending
Stop using ‘I’m tired from work’ as an excuse; start living a bit more
Those German books you bought….Use them and conquer the language
Home improvements: Decorate, make use of my balcony, complete the wardrobe room
Hello gym membership, I promise I will use you more than twice this year!
Find a cure for Jetlag, then make my millions by selling on this wonder cure.


Get out of my comfort zone.
Flatter my figure instead of hiding it
Stop buying shoes, concentrate on handbags instead


All those products I have…shop my stash and use them!


Don’t spend time thinking about what others think, live life for me and if people don’t like it then that’s their problem. Confidence is key and I need to stop spending so much time worrying and panicking about things that are so trivial.

Image take from Google

Image take from Google

What are your resolutions? Do you have anything you want to accomplish?

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