Little Updates

Hey ladies,
It’s gonna be a basic post today, no photos or anything as I’m working all day and I feel obligated to #BlogYourSocksOffSeptember! I just thought I’d give you some updates on products I’ve been using lately and how I’ve found them.

First up is the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer. I bought the trial pack two weeks ago and have almost ran out as I’ve been using it frequently. I have to say that the Elasticizer is one of the best hair treatments I’ve used in a long time. I have coloured hair with highlights so it is prone to feeling dry and straw like. Since using the treatment, I’ve noticed a huge change in the condition of my hair. It’s soft and silky, it’s feels full of body and normally, the day after washing, it’s very lank however it’s positively bouncy. I have found that applying it to dry hair and leaving it on for an hour or two gives it a very intensive condition. I’m already planning on buying the large size from QVC as its on easy pay!

Also, my recent post about MAC retro matte lipsticks had a great response and as luck would have it, the day after I posted, they appeared on the MAC website. The majority are permanent collections, thank god, as there are two lippies that I want to add to my collection and don’t want to have to play silly buggers trying to hunt them down!

This next week I’ll be blogging about my favourite toner, my skin analysis session and my fabulous sparkly converse. Also, week 3 of #theSOproject will be online on Tuesday at 6pm. If you want more details, I’ve created a page at the top of my blog to tell you more.

Sorry, it’s a bit sparse today. Normality will resume soon!

Love Anoushka x

  • Rebecca Morrissey (@floresymoda)

    There’s a Philip Kingsley Elasticizer as a free gift in a magazine at the moment, I think it’s instyle! Can’t wait to read your #theSOproject post on Tues x

    • There is! I’ve been eyeing up the 500ml on QVC, it’s on easy pay at £15 for 3 months. I need it!! It’s foundation on Tuesday I think, I think a few people can’t wait for this one. Need to get my camera out!!xx