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Lighter Life Fast: The Results

You may remember that I started the Lighter Life Fast a few weeks ago in which I dieted for 2 days out of the 7. Commonly known as the 5:2 diet, on the two days of fasting, I ate around 600 calories and then ate normally, but healthily on the other five days.

In the last blog post I wrote, I introduced you to the meal plan that I was following. A range of delicious and nutritious meals that when eaten over the course of the day added up to just over 500 calories and I added side salads to increase the calories to approximately 600. 600 calories is a quarter of the recommended daily allowance that I need for my weight and height. At the last update, I had lost a total of 7lb.

As with all good intentions, life gets in the way and unfortunately due to the amount of time that I was spending in work, my Lighter Life Fast slipped by the kerbside. Although still eating as healthily as I could, I didn’t feel that when I was on my two days off from work that the Lighter Life Fast was appropriate. Its quite hard to explain to those who aren’t in my industry, but the combination of night flights and time zones make you feel fatigued and in desperate need for carbs and stodgy food. I love to have a post long takeaway to fill me up and let me have a good night sleep. On paper, it would be easy to do it on my days off, but the combination of jet lag and being awake for hours and need for energy, it just didn’t work. However, I persevered and finished off the full month supply, so I have done a total of 4 weeks on Lighter Life Fast, just not on consecutive weeks.

With the combination of the Lighter Life Fast, working my little socks off and eating healthily, the last time I weighed myself took me over the 1 stone mark. I can feel a difference in the way my clothes fit, I feel healthier in myself and also feel slightly more energetic than what I did a few months ago. I think that Lighter Life has definitely set me in good standing for making me watch what I eat and also portion control. I have found the recipe cards in my Lighter Life Fast boxes also to be exceptionally handy, so although I’m not practicing the 5:2 diet religiously, I am changing my eating habits to encourage myself to continue in my weight loss journey.

Overall, for anyone wanting to kick start their weight loss plan or to maintain their ongoing weight loss, I whole heartedly recommend Lighter Life Fast. For convenience, and tasty meals that can be made in minutes, the meal plans that are on offer are great value and great way to ease yourself into the 5:2 diet. Read my Lighter Life Story here.

Lighter Life Fast is exclusively available from Superdrug. Why not have a look on the Lighter Life Fast webpage at the success stories and read how others have got on.

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