Life Coaching with Real Housewife Tanya Bardo

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend an exclusive event at Kara’s Blow Dry Bar in Manchester. An evening filled with blow dries, manicures and cocktails; which girl could turn that down? I’d been sitting my yearly exams at work so I was in dire need of a pamper and some good positive advice from my favourite Real Housewife, Tanya. Glamour model turned Footballers wife and now Life Coach, Tanya Bardsley has created the Tanya Bardo Life Coach line and I was extremely interested in finding out a bit more.

Life Coaching with Real Housewife Tanya Bardo

Kara’s Blow Dry Bar is conveniently located on John Dalton Street, and taking inspiration from the New York blow dry bars that have been gaining popularity over the last few years, they offer walk in appointments for a quick professional blow. The menu is extensive with a blow dry starting from £20. In house make up artists offer MAC makeovers for £25 with lash application. It’s a perfect place for those heading out into town for a night out and who need a bit of Va-Va Voom in their locks.

Life Coaching with Real Housewife Tanya Bardo

After having watched The Real Housewives of Cheshire over the last few weeks, I was really excited to meet Tanya. She’s one of the most down to earth girls, and I love how grounded and normal she considering the amount of press interest and fans she has. I had a really good chat with Tanya about her new book and her Dreams to Reality range. A lot of what Tanya said did resonate with me a lot. We are both the same age and as much as our lives do differ considerably, we both still have the same goals in achieving our dreams. Although I don’t want to be a top model and marry a footballer, I do always strive for success within my job and my life goals.

Life Coaching with Real Housewife Tanya Bardo

‘Just A Girl Who Got It All’ is Tanya’s debut book, filled with advice and positive thinking to change your attitude towards life. Banish negative thoughts and transform your own life, work on your own goals and turn your actions into success. It’s a great read, and I love the no nonsense, straight talking way that Tanya writes. I would have never in a million years read a self help book but ‘Just A Girl Who Got It All’ is a self help book with a difference; it’s for normal people who just need a helping hand in starting off their positive lifestyle.

Life Coaching with Real Housewife Tanya Bardo (8)

Life Coaching with Real Housewife Tanya Bardo

The Tanya Bardo Dreams to Reality range doesn’t just include the book, but a selection of jewellery with beautiful angel wing charms. I have the Angel Wing Silk Cord Bracelet in black*. The black cord stands for power, elegance, wealth and protection. The bracelet comes with a set of instructions in which you can write don your dreams and list five actions you can take to make your dreams a reality. The five actions match the five feathers on each angel wing. Since receiving my bracelet, I haven’t taken it off. I love that I have angel wings with me each day, especially working in aviation and with so many freak incidents happening within the aviation industry. It not only makes me feel positive but safe as well.

Life Coaching with Real Housewife Tanya Bardo

It’s been so lovely to meet Tanya, as well as Ampika who also turned up on the event, and it has been a welcome change to open my mind to the power of positive thinking. I know that I get bogged down so easily with the stress that is life, but with just a few simple actions, I am slowly taking the pessimistic out of my life and replacing it with a more positive outlook. Thanks to Steph at Ledigo PR for arranging such a fabulous event.

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  • Ellie Adams

    I’ve never watched her show, but good for her branching out into something new. I was actually in the same hotel as Tanya in Dubai last year and was ridiculously jealous of a certain Celine handbag 😉


  • Never watch the show but so glad to hear that she’s down to earth. I’ve seen snippets of Real Housewives shoes and gosh, are they ever ugly towards each other so it’s a lovely surprise to hear Tanya is lovely.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • I haven’t watched the show but I actually love all the housewive series so now I have to investigate what i am missing! Beautiful bracelet and sentiment for when you are flying hun too, lots of love xx

  • Angela Landskron

    I have not seen this particular show, but I have seen a few of the other “Real Housewives of…” Most of the women seemed like catty, superficial, frenemy types to me. I’m glad you found Tanya down-to-earth and the experience a very positive one.