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Las Vegas day 2!

After having a disco snooze that lasted 12 hours on Thursday night, myself and Matt woke up feeling fresh and ready for a day of fun and visiting some famous Vegas hotspots.

We took the monorail to MGM Grand and had a wander through New York, New York, then over the escalators into Excalibur, Luxor and Mandalay Bay. From the Mandalay bay, we headed down to the Las Vegas sign. It’s quite a walk away, and if you do visit Vegas, try and head down there early before the sun is at it’s highest. We still had a case of sausage fingers from the heat and needed an ice cold smoothie from Maccy Ds on the way back.


We took the same route back and when we got to the Shoppes at Mandalay Bay, we noticed a bar called Minus 5, an ice bar where you sit in a room made of ice and drink cocktails out of glasses made of ice. It was so refreshing to be freezing after being in the 90 degree heat. We had a few pictures taken of us dressed in our parkas and gloves whilst in there, which we bought as souvenirs.

Nipping into the Irish Bar in New York, New York for a few refreshments before continuing our trip down the strip, we decided to save a few of the hotels for the evening, as the strip looks so different at night. Before we left to head back to the hotel, we went through a horror house based on the film Hostel. We were expecting to be scared to death but it was a tad disappointing to be honest.

Our evening meal was at Bahama Breeze, a restaurant that specialises in fish and exotic dishes. I shared pulled pork sliders with Matt, and had Jamaican jerk chicken and sweet potato for my entree. Matt had Jamaican jerk chicken pasta. Both were delicious and were definitely authentic in taste. I love Jamaica and jerk chicken is my absolute favourite meal.

After eating we headed back down to the strip, to watch the Bellagio fountains. We had originally planned to stay out for a few cocktails but after the mammoth amount of walking we had done and feeling full from our meal, we decided to call it a day and go to bed. I’m getting so sensible in my old age.

We have lots of plans for Saturday including visiting the old part of Vegas, Fremont Street, where the original hotels are and of course, to do a bit more Sephora and Bath and Body Works shopping!

Love Anoushka xx

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