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The Jet Lag Diaries

I’m not sure how many posts I’ve written on this subject but its numerous. Yet again, I’ve been struck with the curse of the ole jet lag and yet again cannot get it under control. A lot of people use jet lag as an excuse, or laugh it off saying its all made up or we are making excuses. However these are the people who say they never get it, when the furthest they’ve been in Rhyl and I honestly don’t think they understand how difficult it is to deal with. My jet lag could be classed as occupational jet lag, and I have a near on impossible mission to get my sleeping pattern straight within the two days off that I have before going back into work again. Unfortunately, this time it has affected me hard and I am so frustrated with the situation.

I arrived home from Las Vegas on Monday morning after working all night Sunday night. Theoretically, the last time i went to bed before arriving home on Monday was Saturday night. I had 5 hours on Monday from 10am til 3pm and felt awful after I woke up. I had an incredible feeling of ‘I need to go to bed right now’ at about 8pm, and thinking I was gonna have a least 12 hours I went to bed thinking it will all be over in the morning! I woke up at 3am. Great.

I can’t tell you how it feels to have jet lag, and I’m sure if you’ve had it, you’ll understand. Your brain is so awake when your body is in a state of being so tired, yet you cannot switch off. Then you’ll get moments where your body feels awake, yet you get an urge to just curl up and close your eyes. Its not just about being tired. Its like your body goes into a trance like state.

I get people advising me on how I should combat it, yet if it was as easy as getting an early night then I wouldn’t have cause to moan about it all the time. I was so exhausted last night that I took myself to bed at 7.30pm. I fell asleep instantaneously yet there I was at midnight, wide awake and unable to drift back off. I finally fell back to sleep at 6am, sleeping til 11am. I’ve not managed to get more than a few hours sleep at a time, and now I’m on days off that have been wasted as I physically do not have the energy to do anything.

Research suggests that it takes approximately a full day for every hour that you were behind to combat it. Las Vegas was 8 hours behind. Ouch. I think it may be a case of Night Nurse to get me through tonight otherwise tomorrow at work is going to be the most difficult thing ever!

Ps. I do not in any way advocate the use of Night Nurse as a sleeping aid. I use it as I have an extraordinary work pattern and only take it on rare occasions.

Have you ever experienced jet lag? How did you feel?

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