Happy Birthday to Me!

So, today I woke up and I’m now 31. Not old by any stretch of the imagination but certainly getting on a bit and the years suddenly seem to be flying by.
I’ve been quietly reflecting on what I have achieved over the last few years and I think that I have managed to do everything I have wanted. I have a great job as cabin crew, seeing the world and generally having a great time with lots of my friends in various countries across the world.
I completed my degree with honours as a mature student and graduated a year ago. I worked full time and studied full time with The Open University for a Bsc (Hons) Criminology and Psychological Studies. I have no plans to expand on my degree nor take a job within the criminological sector as I enjoy my current job so much.
Next on my list is to delve a little deeper into beauty, in particular make up artistry. I’ve been inspired by the more artistic and creative side by the likes of Karla Powell and Alex Box. I’m a very creative person and I’m always drawing and painting and I want to learn how to transfer my skills onto a face using make up.
Today, I have taken the bull by the horns and as I write, I am on my way to a 6 hour make up course. I’m apprehensive as my self taught skills may be totally wrong but with the right guidance I can improve on my existing knowledge. Once I have an idea in my head, I will strive to achieve it. Nothing is impossible and by working hard I really hope that I can continue to absorb new information and head in the direction I want to go.
Thank you to everyone who have already wished my happy birthday, there’s a whole lotta loving on twitter and facebook this morning!!!xxx

  • Jennifer

    Happy birthday to you! It’s also my birthday today! Haha I’m 22 🙂 and have a lot of goals over the next few years! X

    • Happy birthday to you Jennifer! Hope you had a wonderful day xx

  • Have a wonderful birthday with lots of fun and treats! Xx


    • Thank you so much Charlotte!xx

  • Sounds like you have an exciting day ahead. I hope you have fun on your course & have a lovely birthday

    • Thanks beaut! Hope you had a wonderful day xx

  • Happy belated birthday! That Bsc in Criminology sounds so so exciting, if I weren’t so happy with my current subject, I would love to do that I think.
    How was your make up course??



    • Thank you! Criminology was so interesting, and covered so many different topics that I didn’t even think would be under the criminology umbrella! My course was fab and it has made me even more determined to carry on with learning!xx

  • kpsays

    Happy belated Birthday!