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50 Shades of Anoushka

As I’ve been writing my blog for about 7 weeks now, I thought it was about time to offer you a deeper insight into my life and lifestyle. After reading Rebecca from Flores Y Moda 50 Things, I decided to do my own! So, here goes…


1. My name is Anoushka, which is Eastern European of descent.
2. My Dads side of the family are Austrian, hence my name.
3. I’m a born and bred Mancunian.
4. I’m 30 years old, but will be 31 in October eek.
5. I work as Cabin Crew for a large well known company, and I do a mixture of short and long haul to various destinations across Europe and across the Atlantic.
6. I’ve been flying for nearly 8 years, but I worked as a holiday rep prior to flying.
7. I lived in Magalluf, Majorca for two summers whilst repping. It was the best time of my life.
8. I met one of my best friends whilst living in Majorca, Matt. He’s amazing. But don’t let him know that, he’ll get a big head!
9. I’ve got a lot of academic letters after my name after completing my Degree, Diploma and Certificate of Higher Education.( Bsc (Hons) Crim & Psych (Open), Dip SP & C, Cert Soc Sci )
10. My Degree was Bachelor if Science with Honours in Criminology and Psychological Studies with a Diploma in Social Policy and Criminology and a Certificate of Social Science.
11. I’m addicted to lipstick
12. I also love to draw and paint
13. Shopping is my cardio
14. I don’t tend to watch tv, I prefer to watch box sets, over and over again.
15. I love shoes
16. I have a wardrobe room in my house
17. And my shoes are displayed on shelves.
18. I have 12 pairs of Ugg boots. Thats approximately £2400 of furry boots.
19. I make lists.
20. And more lists to remind me which lists I need to do.
21. I love new stationary and just buy it for the sake of it.
22. I spend money for the sake of it
23. I prefer high end brands to drugstore however that doesn’t mean that I don’t buy them. I just prefer them
24. I’ve never been to France
25. Or Germany
26. But I can speak a bit of German
27. I have a sister called Paula, who is 28
28. My mum is my best friend, we are very close
29. I have a cat called Thomas who is 5.
30. My family includes my Nanna, Grandad, Aunty, Uncle, my two cousins and of course my Mum and Sister.
31. We have two family dogs; Elsie is a Chorkie (chihuahua/Yorkie) and Lillie is a CavaChon (cavalier/bichon)
32. I have my own house, and have lived here for 6 years
33. My bedroom is black and white with purple and pink accessories, it’s very grown up and glamorous.
34. My make up collection rivals that of some big name bloggers
35. My mum taught me how to do a smokey eye make up look when I was about 9 years old
36. When I get an idea in my head, I tend to carry it out. My last idea was getting accredited as an MUA…. course is in October!
37. I’m on first name terms with majority of the staff in Selfridges Exchange Square
38. I take inspiration from other MUAs, my favourite is Karla Powell.
39. I love duvet days and PJ days.
40. I own more than 30 pairs of pjs!
41. Florida is one of my favourite places in the world
42. And I love Reece’s peanut butter cups
43. I can sleep for hours after a long haul flight. 15 hours is my personal best.
44. I got inspiration to start up a blog from my friends and reading other blogs.
45. It irritates me when bloggers describe a product as nice or that they really like it.
46. I’m always looking at improving myself so i keep myself busy
47. Which means sometimes at I can’t relax
48. Which also gives me insomnia at times
49. Which is why Night Nurse is my best friend
50. And I really really want a Givency handbag.

And that is my 50 things about me!

Love Anoushka xx

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