100th Post!

Just noticed that this is my 100th post so lets all celebrate and have a party! Yippee!!

Thank you everyone for reading my blog. I never expected to get to 20 posts, let alone 50!

I’ve been really boosted by the support I’ve had from you all, my statistics are incredible and I’ve also hit the Up and Coming list for Beauty blogs on Bloglovin. To say i’m over the moon is an understatement!

Here are my new mini milestones that I would love to reach before the end of October

1) Hit 250 followers on Bloglovin
2) get 4000 hits on my blog
3) Get 1000 followers on Twitter
4) And start working on my facebook following

I can’t do it without all my fabulous readers, so please keep on commenting, liking and sharing my blog where you can!

Thank you beauties xxx