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Hey Big Spender!

Why hello there, and welcome to the big spenders club. We hope you know that by the title of the article, we were talking about the famous song. We’re not trying to lure any of you overspenders in here to try and take some of your money. We’re doing the exact opposite. This is the big spender fight club, and we’re going to try and kick as many of your bad spending habits to the curb. Because they are there, and we love to do it. We just can’t help but get addicted to that feeling inside that is telling us to spend, spend, spend! It’s literally a addiction. Even professionals say that there is such a thing as being addicted to shopping, or just overspending in general, so don’t let anyone tell you different. But, how do you think you’re going to combat such overspending, when overspending is all you know? Well, you’re going to read this article, and get the lowdown on what needs to be done. Because all of you overspenders reading this are reading it for one reason only, you can’t afford to do what you do. You might like it, but your bank account doesn’t. So, today is a new day, and if you follow our tips, it could be the start of something beautiful.

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What Do You Overspend On?

Ooft, for some of you this list could go on for a while. For those of you who are well and truly addicted to overspending, you could overspend on something as stupid as some chewing gum. One simple pack isn’t enough. No, you need to go three car sized pots. One for the home, one for your car, and one for your bag. That is how overspending works. You take the simplest of spends, and turn it into something big. One area where we can all raise our hands to the overspending, is our homes. It starts right from the moment you buy one. You get carried away with the size of the house and the mortgage, the items you put in it, and the bills you chose to pay. The list could go on, but one thing we want to highlight is the value on your home. All these expensive things you like to put in them is actually a goldmine for people to come in to. Theft of homes is definitely on the rise as well, so it might be best for you to look here  for home insurance. Yes, we actually are telling you to spend some more. But if you were to fall victim to a robbery, the cost of trying to replace everything would be so much worse. Now, back to the overspending. If you can pinpoint that you like to overspend on anything, then all you need to do is rely on a family member. Take out all of your essential money. That’s for bills, fuel, extras etc. and then give your bank card to a family member. You’re not allowed it back until the next payday. See how well this works for you, because we guarantee it will make a difference to your life.

Where Do Your Habits Stem From?

This is also a really good thing to think of. Sometimes if you locate the source of your problem, all of your other problems will just melt away. What is one of the biggest stems for all of you? It is the way that you were brought up. Not to say that your parents didn’t do a good job that is. But, if you grew up always having what you want, when you want it, it’s sometimes so hard to say no to yourself now that you’re older. So, all you have to do is realise that you need to work hard for the things that you want in life. Rather than buying things all the time, think about the things you really want. It might be a holiday, a new car, or maybe even to move home. Now, your parents can’t sort any of that for you, it’s all about you learning that the harder you work, the bigger things you’re going to be able to get. When you want something big in life as well, you will stop buying all of the smaller things that you usually buy. This is called strategic saving, and once you master it, you will start to master your spending habits.

Have You Got Yourself Into A Pickle?

Don’t feel as though you’re the only one in a pickle at the minute. Spending so much can sometimes lead to some of us spending money that we just don’t have. Spending money that we don’t have leads to debt, and debt is just a tough cookie to try and fight with. So, if you do feel like you’ve got yourself into a bit of a pickle that you’re struggling to get out of, then talk to someone about it. All you have to do is Google debt advice, and there will be tons of companies that come up, all of which are just trying to help you. Even if you just need some free advice, it will all be there for you! Don’t let debt defeat you, and definitely don’t let your debt build up over time. As soon as it appears, wipe it out so you can keep your mind fresh.

Let’s Stop All The Questions

Ok, so enough with all the questions. Now it’s time to just think about how you’re going to move forward after reading this article. Some of you will make a difference to your lives, some will realise too far down the line that now is the best time to change your spending ways. The bigger your family grows for example, the more money you’re going to need as a safety net. The older you get and head towards retirement, then more you’re going to think about the money you wished you had put aside for it. Your decisions now will definitely affect your future!

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How to Keep Warm This Winter

I had a bit of a shock at the beginning of last month. My latest utility bill arrived to say that I was to get a new direct debit payment with an increase of 40%. I couldn’t actually believe what I was seeing alongside the sentence that I had a lower than usual spend during the summer – duh! It was boiling but to prepare for winter they were hiking my bill up tenfold. Now, I’m not usually the kind of person to worry about things like this but on this occasion, it got me a little stressed. In my mind, the heating was going to have to stay off and I wouldn’t be able to afford it if it increased any further and oh, my mind was whirring. It did make sense to start looking at just how I could bring this looming bill down and what steps I could take to be more efficient and ultimately, stay warm this winter. To me, staying warm means being comfy and I know just how well I can do comfy. Getting some ideas from Chums, I have put together some ideas of how to keep warm this winter. 

Happiness planner pour moi grey marl loungewear

It would be sensible to stay warm by layering up and I do find that during the winter, I am terrible for overloading the layers. It doesn’t help that I am also that person who is cold all the time. A few years ago, I treated myself to a ridiculously cosy and warm onesie (similar) with a faux fur hood with ears and a teddy bear tail. Made from the softest fleecy material, it gets pulled out each winter to keep me cosy and warm. Yes, I may look like a child but I’m all snuggly and warm and I can live without central heating for the time being.

You can’t go wrong with a luxurious set of loungewear to keep you feeling toasty warm. It’s a great way to layer up, whether you wear a simple vest or even thermal underwear underneath to keep the heat in. I do find that most of the time that I am indoors, I opt to change for into loungewear prior to changing into pyjamas. Not only do I feel more relaxed but I wouldn’t be bothered should anyone decided to call round unannounced.

Slippers and fluffy socks are my downfall and at one point I was buying Primark fluffy bootie slippers followevery few weeks alongside their cosy slipper socks. I am still buying fluffy socks but I have contained my slipper buying since I got my Ugg slippers. If my feet are warm, I am warm and my Ugg slippers are amazing for keeping my tootsies toasty. I do also like to double up with a thick pair of socks for extra comfort. 

When I’m not in loungewear, I’m in pyjamas and I have been favouriting brushed cotton pjs as of lately. I don’t think there is anything more warming than brushed cotton and flannel. They remind me of bring a child when we really knew it was winter and the Calor gas fire used to get brought out for extra heat. I have seen some gorgeous fleecy pyjamas in Primark which come in a set with an eye mask and socks, so they are definitely on my to buy list. 

If you were to visit my home, you would notice how cosy I have made it. Blankets are draped over the sofa, with giant cushions to snuggle into. Each room has ambient lighting with candles and fairy lights, and the windows are adorned with heavy lined curtains. As I have such an old house, one of my more intelligent home purchases was to buy thick curtains. Not only do they black out the light but they really do help with keeping the heat inside. During the colder months, my living room curtains get closed every evening to keep hold of that low, warm winter sun that has been beaming through the window all day. 

With all the items in my house that I have bought to keep me cosy and snuggly, I shouldn’t need to be putting the heating on until it drops to 0 degrees and starts snowing. When I was a child and I used to complain about being cold, the answer was to put on more clothes until I warmed up. It was a common answer in the 80s and one that I really should do more, rather than simply switching the thermostat a little higher. I can’t wait to revisit this post next year to seethe difference in my utility bills!

Tell me your favourite way of staying warm in the winter in the comments. 


Thaikhun, Manchester

Ever since I came back from Bali, I have been planning to head back to the Far East. Not only have I fallen for the culture, but the cuisine has been to die for. Whilst Manchester does have it’s fair share of Thai restaurants to choose from, I don’t think I have eaten anywhere quite like Thaikhun. Situated on The Avenue at Spinningfields, Thaikhun is in a prime location for after work dining and also impulse restaurant decisions. Walking past Thaikhun and you can see the busy interior, paying homage to the bustling streets of Bangkok and the Khao San Road where street vendors offering local dishes are in abundance. Peeking inside, you can see the casual dining area and open kitchen. 

The menu is very extensive and on my visit, I was dead set for Pad Thai which I cannot stop myself from ordering. Our servers for the table spoke in depth about the menu, with detail to the dishes created from the street food influence. Surprisingly, my planned order went out of the window in favour of a dish that I hadn’t tried before. Catching up with my sister in law, we sampled the house wine whilst we waited for our dishes. Wait time was actually very impressive, as was the attentiveness of the wait staff who ensured the dishes were brought to the table whilst piping hot, cutlery was replenished and empty plates were not sat in front of us for too long. We also received prawn crackers and dipping sauce whilst we waiting for our starter, which was gratefully received. 

I couldn’t break away from my need for dumplings, so naturally a plate of stewed pork dumplings was my first choice. Freshly made, succulent pieces of pork melted in the mouth alongside the thin buttery dough. The smattering of chopped peanuts enhanced the flavour and a touch of soy sauce set the flavour off beautifully.

Clare also went for a pork dish to start and chose the grilled pork skewers. A Thai street food classic, the pork has been marinated with coconut milk, oyster sauce, palm sugar and garlic . Deliciously tender and melt in the mouth, the marinade was tasty and moreish. The highlight of the dish had to be the Jaew sauce which was like an explosion of spice in your mouth. Considering that I can handle fairly hot food, the jaew sauce had me reaching for a napkin to wipe my brow. It’s definitely going to be on my list future order list when I next call in.  

As I usually go for Pad Thai, I compromised on a new dish but served with oodles of noodles. A classic dish of Chilli and Thai Basil with chicken was the order of the day. Considering I’ve eaten Thai cuisine many a time, I’m shocked that I have never ordered a classic dish like this. Stir fried chilli and garlic with the flavoursome addition of basil gives a warming, slightly hot to the tongue yet subtle zing to the dish. Substituting the rice for the noodles was also a great decision. The portion size was quite hefty and after a starter, I did struggle to get through my main course even after fighting with myself to have another mouthful. 

Clare went for her second pork dish and chose the aromatic red curry with succulent pork belly and green beans in a red curry sauce served over a bed of white fluffy rice. From the quietness of Clare during the main course, I can confirm that the dish was a success. 

Unfortunately, we were both hit with eyes bigger than our bellies so we couldn’t even attempt dessert, which was annoying because there is Unicorn Ice Cream on that menu. I’ve also spotted that that Thaikhun offer Thai cooking classes which would be right up my Thai street. 

For my first time at Thaikhun, it certainly has left an impression and I can’t wait to head back for more food soon. There is so much choice on the menu that it is definitely worthwhile chatting to the servers about the dishes if you can’t made a decision on what to eat. Next time, the pinto box will be coming into play to try even more dishes. 

Thanks for having us Thaikhun! Whilst my meal was provided FOC, all opinions are my own. 

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Tips and Tricks that will Help you to Spend Less Time Cleaning the Kitchen

Nobody likes to clean the kitchen. It’s such an annoying chore and every time you do it, you will probably end up making it look messy an hour or two later. Luckily, there are things that you can do to spend less time cleaning, and more time enjoying your space.

Start with an Empty Dishwasher

This suggestion may sound simple, but it can have a huge impact on your cleaning schedule. It’s so important that you make sure that your sink and your dishwasher are empty before you begin cooking. When you do this, you can then rinse and wash any pots and kitchen utensils as you go along. They won’t be sat around for days on end and you won’t have to spend hours scrubbing those grease stains either.

Wash Down the Sink

Every time you wash up pots, chances are you will end up with food and scraps all over your sink. It’s just what happens. If you want your kitchen to look instantly cleaner then you need to give your sink a wipe down every time you are finished. When you do this, you won’t have to worry about scraping out the gunk from the bottom of the sink every time you wash up and it will also prevent blockages too.


If you have a ton of tough stains around the kitchen then there is a chance that you will never get around to cleaning these off. Once a month, it’s a good idea for you to really scrub everything down and remove those tough grease marks. If you do this then it will stop them from getting out of control and it will also make it much easier for you to get the cleaning done during the week.

Cleaning Supplies

There’s nothing worse than not being able to find the cleaning products you need when you are in a hurry. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have everything organised so that it is always accessible. When you do this, you can save yourself time and you can also get the job done faster because you have the right products at your disposal.

The Right Bins

If you find that you are constantly taking out the trash then this may be a sign that your bin is far too small. You may even find that you have carrier bags dotted around the room full of recycling as well, and this will make your kitchen look way more cluttered than it needs to be. If you want to try and get around this then you need to try and invest in a bin that is big enough for your needs. Then, for the recycling, buy a smaller bin. You can easily put them both in one of your unused kitchen cupboards and this will free up a ton of floor space.

Be Mindful

When you are cooking, it is understandable that you’ll get flustered from time to time. You may spend so much time worrying about how you are going to get the food ready that you just have no idea how many pots you are using. If you can, you should always be mindful of how many bowls, spoons and general items you’re using. When you do this, you will soon find that it is very easy to cut back on the washing up and this will save you a ton of time in the future.

Splashes and Spills

If you spill something, make sure that you wipe it up right away. If you don’t then you will spend way more time cleaning it up later because it will dry out and become even more difficult to remove. It’s little things like this that will save you a ton of time in the future.


Your hardware will have a huge impact on how easy it is to clean your kitchen. Stainless steel is

quite possibly the easiest to clean, and you can use a myriad of cleaning chemicals without having to worry about tarnishing. If your taps are rusted then this can trap dirt and grime as well, so if this is the case in your kitchen then it may be time for an upgrade. Check out to see what they have on offer.

So, there are many things that you can do to try and save time when cleaning your kitchen and if you are able to follow the above tips then you will soon find that you can get the whole thing done in 10 minutes or less!

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Autumn Vibes: Decorating Your Home For the Season

Every new season comes with a set of home preparations. While you may not think much about it, it just makes sense to give it a thorough clean during spring and swap out those curtains for something that’s a bit airier and light.

Similarly, you should try to make your home as cosy and comfortable as possible when it’s freezing outside. That way, it will feel even better to just cuddle up in front of the TV, drape yourself in fuzzy blankets, and listen to the wind outside.

Here is a handful of decoration tips to make your home even more comfortable during the cold season so that you can feel good about staying inside. It just makes it a bit easier to fall in love with your home all over again.

First: Make it personal

When you’re spending so much time inside, the only sensible thing to do is to make sure you’ve given it an air of you. Autumn is, after all, the perfect season for nostalgia and memories so start by finding a few pictures you’d like to frame and have a look at to find the perfect frame for your memories.

The great thing about framing your own pictures these days is that you can get a customised frame in case you’d like to make a collage. That way, you won’t have to settle for the standardised ones – and can unleash all of your creativity while framing your photos.

It’s a great project for the autumn, in any way, so that you have something to keep yourself busy with. Hang the pictures above surface areas where you usually put your candles to make it cosy at home; the flickering light will highlight the pictures even better.

You don’t just have to focus on framing pictures of yourself and your loved ones, by the way, as you probably have great taste otherwise as well. Find some artwork online and print some pieces to frame; it may not be the real deal but it will still look stunning in a high-quality frame.

Next: Make it comfortable

Making your home complement the beautiful autumn vibes is, of course, all about having it as comfortable as possible. There are many ways to do this, though, and it’s certainly not all about fluffy pillows and soft blankets – although they also have a lot to do with it.

Start by making your bedroom as comfortable as possible, for example, so that you can appreciate the time you spend in bed even more. We do spend an unsettling amount of time sleeping, in any way, so you might as well make sure that it’s fit for a queen.

Upgrade to a more comfortable mattress if your budget allows for it or simply treat yourself to a soft upper mattress this season. Have a look at for some great finds before deciding on a new one. It will still make a big difference and can even protect the main mattress you have underneath so that it lasts even longer.

The next step to a comfortable autumn bedroom is changing out your curtains for something that keeps the heat in a bit better – and preferably in the colours of autumn as well. Have a look at this article to read up on the colour palette of the season, by the way, in case you’re rather new to interior design.

Move on to the living room

Now that you’ve worked your way through your bedroom and made it super comfy, it’s time to have a look at your living room. The best ways to do this is, of course, to make sure that you have more than enough couch pillows and soft blankets to keep you warm while the wind is howling – but you can also be a bit creative and get yourself one of those blankets with sleeves.

You may look a bit silly while wearing it but you are, after all, at home and should be able to look silly in peace. The next step is to find yourself the fluffiest and silkiest kind of slippers to trot around in the house with together with your new blanket.

Have a look at this article for some great finds, by the way, and show it to your SO as well so that he or she knows what to get you as a surprise gift this season.

When it comes to interior design, you’d also want to think about the kind of textures and fabrics that makes your space a bit more cosy; fill it with a large rug, for example, to bind the room together, and consider implementing a bit more wood around the house as well.

The combination of dark wood and cream coloured pillows will definitely give your living room a feeling of both luxury and comfort. Invite some plants in as well now that it’s so cold outside and allow the green to brighten up your room slightly.

Remember the bathroom

While you should certainly spend some time on making the living room and bedroom as cosy and comfortable as possible, it’s a good idea to think about your bathroom as well.

There is, after all, no better time to be soaking around in the bathtub and feel grateful that you’re inside and underneath all the warm bubbles than outside in the freezing wind.

Invest in some extra fluffy towels, preferably of a high quality, and treat yourself to some luxurious bath bombs and lotions. While you may not be showing too much skin during the next couple of months, it’s still nice to feel that you’re taking care of yourself – and it’s another part of staying comfortable while you’re at home.

A few new bath mats can also make a huge difference in your bathroom this autumn and winter, by the way, as you’ll have something soft to step on after that warm bath. Plus, if you don’t have heating in the floor, you’ll avoid freezing your toes off every time you step inside the bathroom this season.

Invite the outside in

Finally, one of the best ways to decorate your home for autumn is to take advantage of the natural beauty you find outside. Before all the leaves are covered in layers of snow, you should gather some of them to lay over your perfectly decorated dinner table, for example.

It’s a great way to impress your guests as well and put the finishing touches on your home before a big dinner party – and it costs you absolutely nothing but a short trip outside.

Do the same with produce, in general, and fill up your kitchen baskets with seasonal vegetables such as different kind of pumpkins and varieties of squash.

They are, of course, for cooking, but they look great enough to keep on display and give your kitchen an atmosphere that’s just perfect for autumn.


Coping With A Rise In Your Internet Popularity

When it comes to using the internet on a regular basis, there’s a good chance you’ve got yourself an online presence or platform. Whether you like to use social media, or you’re someone who loves updating your own blog from time to time, you’re going to have at least a few followers regularly looking through your content.

And because of that, you’re probably worried about leaving your followers or readers adrift, and you regularly post something to keep them interested. And you’ve found, the more and more you update, and the better and better you get at creating content, that more and more people are flocking to you.

But coping with this change in popularity, and being able to keep up with the demands of a follower count, is hard. You’re going to have to accommodate a lot of new things, and you’re going to have to change a few of your strategies. This is the kind of moment that a lot of people wait for, so if it happens to you, make sure you’re prepared for it!


Know What They Came For

Coping with new followers is one thing, but being able to get them to stick around to see more of what you have to offer is another thing completely! You have a sudden and gripping new amount of viewers or subscribers, and you want to hold onto them (seeing as you worked for them for a very long time), and now you need to give yourself the best chance of doing so.

And that means finding out what they like best, and making more content just like it or based off of it. Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds – there’s a lot of fresh and fun ideas you can milk out of one situation, until you have enough time to allow your new fan base to settle and your content mill to stock up on quality content again.

Either that or your continue on with your original plans, allowing your new viewers to see who you really are and what you do, and whether or not you’re someone to stick around for. After all, the internet isn’t much of an equal platform, and if you’re a small time enterprise, there’s a chance your new follower count will expect something in return from you! It sounds a little harsh at first, but being able to weed out those who wouldn’t have consumed your content for long anyway is best done from the early stages.

Make Sure You Keep Your Privacy

When you manage to jump on the bandwagon of a viral trend, and as a result, more and more people are flocking to your virtual doorstep to read your words or watch your videos, you’re going to have to take some measures to protect yourself. After all, there’s a good chance anyone viewing your contente wants to find out who you are, and if you’re someone with a young family as well, you’re going to need to keep a personal barrier between your internet life and your actual life.

And if you’re someone who’s quite personable, and loves to interact with those who make their way onto your page and leave plenty of likes and comments, you shouldn’t have to tone this back! So be sure to look into options like P.O boxes, or even head over to sites such as that of – which allows you to access your inbox and postal mail box from a virtual server.

It honestly couldn’t be easier to sprinkle that modicum of privacy amongst your fanbase whilst still maintaining that online persona you’ve spent years perfecting up until now!

Do You Think You Could Cope?

You probably do, and you’re right to think it, as long as you don’t let the new and improved numbers burn you out or tire you down. There’s all kinds of new and potentially exciting people commenting on your content, and some may be blunter or harsher than others, and being able to take that kind of criticism is a skill many do not possess.
So developing a thick skin, knowing if your followers are real and worth sticking your neck out for, as well as continuing to be the same person they came looking for, is a hard balance to carve out. But it’s a very possible one, and your rapidly building follower count is the perfect time to practice the art and craft of this!


Here’s How You Get Rid of that House Clutter Once and For All

If you know that your home is full of clutter then you will understand how frustrating this can be. After all, you may feel as though no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get rid of it and on top of this, you may even feel as though you can’t get everything organised either.

Collect your Clutter

The first thing that you need to do is choose a box or even a bag and fill the whole thing up with clutter. You may feel as though this is counterproductive but this is not the case at all, and the main reason for this is because it is not the final resting place for your clutter. This is just somewhere to put it before it leaves your house. When you have done this, you can then go through each bag and sort it into keep and bin. It’s very easy to take the bag you are throwing away right out the door.

Put it Somewhere you Can See It

When you do have your clutter bag, you need to make sure that you put it somewhere you can’t just forget about it. You want to be constantly reminded of the fact that you need to sort it out. The bottom of the stairs is a great place and when you do put it here, you can constantly add to it as well. This is a fantastic way for you to really make the most out of your clear-out and it also encourages you to keep adding to it as well.

What to Do with your Clutter

If you have a charity shop that you would like to try and donate to then this is great and it will also make your life much easier. If you don’t have anyone in mind then you may even want to sell your items online. When you do this, you will soon find that you can hire a courier service to help you out. The best thing about doing this is that courier service quotes are usually super affordable and they are also very easy for you to arrange.

Always Take Into Account The Five-Minute Rule

If you feel as though nothing you do is going to help you to get rid of the clutter that is in your home then you have nothing to worry about because the five-minute rule is perfect here. All you have to do is spend 5 minutes a day trying to sort out your clutter. When you do this, you can then feel confident knowing that you are going to get to where you want to be eventually and you can also feel confident knowing that you don’t have to spend too much time in the day. Of course, if you can spend more time in the day then this is great but usually 5 minutes is all you need in order to make a huge difference to your home and the way it is right now.

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A Weekend Away in Liverpool

At the beginning of the year, I set myself some little challenges and personal goals. Once of these challenges was to try and get away for some city breaks and weekends exploring the UK. It’s the middle of October and I’m so annoyed with myself in that I haven’t done half as much as I wanted to do. To make sure that I at least tick off one weekend away, I’m planning on heading over to Liverpool One for a weekend of shopping, eating and sleeping. Sounds like just what I need!

I have had my eye on staying at the luxurious Titanic Hotel in Liverpool for such a long time. Based in the heart of the city, and close to transport links, the hotel has been developed inside an old brick warehouse that gives stunning views of the docks. As a bit of an architect geek, I love that they have used the original windows and that the vast space of the old warehouse has been kept within each room. Even when I look at the gallery on the website, the hotel rooms look cosy yet spacious and are ticking all the boxes. The Titanic hotel has also jumped to the top of my list when I saw the treatment list for the Maya Blue Wellness spa that is situated within the hotel. 

You can’t go all the way to Liverpool and not take advantage of the Liverpool One shopping centre. I was literally blown away the first time that I saw it, and the selection of shops and dining places rivals those found in Manchester. Being such a makeup junkie, there are certain retailers and brands that are a must for me. The Charlotte Tilbury counter in John Lewis is pretty spectacular and a visit there would be high on my list. I’d probably get a quick makeover before purchasing a new lipstick ready for the rest of the day. I have a thing for department stores and luckily, there are a few within Liverpool One. I would also hit up Debenhams and get the new Urban Decay Cherry palette, although I do not need another palette in my collection.

Another fave of mine is Harvey Nichols which can be found over on Peter’s Lane. The beauty bazaar is literally heaven on earth for me and with new brands such as Fenty Beauty and Marc Jacobs Beauty, I would be in my element. If shopping is your thing, then you will be in heaven with the amount of shopping that you can do. Not only is Liverpool One home to some of the best brands and stores but it’s all in one space so you don’t need to walking miles to find the next place to drop by.

After all of the shopping, a stop for food would be high on the list and Liverpool One has a fantastic selection of places to eat and drink. Head over to Hanover Street and take in the cosmopolitan vibe with lively bars and restaurants. Drink cocktails on the rooftop terrace of Wahaca, which is one of LiverpoolOne’s best kept secrets or pick at the tapas menu of Lunya, the new Catalonian restaurant on Hanover Street.

Over on The Terrace, that boasts views of Chavasse Park, you can eat your way around the world. With cuisines from  America, France, good old fashion British, Italian, Latin American Tapas and Thai, you will be spoilt for choice. Top recommendations from me would be to visit Wagamama for the chicken katsu curry and Pizza Express for the Padana pizza. 

As it is coming up to Halloween, the city is getting spooky with the Halloween spooktactular taking place between the 19th and 31st October. There is fun for all the family with special events on the run up to the most frightening day of the year. On Halloween, there will be a whole evening full of tricks and treats, live entertainment and lots of surprises. It sounds like a great evening will be had by all. 

Have you been to Liverpool One before? You can see what others find at Liverpool One by checking out the social hashtag #YourLiverpoolOne.

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Achieving A Stylish Home Without Using Fad Trends

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For many people, the toughest part of designing a home is doing so in a timeless fashion. You want your house to look modern, but you don’t want to follow fad trends that’ll be dated in a few months or years. You want your home to look effortlessly sleek for years or even decades to come. Obviously, things wear out over time. However, the goal is to make sure that you only need to renovate your home when things break down rather than renovating it every time it starts to look dated. How do you make a household look stylish without following trends? These suggestions might just give you a few ideas.

Find ways to use space creatively.

Some people like tiny cottages that feel cosy and intimate. Other people like huge houses that are grandiose and inviting. Either way, nobody wants to live in a house that feels cluttered and uncomfortable. Even small homes should feel “large” in the sense that all available space is put to good use. And if you want to make your household stylish without using fad trends then you should find ways to use space creatively. Putting your available space to better use could help you transform your home. Minimalism is always stylish, even if it seems like a contemporary trend. You might want to start by decluttering. It could massively improve the appearance of your home to simply clear out things you no longer need.

It can also help to find inventive ways to store your possessions. Simply switching up the layout of your house can completely change your perception of it. With innovative storage solutions, you could definitely put your available space to better use. Obvious solutions involve storage under the bed or at the end of your bed. You might also want to put some shelving units up on the walls to create additional places to store belongings which don’t really have a home. This is particularly useful in the kitchen if you always leave crockery and utensils lying around on surfaces. With some new shelves, you could have clear and tidy countertops. There are also plenty of furnishings that can double as storage solutions. You might even want to get a vanity stool that can store brushes, makeup, hair dryers and other essentials under the lid whilst also functioning as seating. If you find ways to use space more creatively in your home then you might surprise yourself by making your humble abode feel much more. Minimalism doesn’t mean you have to take the personality and character out of your home; it just means you have to make things a little neater.

Use transitional interior design.

Transitional interior design might be the perfect option for you if you’re trying to create a modern home design without using trends that will quickly go out of fashion. Transitional design is the combination of traditional style and contemporary style. It’s the best of both worlds. Often, transitional homes use neutral colour palettes (we’ll discuss that later) and natural materials such as wood or stone, which are usually associated with classic home designs. It’s all about getting the balance right. To get the style right, a neutral room with sleek and smooth furnishings should have a few doses of traditional design. For example, a vintage chair or table can really merge well with certain elements of modern design. The advice in the rest of this article will help you to get the balance just right.

Combine comfort with a sleek aesthetic.

A stylish house works best when it feels comfortable. You don’t want to live in an environment that feels like a showhome without any character. You should definitely focus on the bedrooms in your house when it comes to creating a comfortable aesthetic in your home. Obviously, the design of a bedroom should reflect the personality of its owner, so you need to think about the interests and preferences of everyone in your family. It’s important that each bedroom looks contemporary and stylish whilst feeling comfortable. Simply using colour themes that are calming could make a big difference to these rooms. You might also want to check out some wrought iron bed frames to make each bed look stylish whilst standing the test of time. It’s important to get strong and sturdy furnishings which still look fashionable. You can combine comfort with a sleek aesthetic when designing your home. You don’t have to compromise by choosing either fashion or practicality.

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Keep things neutral.

Another great way to achieve a stylish home without using fad trends is to keep things neutral. Minimalism isn’t a passing trend. The idea of making your home spacious and airy, as mentioned earlier, is always popular. People want to live in a refreshing and open environment (even if their home is small). White is always a great colour to choose when it comes to the design of your household. It’s the most neutral colour you can pick; it naturally reflects light, and this will help to brighten up each room in your household. Repaint the walls in your home with a coat of white paint and you’ll feel the difference.

Of course, you might want to keep things neutral with different colour schemes. You might want to consider using sage. It’s an understated green that contains a hint of grey, so it’s definitely bolder than white. But if you’re going for boldness then this might be a good option because sage is still a neutral colour that doesn’t clash with other themes, patterns, or colours you might want to use in the interior design of your home. It’s a colour that works very well with natural materials such as wood. The green adds softness and warmth that combines with the cosiness of natural design; this is perfect for anyone trying to make their home feel more inviting.

Add character with textures and patterns.

Neutral design is essential to creating a contemporary yet timeless home. However, you need to add some character to the interior design of your household. Textures and patterns can help with this. Obviously, you need to make sure you use the right kind of textures in your home. Certain trends come and go. We’ve all seen homes with outdated furnishings that are designed with unappealing floral textures, for example. However, done properly, textures in your home can look timelessly stylish and fashionable. Leather can always look classy and sophisticated. But, as mentioned earlier, you need to use such materials smartly. Leather sofas aren’t always comfortable, and you need to find the right blend of aesthetically-pleasing and functional design if you want your home to look and feel good.

You might want to consider pattern plants. This might not be the kind of “texture” you were imagining, but these vibrant plants could be a powerful and eye-catching addition to your home. Picture gloriously green plants with white primary and secondary veins. This stark contrast of colours could create a unique natural design in your home. The point is that patterns and textures can really add some character to the design of your household. Just make sure you don’t go overboard. Too many patterns can make a home look cluttered and messy. As mentioned earlier, transitional design is the goal. Combine neutral backdrops with the occasional vintage furnishing or patterned rug. If you can get the balance right then you’ll have a modern house which still looks warm, cosy, and inviting because it has some personality.

Get a few statement pieces.

One great way to spruce up your home is to get a few statement pieces. With the right centrepiece, you could make your house look stylish and sophisticated without falling into the trap of following current trends. Referring back to the earlier point about transitional design, you could make a statement with traditional vintage furnishings and feature pieces. This would help you to add an exciting dimension to a room with a contemporary design; the blend of classic and modern design could really make your home look fashionable without seeming too dated or too modern. A traditional armchair or perhaps even a luxurious chandelier could really add character to your home. It depends on the amount of luxury you want in your home. It might be something as simple as a faux fur throw or a copper lamp. But even a small statement piece can really add something to your home. It’s the same as coupling an understated outfit with a fashionable purse or a shiny necklace.

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Don’t forget the exterior design of your home.

We’ve talked a lot about sprucing up the interior of your household, but you shouldn’t forget about the outside of your property. You want to feel like you’re returning to a sleek and modern home at the end of the day. First impressions count. If you want your house to look great without using fad trends then utilise the advice already given in this article. Natural design, for instance, can really brighten up the outside of your home. Plant some colourful and vibrant flowers or plants alongside the path leading up to your front door. Some hanging flower baskets on either side of your door could also create a vibrant exterior to your home. Remember, the little details are essential when designing a house.

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Pen & Pencil, NQ

With the amount of restaurants and bars opening up in Manchester, you do sometimes tend to forget about those little hidden gems tucked in far corners of popular areas. I love heading over to the Northern Quarter to grab a bite and a cocktail. It’s no bs attitude, laid back vibe and total lack of pretentiousness makes its an area that is welcoming and inviting whilst keeping its cool and trendy atmosphere. Pen & Pencil in the Northern Quarter has been nestled on the corner of Tariff Street for the past few years, and is open daily to serve a great selection of light bites and big plates, as well as some cleverly constructed cocktails. With almost a touch of New York speakeasy to it’s interior, the lively yet relaxed bar was ticking all my boxes. 

The service was attentive with attention to detail given when going through the menu. My halloumi addiction is growing stronger and so naturally, I chose the halloumi burger with a side of sweet potato fries. Served on a brioche bun with spiced tomato chutney and rocket salad, I was pretty much in food heaven, The sweet potato fries were seasoned beautifully, with no need for a further salting and the serving was very generous. My friend tucked into the Philadelphia flat steak which was seasoned with a rich garlic and rosemary marinade, and came with a side of skin on fries and a pot of chimichurri salsa. The salsa was delicious with the strong flavours of garlic and parsley tantalising the tongue whilst the steak, medium cooked was tender and melted in the mouth. The home cooked, skin on fries were also well cooked and seasoned. 

You can’t beat a cocktail after work, and Pen & Pencil have a really good cocktail menu. With cheeky names such as Happy Birthday, Mr President and Dead Man Walking, the cocktail menu had me stumped as to what to choose. I eventually settled on the Sometimes Sunny in Manchester cocktail which was made up of passion fruit liqueur, pisco, lemon and lime, and egg white to give a lovely foam top. Garnished with syrup and an edible flower, the cocktail had just the right amount of tartness combined with a sweet and soft aftertaste. Reminiscent of jelly sweets, it certainly was very moreish. 

For my friend, a long cocktail to quench the thirst from this unusually warm late September evening, she chose the Grapefruit Spritz. Tanqueray gin, Fentimans rose lemonade, passion fruit liqueur  and grapefruit, this tangy sweet blend is garnished with a concertina cuber and a slice of grapefruit. Refreshing, light and a wonderful palette cleanser. 

I think I will definitely be heading towards Pen & Pencil more often. For a casual place to unwind with friends, with great music, food and drinks, it has a winning recipe for the place to be. 


Decorating Your House Like It’s The 1890s

If you’re someone who’s a fan of the aesthetics of the past, this is the post for you! We’ve got you covered with plenty of tips on bringing that Victorian sense of styling back into being; breathe life into your surroundings by covering them in old timey wallpaper and getting an antique armchair set up in the corner of the room. Halloween’s coming along soon so this is the perfect time for you to get creative – you could throw a houseparty and pretend the seat is haunted – get some ghost props to prove it!

But on a more serious note, if you love the idea of decorating around a theme, and you’re just moving into your own place or you’ve got a spare room you’d love to whip into shape, why not dress it up like it would have looked a hundred years ago?

There’s something about old furniture that’s just a little more cosy, don’t you think? (Credit)

Use Appropriate Paints

And no, that doesn’t mean you need to cover your walls in lead, don’t panic. But if you want your dining room or your spare bedroom to look like it’s straight out of a Jane Austen novel, you’re going to need to stick to some bare and neutral colours. And more often than not, these are going to be darker tones you’d usually avoid when browsing the paint board in the DIY store.

But if you’ve got darker yellows, autumnal reds, light purples, and some baby blues on your hands, you’re in for a winner. These were all popular colours back in the day, and they’re still acceptable to a modern mindset as well – either that or get some wallpaper with a bit of skirting and faux padding in its design. It’s more era appropriate than actual wood.

Find Cheap Furniture that Fits the Part

You’re not going to be able to score an original King Louis XIV on your budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on furniture that looks like it came straight out of a Victorian design catalogue. Old furniture was built to last, and a lot of it has, you just need to know where to look!

Don’t worry, there’s plenty benefits of reproduction furniture, other than the price tag, and you’re never likely to regret fitting them inside your house. Be on the lookout for pieces with labels like ‘Queen Anne’, and be sure to nip down to every antique store within your local radius to pick up some good deals on items that might could very well be from the time of yesteryear. Find yourself a cameo to hang on the wall at least!

Decorating a house to make it look like a pocket of time gone by doesn’t have to be hard on you. Just be sure to find yourself some good deals, use the right colours, avoid taxidermied animals in the basement of your local curio shop, and then sit down and relax in your new Victorian parlour!

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Date Night…with Thomas! #AD

It’s been a ten year long relationship and we are at that point that we are very comfortable with each other. I know his favourite food. He knows to not touch the remote when I’m watching Netflix, and we live in complete harmony. Just me and my boy, Thomas. Now for new readers to my blog, you’re probably wondering who Thomas is. Let me introduce you to my main man. Thomas. My little boy who I’ve raised since he was 10 weeks old, and now, at a grand old age of 10, he’s my little mate and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I never thought I would become one of those cat ladies, but I’m right there. 

These days, we prefer to spend a Caturday night indoors. As the weather is changing and the nights are drawing in, it’s so much more enjoyable to spend the evening inside. The heating on, a good film or series on Netflix, a good bottle of wine and a homemade meal. It’s made even more enjoyable with my little furry black shadow by my side. Did you know that Thomas isn’t one of those cats who has a particularly loud purr but if I stroke him just under his chin, it gets louder. It’s too cute. He also gets his purr on when he sees me go into the cupboard where his Temptations are kept. He does love a treat or two. Just like me!

From the very beginning, Thomas has only ever eaten Whiskas cat food, and he is very partial to a bowl of Whiskas Casserole. His favourite flavour is chicken and he wolfs it down. You’d think he had never been fed before when a plate of this is put in front of him. On our perfect date, whilst he is demolishing his casserole, I’m demolishing my casserole. Both made with fresh ingredients, rich gravy and succulent pieces of meat, it’s filling and satisfying and makes us both feel very content. A healthy and filling meal is very important in my house, for both myself and Thomas. There’s a definite need to make sure I’m getting all my veggies and nutrients, and I want the same for my cat. The Whiskas single serve pouches are ideal for a meal for Thomas, and I can always combine them with the Whiskas dry cat food to give him a diet that works for him and leaves him looking healthy, and with a shiny and glossy black coat.  

Thomas Whiskas Date night

After a hearty meal, even on date night, curling up on the couch is the best. In the season of fluffy socks and throws, we love our snuggle sessions. With Thomas, it’s like having my very own furry hot water bottle. I do love it when he snuggles right into me and cat snores away. It leaves me in peace to watch my boxsets, but I can guarantee that once I open the chocolate, he will be wide awake and making it his game to play with the wrapper. 

We are definitely the perfect pair and a match made in heaven. We both like good food, long naps and cosy blankets and I don’t know what I would do without my little dude. Even now, as I write this blog post, he is trying to curl up as close as he can to me. It’s true love. 

This post is in conjunction with Whiskas, but all my opinions are my own. And Thomas’s. He loves it. 


Sunset, Manchester

Oh Manchester, you really are the gift that keeps on giving. Every week, there’s a new grand opening of a new bar and restaurant and I’m not complaining. Gone are the days when a new nightclub opening was the place to be and the distant memories of being stood in a never ending VIP line, shivering my wotsits off can stay in the past. I am so much more in my element by indulging in a good meal with a few glasses of vino and a cocktail or two. Thankfully, Manchester is the place to be and my bustling metropolis contains some real hidden gems. 

With the rise of living crazy lifestyles as seen on Instagram and tailoring decor around your most lusted after pins on Pinterest, I think that Sunset Manchester have literally nailed it with their interior design. Blush pinks, copper and rose gold. Marble touches and white wooden seating with neon light fittings, it’s an actual dream. The attention to detail is superb and it’s a perfect place for afternoon drinks as the sun goes down over the Mancunian skyline. 

Australasia, which is situated underneath Sunset, is the parent bar and restaurant and has been a firm fixture in Manchester for several years now. The bar and terrace which is now known as Sunset, has been subject to other names across the time it has been in Spinningfields, however I do feel that they have hit the nail on the head with this rebrand. Australasia are known for their pan-Asian cuisine which has been taken into Sunset with a focus on light bites and small platters, with the introduction of their Bento Box, which also comes as an afternoon tea with dessert. 

I had the signature mixed bento box which comes with nine pieces and a bowl of Miso soup to start. Presentation, as expected was absolutely beautiful and again, the attention to detail made it feel very special. Freshly grated wasabi, dipping plates and soy sauce in copper decanters. Gold chopsticks, should you wish to use them, and an ice cold glass of Sauvingnon blanc to hand. The miso soup was perfect and surprisingly, although it contained mushrooms, I had no issue with them at all. Made with dashi, seaweed and greens, it was an ideal, lightweight and warming starter before digging into the bento box. 

I do feel that whilst the bento box was spectacular to look at, a few of the dishes lacked taste and flavour and were in need of some seasoning. That being said there were some dishes that were delightful and that I would definitely have again. The sushi was fresh and tasty, and the pickled salad was a particular favourite. The broth served in the traditional style kettle was also a personal favourite of mine. Warming, comforting and tasty. I did find that the tofu dish wasn’t to my tasting and whilst I found a lot of the dishes needed seasoning, the deep fried rice cubes were overly salty. The noodle salad was quite bland but in comparison, the sesame topped chicken was a taste sensation on my tongue. 

I would be very interested to go back and try the menu again, especially now that it has been open for some time. The service was impeccable, the setting was picture perfect but maybe there was a bit more style over substance on the occasion that I visited. 

Have you been to Sunset? What did you think?

Sunset, Manchester

Interior Design For Extroverts

Do people describe you as quirky? Do friends say they love your personality? Is your dress sense utterly different to everyone else on the street? If you answer yes to these questions, then you’re an extrovert. Congratulations and welcome to the club! Okay, it isn’t a scientific test but there’s no doubt that extroverts are a little out there in everything they do.

So, your house shouldn’t be any different. Properties need to imbue the characteristics of their owners. Otherwise, they don’t have any personality. Someone like you would rather live on the streets than in a dead, cold, bare home. You’d probably make a better go off a cardboard box and some old newspapers!

However, the chances are you don’t want to go overboard and create a Willy Wonka-style colour scheme. Subtlety isn’t your strong point, but there are boundaries. To stay true to your extroverted ways, it’s essential to channel your inner qualities, the ones which are the most important to you as a person. Here are the ways to do it without going OTT.

Pick A Colour, Any Colour

The different shades and hues throughout the house will dominate the style. A scheme is vital for bringing different elements to life and making the interiors seem bubbly and vivid. Introverts do this by choosing neutral colours such as creams and whites and eggshell. They like to be delicate and restrained when they pick up a paintbrush. Extroverts are different.

The odds are high that your favourite colour isn’t black or white or anything neutral. Instead, it’s probably bright red or sky blue or sunshine yellow, something which is bright and shiny. So, use this to your advantage by decorating with your favourite hues. Look how the room underneath uses baby pink as a focal point. It also mixes a deep purple into the style perfectly, which adds an amazing contrast.

The Bloggers Bedroom Copper Blush Pink Pale Grey

Remember that whatever the colour, you can fit it into a scheme. All you have to do is think about the matching shades and how best to make it stand out while being seamless.

The Material Palate

Homeowners fret about the colour palette because it seems as if it’s the most important thing. After all, it brings life to the room and turns a house into a home. As a result, the material scheme goes out of the window. In fact, most properties stick with leather sofas and armchairs for cleaning purposes. They might be a rug on the floor, but it’s an afterthought. Well, it isn’t for extroverts.

Materials are a powerful weapon as they add texture to space, and that makes it more dimensional. It’s as if you can feel the fabrics on your face as soon as you walk into the room, like an interactive video game. Plus, the contrast is excellent too. Therefore, don’t stick to one or two materials – include as many as possible. This is a fantastic tip because you’ll find that plenty of features are different. For example, you can’t have a leather floor so the furniture will mix with the flooring right off the bat. Talking of wood, exposed beams are an excellent way to make sure there is contrast. Just give them a once-over with a deep stain to make them cosy and homely.

Last but not least, don’t forget the tiles and granite. The room below mixes the warm woods and fabrics with the cold kitchen countertops to great effect.

Art Attack

Do you remember the kid’s TV show from the 90s and early 2000s? Well, all you Art Attack fans can dig out the pencils and paintbrushes and put them to good use. Nothing says extrovert better than personal drawings and paintings. Even if you can’t draw, there is nothing wrong with trying to create something from scratch. All you need to do is throw colour on top of colour and see what happens. At the least, it will fit into the scheme.

Anyone who doesn’t want to channel their inner Lowry can buy artwork. Naturally, your instincts will take you towards the quirky stuff and you should go with your gut. But, remember to keep the overall style in your head. Choosing things which don’t match ends up looking cluttered like you threw it together in hope rather than expectation.

Something which works very well is printing off pictures and sticking them on the wall. Not only is it arty but it’s the ultimate way to show off your personality. Nothing says you more than memories of the good times with your loved ones.

Shop Off The Beaten Path

It’s easy to point out the ways to channel your extroverted personality, but it’s not simple to execute the plan. The problem is the high street – it’s full of shops which are the same. Go into B&M or B&Q and you’ll find everything from similar kitchens to tins of paint. How can you show off your personality when there aren’t any shops which sell the right products?

The answer is by shopping off the beaten track. Go online and you’ll find loads of suppliers which tailor towards non-conventional styles. At Unique Vanities, there are bathroom fittings and fixtures you won’t find in general stores. Simply Bamboo has flooring options which are exotic and affordable at the same time.

As a well as online shops, head to the vintage boutiques. They’re a little more expensive, but they do have cool knick-knacks which scream “I’M AN EXTROVERT!”

Don’t Listen

It sounds ignorant, and it is to a degree, but extroverts shouldn’t get bogged down with conventional wisdom. It’s okay for generic personalities, but you’re anything but. All it does is to remind you of the reason why you’re an extrovert and how much you hate the establishment.

Use magazines and websites and YouTube videos by all means, but pick and choose your favourite aspects. Then, put them together in a smorgasbord of eccentricity. Go with your gut rather than the status quo.

Hasn’t your stomach done you proud in the past? So why question it now?

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3 Grass Roots Ways to Make a Positive Impact on the World

A lot of people out there are very fixated on the notion of making the world a better place, and at first glance, this seems like a positive and noble ambition. The problems when you consider that the world is very complicated, and that’s often impossible to know what would be “best” for a given individual, let alone nation, from an objective perspective.

On top of this, many of those who seek to make positive change in the world do so from a strictly political ideological angle, and are likely to start thinking in broad, universal slogans, rather than to address things in a more holistic and grass-roots way.

Making positive change in the world is possible, of course, but you’re generally much better off thinking of things in terms of the small and local, rather than the big and global.

Here are some grassroots ways that you can start making some positive changes in the world.

Take up a career that you can be proud of

If you’re anything like the ordinary person out there in society, you can expect to spend a significant chunk of your life at work. This means that if your job is something you hate, and that makes you feel bitter and ashamed rather than proud and satisfied, you’re not likely to easily offset that with positive actions elsewhere.

By taking up a career that you can be proud of — something that leaves you with a real feeling of accomplishment, and a sense that you’ve done something meaningful — you can rest assured that you’re making positive contributions to the world on a regular basis, even if they’re small ones.

Doing a masters in school counseling online, for example, could be your opening to directly improving the lives of hundreds of school kids over the years.

Work on being the kind of person you would like and respect

People are affected most by the example you set, and not by the things you say, or even by the political actions you take. If you want to make some positive changes in the world, your first step should be to become the kind of person who you like and respect, so that others can follow your example.

If, on the other hand, you experience chronic self-loathing, you can reasonably expect that something about the way you’re living your life isn’t in alignment with your valued and with the kind of person you’d want to be.

“Liking” yourself more also isn’t just a matter of deciding that you’re perfect the way you are. It’s a commitment to growing into being a better person, and living a life more in line with your own values.

Focus on creating more and consuming less

There’s nothing wrong with “consuming”, whether that means food, entertainment, clothes, beauty products, or other consumer purchases.

There is a problem, however, with living a life which is solely dominated and determined by consumption. When you are just a consumer, you add little to the world. When you are a creator, on the other hand, you add lots.

Whether working on your blog, creating a new business, or volunteering your time, try to create a bit more and consume a bit less.

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How To Cosy Up Your Bedroom For The Coming Season

Anoushka Loves

After a beautiful summer, with the onset of September, thoughts slowly begin to turn to the new season – shops are filling up with ankle boots and new coats, there’s a drop in the temperature and spiced lattes start making an appearance in the coffee bars. Autumn brings it’s own seasonal delights, and one of them is being able to cosy up in our bedrooms, take advantage of Autumn decor trends and enjoy a little comfort. Here’s how to get ready for the new season and create a warm, welcoming bedroom perfect for those nights that are drawing in…

Get Your Insulation Right

Before moving on to cushions and candles, make sure that your bedroom is cosy by checking that it’s well insulated. Check and drain and underperforming radiators, look into double glazed window repairs if needed, and kit out your room with well lined curtains or insulated blinds. You want to eliminate any draughts or condensation. You can also check the floorboards and use filler to get rid of any gaps where cold breezes can creep in.

Invite In Some Colour

Colour can have a significant psychological impact on our mood, so creating a cosy interior can be down to introducing some warm, rich colours to your room. Try red, deep yellows and oranges, or if that isn’t your vibe, millennial pink can also be surprisingly warm and restful. Combine these colours sparingly with neutrals for the chicest effect and add touches of copper or rose gold in your accessories.

The Bloggers Bedroom Copper Blush Pink Pale Grey

Add In Some Texture

Adding warmth to your bedroom can be achieved by layering textures to cuddle up in. Use it as an excuse to hit the shops for some new homewares and accessories. Fluffy rugs are a great way to physically banish chills and they look snuggly too – lots of soft throw pillows, a knitted or faux fur throw and softly piled oversize curtains will also give a cocooning effect. Silk is also a rich texture to use, and playing with these varying fabrics in the same or tonal colours gives a really plush, expensive look to a room.

Cast A Glow

Lastly, go to town with beautiful scented candles – scent is also powerful to evoke a mood, and woody or spicy toned fragrances or creamy vanilla are ideal as the nights get shorter. Make sure that you choose soy candles or pure beeswax so that you aren’t releasing harmful chemicals into the room. You could also try an aromatherapy diffuser with LEDs. Consider introducing some beautiful lamps too – these cast a much cosier light than overhead fixtures, and give you a chance to introduce more colour and texture with the lampshade. You can further enhance the candlelit effect by adding in some beautiful mirrors, which will bounce back the light and create some gorgeous effects. Don’t be afraid to make the most of reflective surfaces such as mirrored glass trays as well, as these will also add interest.

With a few finishing touches in how you dress it, you really can alter the mood of your bedroom and give it a much more intimate and cosy feel for the coming colder weather.

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