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Rodial Art and Design Challenge

Over the last few years, I have taken a keen interest in the Rodial brand and have a huge love for the Stem Cell Superfood range. I’ve been following Mrs Rodial – Maria Hatzistefanis and watching the amazing lifestyle she leads as well as the superb products that she has been creating. Most recently, Hatzistefanis has launched an exciting and breakthrough project; The Rodial Art and Design Challenge where twenty five of Central Saint Martins second year BA Product Design students have been given the task of designing a bespoke case for six of the best selling Rodial make up brushes.

The project was to design a unique, creative yet functional brush case that fit in with the Rodial brand that would be sold exclusively on the Rodial website and Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge. To judge the designs, Mrs Rodial called in top model Erin O’Connor and creative designer Henry Holland to be on the panel, alongside Daniela Rinaldi; group commercial director from Harvey Nichols and Jackie Annesley; the editor of Sunday Times Style Magazine.

Rodial Art and Design Challenge

Rodial Art and Design Challenge

Over the weeks that the project has been running, a film crew have documented Hatzistefanis as she searches for the talent from Central Saint Martins who will eventually win the coveted prize of having their design made up to be sold to Rodial fans. The documentary has been split up into a mini series of eight parts, so you can watch the journey of Rodial and the project. The first episode ‘Building an Empire’ is such an interesting watch as you can see where Rodial started and how it became a global sensation that it is today with ambassadors such as Kylie Jenner. in 2014 Hatzistefanis launched the Rodial Cosmetics line with an exclusive sculpting bar in London’s Harvey Nichols.

Watch the journey through the project and follow on social media using #MrsRodialProject. It’s also worth giving Mrs Rodial a follow on Instagram, as she is amazing. Bit of a woman crush going on there.

Congratulations to the winner Aaron Chung who has created an exquisite brush holder that comfortably holds each brush and each brush section can be detached from the roll for individual use. The design is sleek, and fits beautifully into the Rodial family with its luxury feel and look.

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Guest Post – £20 Make Up Challenge – Miss Pond

Hi I’m Emma from MissPond, I usually blog about anything and everything from gin tasting events, what I got up to at the weekend and fashion releases. But this month when I was asked to Guest Blog for Anoushka she came up with the £20 challenge- to purchase make up for full face for £20! Now, I’m a stickler for designer/high end products, my annoyances with the lack of samples and ivory toned foundations in drug stores has led me to places where I know I can get a sample to try or someone who can colour match me! So the other weekend I embarked on my challenge in the Arndale in Manchester and this is what I bought.


I’m not going to lie I struggled to find foundation in a price range that wouldn’t eat up the rest of my budget that would match my skin… I also chose a lot of Essence goodies, as I wanted to see what the hype was about.

Make Up Revolution Foundation in Cool Ivory £2

The price of this amazed me, £2 for foundation! The coverage wasn’t as thick as I was expecting it to be and it took a heavier application to cover my blemishes, but I liked the feel on my skin and it didn’t look orange either!


Essence All About Autumn Eye Shadow Palette in 02 Keep Calm and Go for a Walk £3.79.

I was drawn to this palette by the colours; they’re indeed unbelievably autumnal. Although when I swatched them it did take a bit a few brush strokes to bring out the colours, especially the lighter ones. When I wore them I had similar issues, it took a lot to bring the colours out, which is a shame, I was expecting a bit more! But the colours were long lasting on my eyelids and blended really well.


Essence All About Autumn Colour Change Blush in 02 Keep Calm and Go for a Walk £2.49

I really liked the shade of this; it’s quite pale when swatched. It’s supposed to colour change by pH of the skin and it definitely did that. I made the mistake initially of thinking it was pale and put on a bit more, but I ended up looking like a clown! It does have the most beautiful shimmer when you get it right.

Essence Lipstick in On The Catwalk! £2.29

I picked a darker shade to go with the season, but it wasn’t as dark as I thought it would be when I put it on. Although, it’s definitely got a great matte finish, I definitely much prefer a matte lipstick.

Essence Compact Powder in Light Beige £2.79

This is a great powder, I’m really impressed with how it set the foundation and it matches my skin tones perfectly. It also lasts, which surprised me, even more expensive powders have a tendency to disappear on my skin!

Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara £2.79

I really like the wand on this mascara, as a lady with shorter lashes it really does help me cover each and every one. I was impressed with this; I actually prefer it to my Dior mascara, which has a similar wand, as it clumps a lot less in my lashes.

Maybelline Nail Varnish in White Splatter £3.99

Now I know wasn’t exactly in the shopping brief, but I adore painting my nails and HAD to pick this up when I saw it. I love the effect and it came out really well. Maybelline have some great colours out at the moment and I have many more
on my future purchases list! It’s a topcoat, so I put it over my favourite black nail varnish. I tried it without a coloured basecoat and it didn’t show up very well.


Shopping total = £20.14

I think I found some definite re-purchases, some surprises and a couple of letdowns in this trip. But I definitely will be sure to check out drug stores more often to find those key beauty items instead of jumping to high end straight away.

Thanks Anoushka for a great challenge!

MissPond x

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Guest Post – Surprising Summer Beauty Finds by Jen from English Rose From Manchester

Hi I’m Jen and I blog over at English Rose From Manchester – my lifestyle, fashion and beauty blog. I like to write about my latest beauty finds and get pretty excited when I find something new that I actually love, especially when the price is great too. So for this guest post I thought I’d share some of the new products that surprised me this summer by being much better than I ever expected!

Limited Collection Matte Lipstick

I was so surprised at the staying power of this vibrant tomato lipstick from M&S. I’ve never tried any of their makeup before so it was a bit of a risk, but one that paid off as I love the colour and matte finish, as well as how heavily pigmented it is. This is my winning summer lipstick and it was only £6!

English Rose From Manchester

Zara White Perfume

Again, another fashion store that has branched out into beauty (in this case, fragrance), Zara is not somewhere I would ever think of shopping for perfume. But I saw this Zara White perfume when I was in Barcelona and couldn’t resist the bargain price of 6 Euros. It’s a pretty scent and comes in a great handbag sized bottle, so is the perfect daytime perfume for taking out and about. I’d definitely recommend checking out the in-store fragrance range at Zara as it’s not available on the UK website, but the prices are too good to ignore.

English Rose From Manchester

Lucy Bee’s Coconut Oil

I’ve blogged about coconut oil so much as it’s my top beauty product at the moment. It has so
many applications and it’s become a beauty essential of mine this summer. I use it as a daily body moisturiser as it leaves the skin unbelievably soft, and also as a healthy shine hair mask. It can be quite messy to use, as although it’s solid oil in the jar it melts onto skin straight away, but it’s really worth it!

English Rose From Manchester

Essie First Base

I’m ashamed to say I’ve only recently discovered how amazing a base coat can be. I always thought, how different can it be to a plain old clear varnish? Turns out – very! When I noticed my nail beds were getting quite stained by the vibrant nail polish colours I was using I decided to try this base coat to protect them. But it does so much more! Thanks to the tacky formula my coloured nail polish has something to bond to so now it lasts at least a week! No more shabby mid-week nails! I’m amazed at how happy I am with this little investment.

English Rose From Manchester

Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo

I never thought I’d find a dry shampoo that I preferred to the old faithful Batiste – but then I
discovered No Drought, which is a fine powder rather than an aerosol spray. It’s even better than Batiste for absorbing any oiliness, and thanks to its fresh scent (that’s right, no more obvious “dry shampoo” smell) it really does refresh my hair. It’s £3.75 for a bottle and is going to last me ages.

English Rose From Manchester


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