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The Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2014 (In association with Next Official) are now open and its time for you to place your votes! I am entering my blog in the Best New Beauty Blog category as well as Best Newcomer for Next Official and I need your help and votes to get me to the shortlist!

I have been blogging for little under a year now so I would be absolutely honoured to reach the shortlist for Best New Beauty Blog and Best Newcomer in these prestigious awards. Cosmopolitan have been holding these awards for a few years now and finally, I am able to take part. Cosmopolitan want to recognise bloggers and their blogs and give them the recognition they deserve. By asking readers to point them in the right direction of finding new and established blogs, in categories covering beauty, fashion, lifestyle and food, there is a category for everyone to get chance to be noticed.

The form only takes a minute to fill in to vote for and every vote really does count in this amazing category.

Vote for in the Best New Beauty Blog category here!

Thank you all so much in advance for your votes, support and love that you have shown me over the past 10 months and long may it continue xxx

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My life is certainly in the fast line. A diary that is filled to the brim with blog ideas to write up, products to review and events to attend, all combined with being an international air hostess. A constant stream of flights and trips away from home certainly makes having a blogging routine difficult, yet with a bit of organisation anything is possible!

Currys and PC World recently got in touch with me to ask me about my portable office, and I thought it was very apt as my office couldn’t be any more portable! Currys and Pc World are also holding a competition for two lucky winners to win a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 worth a whopping £799. See how you can enter here.

I am a very lucky girl in that I am able to travel as frequently as I do. It gives me great inspiration when I land in a foreign country for blog posts, and I like to get creative when taking photos of products I have been using. Early morning sunrise and the waves rolling onto the sand whilst in Mexico has made this picture really special. My favourite times to blog whilst I am away is early in the morning, especially if I’m jet lagged. I seem to be more creative whilst everyone else is still asleep.

Curryspcworld portableoffice

Thankfully, most places that I visit have a Wi-Fi connnection so I can keep up to date with my social media pages such as Twitter and Facebook via my iPhone. My iPhone is an amazing piece of equipment. I can use it to take spur of the moment photos, update social media sites and catch up with my emails. I also love to take part in bloggers chats on Twitter and use my iPhone to log any notes and ideas that I come up with.

My main part of my portable office has to be my iPad. I use it to create blog pieces using a word app, and when I can connect to Wi-Fi, I can upload my blogs. I have a camera converter kit so I can transfer pictures from my camera straight to my iPad using a USB connection. The only downside to the iPad is that unlike a laptop, there are no USB ports so I can’t use my portable hard drive which has all my photographs stored. The iPad is an ideal size for travelling and can be customised with pretty cases and apps that help keep you organised. Some of my favourite apps included PicFunky and Bokeh for editing my pictures before I put them on Instagram or insert them in blog posts.

Curryspcworld portableoffice

From hotel room to hotel room, beach to aircraft to home again, my portable office comes everywhere with me. As my blog grows, the amount of kit I have is growing, as is my portable office. I would love to be a lucky winner of the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 as my poor antiquated laptop is on its last legs.

curryspcworld portableoffice

What is your portable office like? Do you use a computer or a tablet to blog on the go?


Valentines is coming up and for a single gal like myself, it’s a day that I spend sifting through the thousands of cards that are delivered and choosing between all those potential suitors. Ha, I wish! My Valentines wish list is a ridiculously expensive, extravagant one and since I have no one to buy me any presents (boo hoo) I think I will treat myself to a new lipstick. Standard. I hope you like what I’ve picked and I wonder if money was no object, what would you treat yourself to? Happy valentines to all my beauties! Mwah!xx

The Ultimate Valentines



With every New Year comes a set of resolutions which we promise to stick to. Two weeks in and the resolutions are long forgotten, the healthy diet is out of the window and the house looks like a squat. I’m obviously not speaking from experience or anything…

Image taken from Google

Image taken from Google

This year, as part of my blogging journey, I have decided to make myself a set of resolutions that I can look back on in 12 months time and see just how well I managed. Therefore my resolutions are achievable, without making huge changes to my very busy and hectic lifestyle. I won’t be promising to lose 4 stone, as quite frankly I don’t want to but I will be promising that I can make smaller changes that will benefit myself and my blog.


Have a blogging schedule and stick to it, rather than blogging sporadically. Aim for two posts a week
Take more time to comment on other blogs.
Practice with my camera settings and work on my photos.
Selfies: Stop being so hard on myself and my big nose, work with what I have and be happy with it
Stop buying products just for the hype and buy things I will actually use. Green lipstick? Who are you trying to kid!
Organise, organise, organise! Diaries and notebooks are made for a reason…use them!
Get more fashion items incorporated into my blog


Calm down on the spending
Stop using ‘I’m tired from work’ as an excuse; start living a bit more
Those German books you bought….Use them and conquer the language
Home improvements: Decorate, make use of my balcony, complete the wardrobe room
Hello gym membership, I promise I will use you more than twice this year!
Find a cure for Jetlag, then make my millions by selling on this wonder cure.


Get out of my comfort zone.
Flatter my figure instead of hiding it
Stop buying shoes, concentrate on handbags instead


All those products I have…shop my stash and use them!


Don’t spend time thinking about what others think, live life for me and if people don’t like it then that’s their problem. Confidence is key and I need to stop spending so much time worrying and panicking about things that are so trivial.

Image take from Google

Image take from Google

What are your resolutions? Do you have anything you want to accomplish?


Day 13 of 90. I have so long to go before I can buy beauty products and although it’s paining me that I’ve put myself on a spending ban I’m actually not that bothered about shopping.

I think I’ve actually realised just how much stuff I have and just how much I actually use on a day to day basis. I spend most of my days off au naturel unless I’m going out. I have about 68 different types of Skincare products, so I don’t need to pick up any more of those and I’m shopping my stash a bit better however I still find that I go back to the same products.

I recently made a Christmas wish list of the most covetable beauty items, which I have promptly sent to Santa (also known as Mum), and the fact that I’m not allowed to spend any money on beauty means that come Christmas Day, I am really going to appreciate the wait and the fact that I may get some of the items that I have wished for.

I feel quite strong and empowered at the moment! Is anyone else on a spending ban feeling this way?! Being a sensible adult, I could think about using the money that I would spend on makeup for something a bit more grown up and invest it with someone like Glenmore Investments. I could end up in a position where I didn’t have to worry about going on a spending ban.

I will be buying in the next week or two some replacements. These are nail varnish remover and cotton pads so far. The excitement is killing me 😉
I think I also have about £15 on my Boots advantage card, so I may treat myself in the New Year before my ban is over.

I think that I’m doing quite well so far but I have 77 days left. I’ll update in a week or two as it nears Christmas.

Love Anoushka xx


Thursday night was the official start to the Christmas countdown, the big light switch on in my local town. Bury in Lancashire is the place where I grew up before I moved further afield, 5 miles down the road. It’s only a small town however I do have a special place in my heart for Bury, home of the world famous market and the black pudding.


The Christmas light switch on took place in St. John’s Square, the newly built part of Bury, also known as The Rock. Supported by Key 103 radio station, the host for the evening was Darren Proctor. As a keen listener of Key 103 it was great to see one of my favourite DJs doing his bit in gearing the audience up for the switch on. Coronation Streets Katy Armstrong, the beautiful Georgia May Foote was lighting up Bury.


The evenings festivities started at 6pm, with the Sixpence Studio Voice Choir opening the show. During the evening there were prizes to be won including a day trip to Lapland and a special performance by X Factor hopefuls Next of Kin. Georgia May turned the lights on at 19:30, and they looked beautiful. Bury is now decked out in ultra stylish white lights around the shopping centre and there is even a 20ft Reindeer with a flashing red nose.



After the light switch on, it is safe to say that my mind is firmly set on Christmas and counting down to the big day!

(Images taken from The Rock Bury Facebook page)


I’m totes rubbish, I haven’t had chance to sit down and write up something decent these last few days as I’ve been rushed off my feet. Now that I have found a bit of time to restore order and serenity in my house – notably getting all my ironing done and subsequently finding a bed and a carpet in the spare bedroom, I feel that I can sit down and catch up with my ramblings and get back to my blogging schedule.

Is there anything you would like to see on my blog in this next few weeks? I’m have lots of plans for the run up to the Festive period and I’m also thinking of swatching my entire MAC eye shadow and lipstick collection. I’m also looking at introducing my creative side to you and showing you how to’s on some Christmas decorations and baking.

Until then, I’m going to tidy my bedroom and make my dressing table look like how it should, instead of it looking like a jumble sale in Selfridges.

Love Anoushka x


As a huge thank you for the follows, comments and general loveliness of my readers of, I have decided to share my love by running a little competition.

The competition will start when i’ve hit 300 followers on Bloglovin – my link is here.

The prize is very special and unable to purchase in the UK. The Benefit Sizzlin’ Six is packed full of your fave Benefit products. From blush to mascara, this is ideal to keep in your handbag for those little top ups you’ll need throughout the day!

2013-11-02 15.57.26

The rules are straightforward. The competition will be ran by Rafflecopter and all entries will be checked. If there are any fake entries these will automatically be disqualified. Also, anyone who follows just for the sake of the competition and unfollows later will be disqualified from future giveaways.

As soon as I have hit 300 Bloglovin followers, the competition will go live!


From the 1st November to the 30th January, I will be on a spending ban for the whole 90 days. Oh em gee, what am I setting myself up for! I’m hoping that it makes me shop my current stash to a better level and also, I may actually start buying food again instead of beauty products. Trust me, I often make a decision to spend my food shop money in Boots. Also, as it is the run up to the festive period, and I will be asking for beauty products, I want to make it a bit more special as I will be really wanting needing those items come Christmas day.

The rules of the Spending Ban are as follows:

1. Unless it is a repurchase or a backup, then it is banned.
2. Essentials do not count ie Cleanser, toner, underwear, t.shirts…
3. Christmas Presents do not count, including one for me (Guy Bourdin Cheek Palette 😉 )
4. January Sale impulse buys are also banned, this includes next years Soap and Glory set. Sob.
5. I am only allowed to buy one glossy mag per month instead of all of them. It will probably be Vogue. Magazines that I subscribe to do not count as I have already paid for them.

Ah well, these things have got to be done. And maybe I may get chance to save up some pennies! Use #AnoushkasSpendingBan on Twitter to see how I am doing!

Anoushka xx

Image taken from Google

Image taken from Google


I’m having a total love affair with Instagram at the moment. The more I’m loving taking photos for my blog, the more I’m loving playing around with filters and collages to create a collection of my favourite pictures. I try and update my Instagram daily and I love posting pictures of my beauty products, inspirational quotes and of course, my cat Thomas!

Why not visit my Instagram page by searching Anoushkaloves or find the quick link here.

Screenshot 2013-10-25 11.03.42


So, today I woke up and I’m now 31. Not old by any stretch of the imagination but certainly getting on a bit and the years suddenly seem to be flying by.
I’ve been quietly reflecting on what I have achieved over the last few years and I think that I have managed to do everything I have wanted. I have a great job as cabin crew, seeing the world and generally having a great time with lots of my friends in various countries across the world.
I completed my degree with honours as a mature student and graduated a year ago. I worked full time and studied full time with The Open University for a Bsc (Hons) Criminology and Psychological Studies. I have no plans to expand on my degree nor take a job within the criminological sector as I enjoy my current job so much.
Next on my list is to delve a little deeper into beauty, in particular make up artistry. I’ve been inspired by the more artistic and creative side by the likes of Karla Powell and Alex Box. I’m a very creative person and I’m always drawing and painting and I want to learn how to transfer my skills onto a face using make up.
Today, I have taken the bull by the horns and as I write, I am on my way to a 6 hour make up course. I’m apprehensive as my self taught skills may be totally wrong but with the right guidance I can improve on my existing knowledge. Once I have an idea in my head, I will strive to achieve it. Nothing is impossible and by working hard I really hope that I can continue to absorb new information and head in the direction I want to go.
Thank you to everyone who have already wished my happy birthday, there’s a whole lotta loving on twitter and facebook this morning!!!xxx


Hi honey, I’m home!

What a week. I have blisters on top of blisters, my legs are throbbing, I have abs from laughing so much and I’ve managed to get jet lag on the first night at home too. Although getting up at 3am has been the most productive day that I think I’ve ever had.

The uploading is complete so I’m going to share some of my trip pictures with you! Welcome to Las Vegas!


Walking down to the Vegas sign is an obligatory part of any Vegas trip. Its a long walk from the Mandalay Bay, however you can always get a taxi as they have created a mini parking lot near the sign. Its a busy tourist attraction, so there may be a queue to get your picture taken, but it is so worth it!

There are so many pictures to choose from so I’ll keep it brief and put my favourite ones on.

PicMonkey Collage

New York, New York || Minus 5 Ice Bar at Mandalay Bar || Little Wedding Chapel


Light refreshments!


The Wynn


BBQ Pulled pork from The Cheesecake Factory

2013-09-21 21.06.37

Reeces Peanut Butter Cheesecake and Ultimate Red Velvet cheesecake


Bellagio Fountains

Bellagio Fountains


I’m not sure how many posts I’ve written on this subject but its numerous. Yet again, I’ve been struck with the curse of the ole jet lag and yet again cannot get it under control. A lot of people use jet lag as an excuse, or laugh it off saying its all made up or we are making excuses. However these are the people who say they never get it, when the furthest they’ve been in Rhyl and I honestly don’t think they understand how difficult it is to deal with. My jet lag could be classed as occupational jet lag, and I have a near on impossible mission to get my sleeping pattern straight within the two days off that I have before going back into work again. Unfortunately, this time it has affected me hard and I am so frustrated with the situation.

I arrived home from Las Vegas on Monday morning after working all night Sunday night. Theoretically, the last time i went to bed before arriving home on Monday was Saturday night. I had 5 hours on Monday from 10am til 3pm and felt awful after I woke up. I had an incredible feeling of ‘I need to go to bed right now’ at about 8pm, and thinking I was gonna have a least 12 hours I went to bed thinking it will all be over in the morning! I woke up at 3am. Great.

I can’t tell you how it feels to have jet lag, and I’m sure if you’ve had it, you’ll understand. Your brain is so awake when your body is in a state of being so tired, yet you cannot switch off. Then you’ll get moments where your body feels awake, yet you get an urge to just curl up and close your eyes. Its not just about being tired. Its like your body goes into a trance like state.

I get people advising me on how I should combat it, yet if it was as easy as getting an early night then I wouldn’t have cause to moan about it all the time. I was so exhausted last night that I took myself to bed at 7.30pm. I fell asleep instantaneously yet there I was at midnight, wide awake and unable to drift back off. I finally fell back to sleep at 6am, sleeping til 11am. I’ve not managed to get more than a few hours sleep at a time, and now I’m on days off that have been wasted as I physically do not have the energy to do anything.

Research suggests that it takes approximately a full day for every hour that you were behind to combat it. Las Vegas was 8 hours behind. Ouch. I think it may be a case of Night Nurse to get me through tonight otherwise tomorrow at work is going to be the most difficult thing ever!

Ps. I do not in any way advocate the use of Night Nurse as a sleeping aid. I use it as I have an extraordinary work pattern and only take it on rare occasions.

Have you ever experienced jet lag? How did you feel?


Just noticed that this is my 100th post so lets all celebrate and have a party! Yippee!!

Thank you everyone for reading my blog. I never expected to get to 20 posts, let alone 50!

I’ve been really boosted by the support I’ve had from you all, my statistics are incredible and I’ve also hit the Up and Coming list for Beauty blogs on Bloglovin. To say i’m over the moon is an understatement!

Here are my new mini milestones that I would love to reach before the end of October

1) Hit 250 followers on Bloglovin
2) get 4000 hits on my blog
3) Get 1000 followers on Twitter
4) And start working on my facebook following

I can’t do it without all my fabulous readers, so please keep on commenting, liking and sharing my blog where you can!

Thank you beauties xxx


My Nanna is pretty cool as far as Nannas go. She loves her skincare, and favours brands like Elemis and Decleor. She has an extensive nail varnish collection filled with OPI, Leighton Denny and Essie polishes and she is in the know when it comes to new products and special offers on QVC. My Nanna turned 71 on Sunday and although she may be 71, she in no way looks it. In fact, i’d say a good ten years off 70.

Whilst I was away my Grandad asked me to buy my Nanna some new make up for her birthday. I thought it would be quite a challenge but I was definitely the girl for the job and if I couldn’t choose good items, then I am not the beauty blogger/make up addict that I thought I was! Nanna usually goes for blue eyeshadows and mascaras, brown toned blushes and coral and pale pink lips. I’ve been saying for years that she needs to get out of her make up pattern and change it up a bit. As she has beautiful blue eyes, a blue shadow/mascara isn’t emphasising them enough and the brown blushes need to be changed to a coral or pink to suit her skin tone better. Lipstick wise, the colours she wears are perfect and I can’t wait to add another to her collection.

Here’s what i bought for her!


The brown kohl makes a refreshing change from the blue and will compliment her colouring. It will also work alongside the Sephora palette, filled with 14 neutral and muted colours.


The Inglot blush in shade 29 is a beautiful colour that can be built up to a desired shade. Its very pigmented and the colour when swatched is so lovely, that I think I need one for myself!


MAC Lipstick in Bombshell has a frost finish and I knew that this would be perfect as soon as I saw it. I kept looking at other colours but I kept going back to Bombshell. I think it was my instinct telling me that this was the one, and when Nanna opened it, she said it was just her colour. Yay!

MAC Bombshell lipstick

Between my mum, myself and my sister we also bought Nanna the core collection and the face collection brushes from Real Techniques so she now has a full new set of make up and brushes to play with!

Here’s a picture of the birthday girl, doesn’t she look good!

Happy birthday Nanna Fay, I love you xx



After having a disco snooze that lasted 12 hours on Thursday night, myself and Matt woke up feeling fresh and ready for a day of fun and visiting some famous Vegas hotspots.

We took the monorail to MGM Grand and had a wander through New York, New York, then over the escalators into Excalibur, Luxor and Mandalay Bay. From the Mandalay bay, we headed down to the Las Vegas sign. It’s quite a walk away, and if you do visit Vegas, try and head down there early before the sun is at it’s highest. We still had a case of sausage fingers from the heat and needed an ice cold smoothie from Maccy Ds on the way back.


We took the same route back and when we got to the Shoppes at Mandalay Bay, we noticed a bar called Minus 5, an ice bar where you sit in a room made of ice and drink cocktails out of glasses made of ice. It was so refreshing to be freezing after being in the 90 degree heat. We had a few pictures taken of us dressed in our parkas and gloves whilst in there, which we bought as souvenirs.

Nipping into the Irish Bar in New York, New York for a few refreshments before continuing our trip down the strip, we decided to save a few of the hotels for the evening, as the strip looks so different at night. Before we left to head back to the hotel, we went through a horror house based on the film Hostel. We were expecting to be scared to death but it was a tad disappointing to be honest.

Our evening meal was at Bahama Breeze, a restaurant that specialises in fish and exotic dishes. I shared pulled pork sliders with Matt, and had Jamaican jerk chicken and sweet potato for my entree. Matt had Jamaican jerk chicken pasta. Both were delicious and were definitely authentic in taste. I love Jamaica and jerk chicken is my absolute favourite meal.

After eating we headed back down to the strip, to watch the Bellagio fountains. We had originally planned to stay out for a few cocktails but after the mammoth amount of walking we had done and feeling full from our meal, we decided to call it a day and go to bed. I’m getting so sensible in my old age.

We have lots of plans for Saturday including visiting the old part of Vegas, Fremont Street, where the original hotels are and of course, to do a bit more Sephora and Bath and Body Works shopping!

Love Anoushka xx