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Brand Focus: Trinny London

Ladies, there’s a new brand in town and it’s changing the makeup bag as we know it. Trinny Woodall of What Not To Wear fame has been helping women for over 25 years with makeup and fashion advice and now she has turned her hand to launch her eponymous makeup brand; Trinny London. The campaign drive to promote Trinny London has been crazy to watch, From a pop up in Selfridges up and down the UK, to local launch parties where Trinny took the time out to speak to each and every person who attended to the numerous Instagram lives using the Trinny Tribe to showcase just how special this makeup this, I have been more than impressed. I also think that Trinny herself is delightfully bonkers and has definitely got her finger on the pulse with her new range. 

When I received my Trinny London box of products, the first thing that stood out to me was the handwritten note by Trinny herself. I do find it very heartwarming when brands are personable with not only the people they are working with, but with their customers, just like on the launch party evenings. Inviting me to be part of the #TrinnyTribe, you can use this hashtag to search on social media to see how the Match2Me works with each skin tone, hair colour and eye colour to bring shades that perfectly complement and enhance you. With my green eyes, light to medium skintone and cool blonde hair, I have had my very own stack created that will bring out my features and enhance my colouring. 

I really like the idea behind Trinny London in that you don’t need a huge amount of makeup, and that the fresh face is in. After so many years of wearing a full face of makeup each day, I am really embracing natural skin, sheer foundations and minimal makeup products so Trinny London is ideal for me for my daily face. Starting off with a light base, the Trinny London BFF Skin Perfector with SPF30 has to be one of my fave products at the moment. I love this cream for my base, and whilst it can be used underneath foundation, I am finding that once it has been buffed into my skin, I don’t need anything further. It dispenses from the tube as a pearly white cream but once buffed into the skin, it magically transforms to a Light-Medium tint that leaves skin looking fresh, even and glowy. With an online purchase, you can get a T-Pot to decant BFF into and you can keep this within your stack. 

My stack of products consists of 5 pots, all with beauty enhancing shades for different areas of the face. Starting with the eye, the EYE2EYE Eye Shadow in Empress was matched to me. I do think that this is a really good match, as although I wouldn’t usually wear such a deep chocolatey brown flecked with gold sparkles on a day to day basis, I was shocked with how well this flattered me. It made my eyes look bigger and the green really popped. It can be applied as a sheer wash of colour, or built up for a more dramatic look. Creamy, crease resistant and smudgeproof, it did hold in place all day and felt great on my eyes. I would be interested in trying shades such as Justice and Fortune as they are more in keeping with the shades I wear during the day. 

I have three lip products within my stack, one of which is the multi use LIP2CHEEK Lip and Cheek colour in Pia. A bubblegum barbie pink shade, which is very me, it looks so good when patted onto the lip for a little oomph. One of my well loved beauty tips is to use the same shade on your cheeks as you do on your lips as it draws your whole look together. I find that when I tap the same lip shade onto the apples of my cheeks, it makes everything pop!

The LIPLIGHT in Cicely is such a fab product. It looks quite dark within the pot but when I put it on my lips, its a sheer transparent base packed full of pearlescent shimmer and glitter. I’ve been having a play around and I’ve found that if I really dig into the product and smush it up a little, it gives an overload of sparkle to the lips. It can be worn over a lip product or on it’s own, and it will be my point of call over the festive period for super sparkly lips. 

Do you know when you see a lip shade that you go heart eyed emoji face over, you know it’s going to be a winner. LIPLOVE Lip Colour in Valentina did just that to me and to be honest, each time I look at it I feel very happy that it is in my possession. A scarlet ruby, love heart red, it instantly makes me feel happy and bright. On the lip, it gives a subtle metallic sheen but that red. Oh that red is just beautiful.

The final product that I have in my stack is THE RIGHT LIGHT in Starlight. Now usually, I want my highlighter to be seen from space but it’s not really appropriate for work when the sunlight is bouncing off your cheekbones and distracting others. I have been using Starlight a little more frequently than I thought I would and this subtle luminous radiance is just what I need. On my eyes, brow bone, nose, cheekbones, cupids bow – everywhere the light hits has been dabbed with a touch of Starlight and I am glowy but in that natural ‘oh she looks so happy’ kind of glow. 

Even now, after I have been using the products frequently, I’ve hardly made a dent into the each pot. A little really does go a long way and I find the formulation so easy to work with. So pigmented, yet blends seamlessly and they apply wonderfully when using your finger to keep the look natural. I’m definitely a firm member of the #TrinnyTribe and I really can’t wait to try more from the brand. Thanks Trinny!


Too Faced Melted Matte-Tallics Liquid Lipsticks

It started with the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks. A cushiony soft lipstick that was applied straight from the tube using the angled sponge tipped applicator. I loved them, and used them all the time. I do still have a few which are probably way over their life span but the colours were sensational. They started off as just Melted, then in came the Melted Chocolates and the Melted Metallics. Melted Metallic Macaron was one of my personal favourites. It was a revolution for lip products back then to have something that wasn’t just a lipstick in a traditional bullet. Tides shifted, and like a bulldozer, the matte liquid lipstick came into town, wiping out how we viewed lipstick forever more. I admit, I fell for the liquid lipstick vibe hard and I still aboard the love train. Too Faced have killed it with their Melted range, and going forward they are still bringing out versions of their classics which are hitting it out of the park. 

The Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipsticks come in a whopping 23 shades, with the Too Faced Melted Latex Glosses later being added, with a further 16 shades. To expand the range even more, 13 shades have been developed into the Too Faced Matte-Tallic range. With the same comfortable matte formulation, the Matte-Tallics are pretty special in that they dry down into a brushed metal finish. Metallics can be viewed as being a bit scary, especially if they are too over the top and you end up looking like a robot, but the Too Faced Matte-Tallics are more subtle than in your face. Think of a liquid lip that has the staying power whilst having a rich and luxurious metallic sheen. 

With the formula having a metallic finish, I didn’t expect that it would have staying power of a standard matte lipstick however I still got a really generous wear time from it. It did wear off more in the centre of my lips which is totally normal, but on average 4-5 hours wear time was achieved. The shades that I have are Sugar Kisses; a very pale ballerina pink, You Better Work; a delicious chocolate brown and Breakup Makeup; a dusty rose with metallic sheen. 

I’m quite enamoured with the Too Faced Melted Matte-Tallics and now have been talking about the original Melted range, I’m going to try and use those up and refresh my collection!


Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Palette

Good lord, this palette has caused me quite some tension recently. I called into Selfridges at the Trafford Centre and was oohing and ahhing over the stunning shades and the fact that one of the most wanted palettes of the season actually had some stock on the stand. I walked off, I didn’t even think about purchasing it and went on to buy the Charlotte Tilbury Stars In Your Eyes palette. Then it happened. The magazine article that mentioned it was the biggest seller for Too Faced and that stocks were depleted and it wouldn’t be restocked. It was like a switch in my head flicked and I suddenly needed this palette more than I need anything in my entire life. I called stores, I tried to arrange for a personal shopper to organise a mail out and I set up alerts on every single retailer to warn me when it was back in stock. A chance refresh of the Debenhams page showed less than 3 remaining and into my bag it dropped. It was mine. Hurrah. Next day delivery, and before I knew it, it was safe in my hands and on my dressing table, and you know what…I’ve worn it every single day since I got it. The Too Faced Gingerbread Spice palette is literally my life and I have no plans to change this at any point soon. 

I have quite the love for  the Too Faced eyeshadow palettes as I think that they are not only great value for money at £39 for 18 shadows but the quality and formulation is top notch. Compared to the Christmas/Influencer exclusives, they seem to have a better formulation and have an edge over how they work on the eye. If I was to look at the past Christmas Too Faced collections and even the Nikki Tutorials collection, there’s a definite shift in formulation and the performance will be looked into closely with this years Too Faced Christmas collection – spoiler! It was quite apparent at just how buttery and easy to work with these shades are after I had been using my MAC palette which, dare I say it, felt slightly chalky in comparison. 

Within the tin palette, just like Sweet Peach, the eighteen shades are all the same size and laid out in an nice order that doesn’t make it difficult to choose complementary shades. There’s a really nice mix of mattes, shimmers and metallic/glitter shades. To be honest, this palette was not bought for the matte shades as I do have shades such as Gingerbread and Gingerbread Latte in other palettes, and the shade Spice Is Nice is such a classic shade of mine that I could find it within several other palettes. The shades that I did buy this palette for are the metallics and shimmers. Toasty warm shades that are incredibly gorgeous on the eyes. Personal favourites at the moment include Hot Toddy, Spice of Life and Ooh Burn which have been brightening up an otherwise plain daytime eye. 

Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Palette

I also really love Frostbite Me which is more of a topper of shadow than an actual shadow. It’s hard to pick up on a brush but if you use a finger and apply it over the top of existing shadow, it gives a lovely sparkly finish and a touch of glitter to make the eyes pop. The palette has been described as having a gingerbread scent however I will question anyone who thinks that it smells remotely like gingerbread. More of a warm vanilla scent, it’s not my favourite compared to palettes like Chocolate Bar and Sweet Peach, but the scent does disappear as soon as you pick product up on your brush. 

Overall, the Too Faced Gingerbread Spice palette has been well worth the stress and tension that it caused when I made an error in judgement by not choosing it on the day that I saw it in stock in Selfridges. If you see any of the palettes in store, you must pick it up as the only place that is showing availability is the Too Faced site, which unfortunately is not good for UK customers due to the shipping and sales tax. Although that really does depend on how much you want this beautiful palette, which for me was a lot!


Autumn Hand Heroes

I’m all for this cold weather spell that we are having, but it is certainly playing havoc with my skin, hair and nails. I feel really dry at the moment and I’m having to up the ante when it comes to moisturising. I’ve have been paying more attention to my hands lately, as previously I was quite good at neglecting them until they were unsightly. I’ve set myself a little routine including a frequent manicure when I’m not wearing false nails, and now I’m quite pleased with the look and feel of my hands. Here are my top products for keeping my hands and nails healthy and my true autumn hand care heroes. 

Starting with nail care products, these three Leighton Denny treatments are very well loved in my house and I have been using them for several years. My go to nail care product has to be the Leighton Denny Time Repair Elixir (centre). I am numerous bottles in with this and I find that it’s the only nail treatment that actually works on my nails. Packed full of collagen to promote healthy and flexible nails, whilst adding moisture and smoothing the ridges in my nails. Having an auto immune deficiency has made my nails take the brunt of it and they are dreadfully damaged. Two coats of Time Repair leaves my nails looking fresh, healthy and smooth. Plus the pale pink shade is so flattering. It’s my go to for under polish as well as in place of, and I try to keep on top of it as much as I can to get the benefits of the elixir. 

The Leighton Denny Bare It All CC Base Coat is also another great product to promote healthy nails with it’s addition of keratin. Again, it smoothes down the unsightly ridges and with the classic nude tone, I also wear it alone so I can reap the benefits without having a full manicure. The Leighton Denny Rock Solid Treatment also works as a base coat as well as a strengthening treatment to which I find that my nails do soak up the goodness and feel a lot less brittle after I have used it. 

The CND Vinylux weekly polishes are ideal for lazy girls like me. Although I am trying to pay more attention to my hands, I really can’t find the time to do a fresh set of nails frequently through the week. I want a polish that stays put, doesn’t chip and if I can’t do my gels, I want a gel style look. CND are a professional salon brand that have brought their gel polishes to the market with their formulation that hardens in the daylight. Pretty clever idea if you ask me. The polish does work in conjunction with the Weekly Top Coat and I have been wearing Cashmere Wrap as it’s one of the pale creamy nudes that I love so much. Plus the name is so cute for autumn. 

Although I stopped being a nail biter some years ago, I unfortunately have developed a habit of biting the skin around my nails. It happens more when I’m anxious but I get very conscious of how it looks when I realise that I’ve been going hell for leather on my poor thumbs. The worst part is when it starts to heal and gets very dry and this is where the Leighton Denny Marvel Balm comes in. It’s a thick balm which I apply to the affected areas and cuticles and work it into the skin. As it is for extra dry skin, it’s also perfect for using on the lips. I have noticed such a difference in my skin on my thumbs more than anything and all I need to do now is stop nibbling!

Have you ever tried a hand oil before? I’ve been using the Dr Manuka 24k Gold & Manuka Honey Hand Oil and it is fabulous.It’s a bit of a bargain at the moment as on the Dr Manuka website it’s just £3.99 instead of the £19.99 RRP. I really do like having an oil as opposed to a hand cream. I find that as it is more of a dry oil, it soaks into the skin quickly and doesn’t leave a residue but just hydrated hands. You only need a drop or two to work into the skin to feel the effects. 

My second hand cream that I swear by is the Clinique Deep Comfort Hand Cream. The Deep Comfort range is so good for dry skin and I love how it leaves a barrier on my hands which makes me feel protected and rich in moisture. Upping the amount of cream I’m using on my hands has made such a difference lately. I think I that as it hasn’t been a product that I’ve naturally reached for and now I’m using more, I’m a little shocked at how much difference I’ve seen in my hands. 

What is your handcare routine like? Do you have any top tips for the colder weather?


Too Faced Tutti Frutti Collection

Too Faced have been absolutely killing it recently with their cute and kitsch launches that are getting me very excited. Last year saw the cutesy Sweet Peach collection of which I stocked up on royally, before introducing the new Born This Way sculpting concealers and that setting powder that is so difficult to get hold of. This year has also seen the launch of a flagship store on London’s Carnaby Street as well as gorgeous new counters within Debenhams stores. Currently, as I write this post, I’m trying to track down the Too Faced Gingerbread Spice palette as it seems to be sold out everywhere and I’ve missed the boat. This is what Too Faced does to me. I creates a collection monster! Too Faced have launched an exclusive collection which can only be purchased in the Carnaby Street branch, or via the website (however I would use this as a last resort as they are yet to have a UK distribution centre so all purchases are subject to shipping and tax). The Tutti Frutti collection from Too Faced is a 53 product strong collection that has taken me back down memory lane with its gorgeous packaging and fruity scented products. 

As a highlighter hoarder, I am totally open to various ways of creating that desired glow. The Too Faced Tuti Frutti Fresh Squeezed Highlighting Drops in Sparkling Pina Colada couldn’t be more perfect for dewy, golden skin. The drops are quite watery in consistency so for myself applying them across the decolletage, down the arms and legs would be a preferable way to use then .Of course, a small drop on a beauty blender would also work well on the face and as they are oil free, the drops won’t disturb your makeup. You could even add them into your moisturiser or foundation for a sparkly finish – perfect for Christmas!

I was instantly drawn to the compact powders as I haven’t seen anything like this before from Too Faced. Even down to the small details of the angled corner to lift the lid rather than the usual clasp of a compact makes them stand out. The Too Faced Tutti Frutti Pineapple Paradise Strobing Bronzer Highlighter Duo is pretty gorgeous. From its glittery pineapple emblazoned lid to the seriously stunning powders within that are fragranced with a tropical pineapple scent. The powders can be worn alone or swirled together to get a seriously golden glow. The highlighter shade is light golden bronze, whilst the satin bronzer is a medium bronze with gold reflects. It’s a perfect pairing of shades for my skin tone and I love how it warms my skin without looking muddy. 

The Too Faced Tutti Frutti Fruit Cocktail Blush Duo in Apricot in the Act is the product that I have been reaching for the most lately. I was actually quite surprised with Apricot in the Act as it does like it would be too dark on my skin when you look at it in the pan. When buffed into the skin, the colour is a lot more subtle and gives a sheer veil of colour rather than a burst of intense pigment. It’s buildable, blendable and seamless on the skin and I love the blush shade as it suits my skin tone so well. Mixed together, or worn alone as a highlighter and blush combo, the colours look so pretty on a warm skin tone. 

Continuing on my journey for the love of liquid glitter shadows, the Too Faced Tutti Frutti Twinkle Twinkle Shadows are so incredibly sparkly, that you simply could not bypass these. My usual glitter shadows are from Stila so I do usually hold these in high regard when trying new products. TheToo Faced shadows are more sheer in formulation but have the same multi dimensional glitter particles to give a super sparkly glow from all angles, The glitter is finer than the Stila glitters which does give a different overall effect. The shades that I have are Lemon Zest; a true yellow gold with golden glitter and Citrus Mistress; a rosy copper with copper and gold glitter. I tap these onto the centre of my eye to transform my eye look and I have been trying these out of the lips over a matte lipstick for a little something extra. There are 8 shades in total to choose from, each shade inspired by candied fruit. 

The Too Faced Juicy Fruits Comfort Lip Glazes are lip glosses that I can get on with. In 12 shades, from brights to nudes, I have Yummy Rummy and Show Me Your Coconuts. Now, these are so comfortable on the lips and after all those matte liquid lips that I’ve been wearing, it makes such a difference to have a comfort glaze with a high shine, opaque metallic finish. The metallic sheen gives the illusion of a fuller pout and creates maximum impact. Yummy Rummy is a bronze shade with gold reflects whilst Show Me Your Coconuts is that perfect deep beige nude that has just enough shimmer to transform your lips from zero to hero. 

I think that the Too Faced Tutti Frutti collection could the best collection yet! Have you tried any of the Tutti Frutti range?

Too Faced Tutti Frutti Collection

Stila Vivid & Vibrant Collection

There’s one thing that I really look forward to with makeup releases and that’s the autumn/winter drops. Whilst spring/summer has the brights and pastels, autumn/winter goes straight to my heart with the decadent richness and of course, all of the glitter. You all know just how much I love Stila, and have done for many year so when I saw the fall collection, I was in my element. The Stila Vivid & Vibrant collection has ticked every box with it’s shimmering jewel shades and use of texture, with a nod to the products that they do so well by extending the shade range with sumptuous autumn hues and rosy glows. Let me introduce to you the new collection from Stila; Vivid & Vibrant with six new shade ranges – Jade, Amethyst, Sapphire, Garnet, Labradorite and Smoky Quartz. 

The main focus of the new collection is the brand new eyeshadow duos. I do believe that this is actually the first time that Stila have released shadows like this, and they are a perfect way to introduce the vivid and vibrant range. Two shadows, both intensely pigmented with two contrasting textures. A super soft and silky shadow on one side and a metallic foil packed with shimmering pearl on the other. With the collection based on jewel colours, the indulgent and luxurious finishes of the shadows have that brilliance that you would expect from precious stones. Each shadow can be worn alone or layered for maximum effect. I love the finish of the shadows on the left hand side. Slightly glossy, but with a subtle metallic sheen whereas the the shadows on the right are more foiled with glitter reflects and a bit more oomph. Layering them gives them a deeper intensity and a pop of sparkle which will be perfect for the festive season. The swatch below is Vivid Garnet; a deep ruby red with gold reflects. 

The Vivid & Vibrant range also extends the Shimmer & Glow range. Whilst I have used one of the Shimmer & Glow shades from the summer collection, I haven’t really swayed away from using the Glitter & Glow and my collection is becoming pretty hefty. The Shimmer & Glow are a little more subtle than using full on glitter for a day to day look but still can create an impact. With a sheen finish rather than a  sparkle, they work really well with the eyeshadow duos to really deepen the colour and intensity. From the new collection, Vivid Labradorite which is a deep charcoal black with silver reflects and perfect for a sexy, smokey eye. 

Increasing the shade range of existing products, there are 6 new shades of the cult classic Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick. Think autumnal tones, deep terracotta, warm rose and burgundy. The shade that I have is Siena, a deep dusty brown rose. The formula has stayed exactly the same and is smudge proof, kiss proof and party proof for several hours.

Further shade extensions have been added to the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. The intense shades fall in line with the new shade range of jewel colours but are a lot more subtle to wear. The liquid liner has been voted as one of the best liquid pen liners in several beauty awards and I do really like how it holds in place and dries with a bold colour. The Smudge Stick Waterproof Liners have also been extended with the vivid shades and I am obsessed with these. They are one of the best liners for the waterline as well as being able to smudge them out to create a cheeky smokey eye in minutes. 

One stand out product from Stila, for me, has to be the Heaven’s Hue highlighter. Not only are they incredibly unique with their bouncy gel like formulations that turn into gossamer light kisses from angels on the skin. Whilst I usually go for a blinding highlight for night’s out, the Stila Heaven’s Hues are more appropriate for day wear. They aren’t just subtle, but they give a luminous, lit from within natural radiance whilst feeling light as air on the skin. I have added Incandescence, a pink/peach with a universal gleam to my collection and it joins the iconic Kitten and this summers new shade Opulence. 

The shade from the Vivid and Vibrant range that stood out the most for me is Vivid Amethyst which works beautifully with my green eyes. From top to bottom on the swatch are Vivid Amethyst Eyeshadow Duo individual shades and then layered, followed by the Shimmer & Glow. The Liquid liner and Smudge Stick are below. 

I absolutely adore this new collection and I’m so pleased that I have added some new products to my personal collection such as these. Stila have also just dropped the winter collection just in time for Christmas which feature 3 brand new Glitter & Glow shades which I must get my hands on! What’s your favourite Stila product and why?

Stila Vivid & Vibrant Collection

Omorovicza Discovery Set

A brand that I have barely scratched the surface of is Omorovicza and it’s a brand that I want to invest into so much more. With the huge amounts of skincare in my stash, I have been waiting for the right time to invest in some new products and Omorovicza is right at the top of my list. The Omorovicza brand focuses on using healing natural products combined with scientific innovation to bring products that actually work. I do own the cult classic Queen of Hungary Mist from Omorovicza and with the Discovery Set from World Duty Free, I have now had a little taster into these incredible products. Suffice to say, I now want them all. 

Inside the Omorovicza Discovery Set, a selection of five products which has each been chosen for their skin brightening, deep cleansing and energising properties. Retailing at £55.85 at World Duty Free, this is such a good value set and perfect for an evening regime. Starting off with the Omorovicza Cleansing Foam (full size £49), a pea sized amount is enough for the whole face. Using this in the morning on damp skin, it wakes up my skin and prepares it for the day ahead. It does leave my skin feeling squeaky clean and smooth and I like to use a damp muslin cloth to remove and mildly exfoliate at the same time. 

The Omorovicza Balancing Moisturiser (full size £85 for 50ml) is a 30ml bottle which makes this whole discovery set an absolute steal. I’ve been using this moisturiser mainly in the morning due to it’s lightweight formulation that works well with my combination skin. The gel formula sinks into my skin easily and reduces shine and excess oils in preparation for the day. It’s a definite repurchase for me when this runs out. 

I have tried sample sized pots of the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm and Deep Cleansing Mask in the past and I can see why they are two of Omorovicza’s top selling products. Space NK do have the Deep Cleansing Mask as their Social Star product, and with the hype surrounding it, I do feel that it’s definitely up there. Unfortunately, the sample sized pots that I have tried before haven’t been big enough to form a full opinion on, so it’s been refreshing to give them both another go. 

The Deep Cleansing Mask (full size £62) is formulated to draw out impurities, cleanse pores and detoxify skin. I have been using this around twice a week, and I find that my skin especially loves it after a week of wearing makeup and needs that break. I do also feel that my skin is looking a tad more balanced and my oiliness has reduced somewhat. 

With the Thermal Cleansing Balm (full size £52), I am already a fan, even after just a few uses. It’s gone straight to the top of my shopping list for the full sized pot but in the meantime, I am thoroughly enjoying the black mud cleanser that not only removes stubborn makeup, but brightens, tightens and clears my skin. It’s love at first cleanse. 

Finally, the hero product is of course the Queen of Hungary Facial Mist (full size £25) which to me is the product that Omorovicza is most known for. The refreshing and hydrating mist is fragranced with rose and neroli and can be used for toning, setting make up or for a refreshing wake up throughout the day. Tired skin is no longer a cause for concern for me as I have been keeping this in my handbag for a instant boost of calming, balancing freshness. 

Have you tried anything from Omorovicza? Tell me your fave products and I can put them on my shopping list!


bPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival Palette

Another week, another new palette that has caught my eye. This week, my love has fallen to the Stacey Marie Carnival Palette from bPerfect which is exclusively available at Beauty Bay. I wasn’t particularly bothered at first about this little beauty, but after seeing it across social media and watching the hype grow and grow, I fell deep. For a small Irish based brand, this palette has launched them into the stratosphere, with stock flying off the shelves to the point of sell out. Carnival has been featured on channels such as Nikkie Tutorials, Manny MUA and I haven’t heard, seen or read a bad word about it. It was destined to become mine, and when I saw the lovely Gill from Eyeliner Flicks use hers in her Instagram Story, it was the seal of approval that I needed.

Stacey Marie, for those who do not know of her work, is a UK based makeup artist who is known for her use of colour. The Carnival Palette was created with a love affair of bright and bold shades, but misses out those neutral filler colours to create a palette that its not only unique but makes you want to embrace the bright. I have been finding lately that I have been a lot less apprehensive about using colour and really pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone. The Carnival palette has sat perfectly within my collection. It’s not only the home to shades that can be worn on a day to day basis but also houses intensely pigmented colours in a range of colours. 

The palette itself is quite spectacular to look at and I really do love how it also contains two large highlighter shades. It’s the finer details like this that make me happy. It’s one less item to pack when going away and everything I need in one palette. 24 shades of shadow, in a range of matte, shimmer and metallic. I do think that the swatches compared to real life using on the eye are somewhat different, and the swatches did cause some concern to build up the shades with some coming off as quite dusty and patchy. I have tried these out on my eyes several times, and I definitely haven’t had any issue with patchiness or the texture and formulation. I have found that I struggle to blend these with a set eye base, so a tacky base is definitely needed for an easier blend and to pack on the colour. They are incredibly pigmented, and the bright neon pink and some of the blue shades did leave a slight stain to my arm, however this was applied directly to the skin with no base product. I haven’t used the pink in as much concentration on my eyes since, but I am pleased to say that there has been no further staining to my skin! 

Although I don’t have a great deal of super bright coloured palettes, the ones that I do have pale in comparison to Carnival. I do love my Jolie Beauty palette, but overall there isn’t much of a comparison in regards to shade range and brightness. 

Looking through the Stacey Marie and Carnival Palette hashtags on social, there have been some utterly beautiful and inspiring creations that have been made using the palette. I am still improving my skills and one day, I do wish to be able to knock out a stunning brightly coloured cut crease with halo spotlight and all sorts of jazz like these girls are creating. Until then, I am really making the most of learning a new skill with these shadows that I would usually shy away from. 

If you haven’t yet plucked up the courage to get your bPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival Palette, then you really should. Aside from it being this years most hyped product, it has really brought my creativity to the forefront and has pushed the boundaries that I had given myself when working with colour. It is currently in stock at Beauty Bay and retails at just £40. You know you want one! I think I will also need to get the new bPerfect MMMMitchell highlighter palette although it is out of stock on pre-order at the moment. 

bPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Norvina Palette

I’ve been on a palette purchasing mission as of late and whilst I have found myself purchasing palettes with that dreamy burnt orange shade I love so dearly, one palette really has stood out for being that little bit different. I’m talking about the Norvina palette by Anastatsia Beverly Hills, the palette that has completed the squad (until Sultry dropped out of the blue), and the one that I think I love the most. I’m really quite lucky in that Anastasia Beverly Hills now has a fab counter in Selfridges at the Trafford Centre where I can stock up and top up on my makeup must haves. No more judging shades over the internet, I can now swatch away to my hearts desire in store. After a visit to the Trafford Centre to meet the legendary Anastasia Soare, CEO of Anastasia Beverly Hills and her lead makeup artists, Alyssa, I came away with a heart full of love and a bag full of eyeshadow, also known as Norvina.

As with the previous Anastasia palettes, Norvina settles into the pack in its lilac hued velveteen case which opens to reveal 14 eyeshadows, a dual ended brush and a substantial mirror. The shades are made up of a row of intensely pigmented shimmer and metallic shades that feel like a gel to powder formula, with the bottom row holding 7 matte shades in various hues. Although the palette is shown as being a pink and purple palette, the amount of shades that fall into this range is slim, with just two of the seven matte shades being a pink a purple and the same with the shimmers. 

Looking at the bottom row of shadows, the colours are very well put together with shades that work well together. A neutral base shade, cool toned browns, some very pretty definition and transitional shades and the pops of colour. I’m particularly smitten with Eccentric; a burnt pumpkin shade that has my name written all over it. There has been some talk about the formulation and how after the release of Subculture that the powders were too powdery, with a lot of kick back. I haven’t found there to be a lot of kick back in Norvina, no more so that Soft Glam and even Subculture itself. What I have found is intensely pigmented shadows that take a slight touch to create depth of colour, that blend seamlessy and leave a smooth, silky buttery finish. As you do only need a little and can build up, rather than packing it straight on, I seem to have found that I have need less control and that the shades just buff into the skin beautifully. Working with shadows such as Soul and Love have pushed me out of my comfort zone as whilst I have a huge love for purple, a lighter cool toned purple would never have been my first choice and I have always been scared of using pink around my eyes.

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Norvina Palette

The shimmers within the palette are definitely the show stopping part of this launch. Not only are they incredibly pretty to look at, but the shades are all wearable without thinking that you’re going a bit too over the top. The formulation of these shadows are quite unusual. They do seem to have some sort of gel like formulation to them, as when you do press into them in the pan it does leave an intend into the soft, squishy texture. Putting them onto the eye is a dream and just like the mattes, they blend easily and can be packed on. They can also be used wet and dry to increase the vibrancy of the shimmer and they don’t lose the intensity over the course of the day. 

Although I have both Soft Glam and Norvina to hand for day to day make up, I have found that I have been using more Norvina for the very autumnal shades at the far end of the palette. It really has made my day to day application so much easier in that I can literally swipe on a shade or two and it has made a very easy way to create a look that looks like it has taken longer than a few minutes. The shades literally are foolproof to work with as they shadows are a cohesive mix, there are so many combinations that can be made with Norvina. It’s safe to say that this has definitely been one of my most favourite purchases this year. 

In this makeup look, I’ve used the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r foundation in 240 and have focused on dewy, glowy skin with a touch of Harmony blush by MAC, and a hint of a glow with the Anastasia x Amrezy highlight. I’ve also used the Ferne McCann lashes in Astrid for extra volume and length. If you haven’t yet tried the Ferne McCann lashes from Poundland, then you need to try and get hold of them. They are never in stock in my local store but for £1, they really are fantastic lashes. On the lips,  a slick of the Too Faced Melted Matte-allics in Sugar Kisses; a pearlescent pale ballerina slipper pink. 

Have you tried the Norvina palette? Tell me your favourite shade in the comments. 


Revolution Liquid Highlighter in Unicorn Elixir

I really need to stopping popping into Superdrug whilst on my lunch break. This mentality of £3 here and £6 there suddenly mounts up and before I know it, I can’t afford food but have 17 brand new highlighters and a couple of eyeshadow palettes that I didn’t need. I jest, I only bought 15 highlighters and I needed the palettes. Seriously though, my local Superdrug is fantastic. It’s so well maintained that the testers are presentable and the stock to purchase hasn’t been used and had grubby fingers shoved in it. I always find that I end up in front of the Revolution stand as I think they are killing it at the moment with their new launches and I have been seriously impressed. My latest purchase was, of course, a highlighter. I did veer off course and purchase a liquid highlighter but fell back on my path by buying one named Unicorn Elixir. I really am a marketers dream, aren’t I? 

The Revolution Liquid Highlighter in Unicorn Elixir is just £3 at the moment and I am really considering going back and getting the rest of these Cover FX Glitter Drop dupes. Unicorn Elixir is a blue toned iridescent liquid with multi dimensional glitter particles that shimmer and glow when the light hits. Whilst it does look very blue in the bottle, when applied to the skin, it forms a milky lilac with pink reflects. To those who are a little afraid of such an unusual shade of highlighter, I would say that it isn’t to be scared of. A little goes a long way and aside from patting it onto the high points of your face, you can mix it in with your liquid foundation for a glowy sheen. You could even use it with a primer, or a moisturiser depending on the level of glow that you want. 

I do have the Cover FX Glitter Drops in Luna and to be honest, whilst they do look like a dupe, the Cover FX drops are very different. Even down to the base that the glitter is suspended in, it just feels different. I also find the Cover FX drops to pack more of a punch but the Revolution drops are so much easy to wear should you not want so much glitter but more of a shimmer. 

The one thing that I will point out is that my pipette on the bottle took some working to be able to dispense product and at one point, I did feel that it was about to break off before I was able to get the liquid into the vial. Whilst the bottle was closed, I squeezed as much as I could into the pipette and luckily after a few attempts I got it to work. It wouldn’t be particularly bothered if it broke considering it was only £3. 

Have you tried any of the Revolution Liquid Highlighters? I can’t wait to get a few more shades. And maybe the Soph palette!


Mist you Madly

2018 has been a strange old year in terms of makeup and skincare products that I have been using. It seems that the days of a full face of makeup has become less of a daily occurrence and more of a bi monthly occasion. I’ve fallen into a routine of a more muted and low maintenance regime and I am really enjoying it. One of the skincare products that I have increased use of is facial mists and I found some absolute gems. With a minimal make up face, I want glowing, healthy and hydrated skin so I’ve picked mists that both increase moisture, give me a little pick me up and to restore balance. And as an added extra, most of them can be chucked in my handbag for a quick spritz throughout the day. 

I have been using MAC Prep + Prime Fix + for longer than I can remember. It seems to have gone full circle with people recommending it as a fixing spray however I have never found that it has been great for fixing, compared to other specific fixing sprays. What I do find it amazing for is to give a boost of hydration prior to makeup application, and it’s absolutely incredible for making cakey makeup look flawless and dewy. I also love it for a quick boost during the day and the coconut scented spray is definitely my fave. I also find it to be really soothing on the skin, and often use this on bare skin and press it in to reap the benefits of the camomile and cucumber. FYI – this is my go to spray for wetting my brush when using pigments and metallic shadows. 

I received the Thalgo Reviving Marine Mist a few years ago whilst doing some work for the Good Spa Guide. It was my very first time that I had tried Thalgo and since then, I’ve tried a lot more from the brand. The Reviving Mist works best as a hydrating toner but I also like to use it as a refreshing mist.  I do usually keep my Thalgo on my bedside table and use it each night before bed as I love the fine mist prior to adding my serum. It’s so lovely and makes it feel like my serum is really sinking into my skin. 

One of my ride or die mists has to be the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. I cannot rave about this baby enough. I have so many bottles dotted around the house, in makeup bags and handbags and even at my desk at work. It is hands down the best facial mist ever. Grape, rosemary, orange blossom and organic balm mint awakens skin like a vitamin boosting shot. The mint leaves a fresh tingle and tightens pores whilst toning and boosting skin. Beauty Elixir has been inspired by the Queen of Hungary’s elixir of youth and it certainly does make me feel youthful after a quick spritz. It’s my number one. 

It’s very exciting to see a brand that I have been using since it’s early days to now be available on sites such as QVC and Feel Unique. It does make me feel really proud to know I’ve been there since the beginning. Evolve Beauty are an all natural, organic and cruelty free skincare brand who have created some amazing products. One of their products is the Daily Defence Moisture Mist which is made of a blend of African Moringa peptides and Hyaluronic Acid for an intense boost of hydration. Not only does the Moisture Mist soothe and calm, but it firms and protects whilst protecting the skin from pollution. It’s a really fresh mist that I like to use in the morning before and after makeup. I like that it helps to protect my skin from city centre life and pollution. 

Another mist that protects against the daily pollution and nasties in the air comes from Garnier, and is part of the Skin Active range. I am really enjoying the Garnier range at the moment and the Skin Active Moisture Bomb Hydrating Mist is no exception. The main ingredient is pomegranate which is known for it’s high impact antioxidant properties. I love to use this mist over makeup as it is so fine that it doesn’t feel at all wet. It feels so refreshing and leaves a velvety texture on the skin. 

A brand that is quite new to me this year is Delune. A French brand that focuses on skincare with several mists within it’s product range. As I’m such a huge fan of coconut, I chose the Delune Coconut and Rose Water Facial Spritz for it’s radiance boosting properties. I do have to be honest in that I’m not so keen on the scent but I do love to use Delune as a toner in the morning as well as over makeup to keep my skin looking dewy with no flakiness. 

Which facial mists do you like? I would love to add more to my collection!

Mist you Madly Caudalie, Delune, MAC

Tarte at QVC

QVC has become one of my ultimate shopping destinations. Not only can you find great name brands, with a percentage off the high street price and available to pay over 3 installments, you can see why any shopping addict would head straight to the site. QVC is also the only retailer in the UK where you can get your mitts on Tarte. One thing that I do miss about being able to go to the USA frequently is having Tarte on tap. There are several products from Tarte that are staples in my kit; the Skin Twinkle palette, Shape Tape concealer and the Tarteist Pro Clay Liner. Of course, there are also products which I have bought simply for the need to have it!

Tarte at QVC Love Trust Fairy Dust Flirt Maracija Oil

The latest drop on QVCUK from Tarte is probably one of the most girliest, glitteriest and prettiest collections that I have ever seen. Love, Trust and Fairy Dust with Pretty Things and Fairy Wings being some of the cute and kitsch names of the products has made this my favourite Tarte drop to date. The limited edition palette Love, Trust and Fairy Dust is selling out fast on QVCUK but I would keep it on alert for a restock. That is one thing that QVC are good at, and that’s getting a restock fairly quickly. Failing that, you can order directly from Tarte and they often hold free international shipping and the customs charges are included in the overall price. 

So, the Love, Trust and Fairy Dust palette is probably one of the cutest palettes that I have ever owned. The lid is made up of purple glittery stars, whilst the rose gold palette ticks all the boxes. Circular, with a huge mirror in the lid and holding 10 shadows and a highlighter shade. It really is a beautiful palette. The shades inside are just my colours. Rosy, plummy, and warm with a mix of neutral matte shades, a pop of shimmer and glint of metallic, it’s a very versatile palette for both muted day wear and glam evening. I also feel that I should be carrying this palette around all the time just for the sheer fact that I am obsessed with the purple glittery lid. Like all Tarte shadows, the formulation is incredibly silky and smooth with a great pigmentation. I do love that you can use them wet and dry, however I do find that the darker matte shades are a little more difficult to work with and can lay down slightly patchy but they do blend out easily. When you purchase the Love, Trust and Fairy Dust palette from QVC, you will also receive a free eye shadow brush worth around £20. 

The Pretty Things and Fairy Wings Brush Collection has to be one of the cutest collections I’ve ever seen. A set of five brushes, with pink handles and star tipped ends, these brushes are to die for. They are just £19 at QVC, and on the Tarte website they are £36. An absolute bargain!

  • 1 x Eyeshadow Brush – a lightly tapered tip and denser bristles make this eye brush multi-functional
  • 1 High Beam Highlighter Brush – densely packed bristles allow for application of a concentrated glow
  • 1 x Chiselled Cheek Brush – full and angled bristles sweep on blush, contour, or bronzer with ease
  • 1 x Domed Powder Brush – flawlessly buffs your favourite powder formulas
  • 1 x Diffuse Highlighter Brush – loosely packed bristles create a more ethereal luminescence

As a huge skincare lover, I am so pleased to be able to try the Maracuja Oil. I’ve been dying to try this for so long and now I have the new Limited Edition Marajuca Gold Oil which contains gold flakes. Designed to even out my complexion whilst giving a healthy glow, the oil is multi purpose and can be used as a serum, primer, moisturiser, softener and conditioner and does not need to be solely used on the face, but can be used on your hair and nails as well. 

One thing that Tarte do amazingly well are the lipsticks. I seem to have developed quite the collection and I have just added the Tarte Glide & Go Buttery Lipstick duo into the mix. I adore the cardboard packaging as opposed to using plastic, as well as the cute designs printed upon them. The lipsticks themselves have a balm like formulation that leaves a semi sheer finish but with intense hydration and pigmentation. Rosy View is a pink rose mauve and Berry Cruiser is a creamy plum berry. Both beautiful shades have gone straight into my handbag! 

The Tarte Tartlette Flirt Eyeshadow Palette has just become my go-to palette for being the perfect combination of shades that I could ever need. Especially as I need to pack light for my upcoming work week, the Tarte Flirt palette is coming with me for the ride. When I received this at the same time as the Love, Trust and Fairy Dust palette, all my attention was drawn to the sparkly beauty of LTFD. It was only when I sat down to play with each palette that I realised that Flirt was absolute goals. I mean, just look at the colours. You can create several looks from just 6 colours and the shades in the palette suit me so much. I think this could possibly be my favourite mini palette ever! This does also come with an eyeshadow brush when you purchase from QVC, which is a brilliant blending brush. 

Tarte at QVC Love Trust Fairy Dust Flirt Maracija Oil

Real Techniques Insta Pop Brushes

I had a really good sort out of my make up brushes last week, as the amount I seem have collected it getting out of control. Saying that, I’ve also bought two more sets of brushes that I cannot wait to show you because they’re fantastic. Wearing minimal make up for work means that I’m hardly using my vast collection, but it has made me realise just which brushes are my go to brushes and that I can’t live without. One of the brands of brushes that I use frequently is Real Techniques, which was created by the Pixiwoo sisters Sam and Nic. I have two brushes by Real Techniques that I have had since the brand launches and those are the Setting brush and Expert Face brush. If you know, you know! There have, however, been a few new launches recently from RT and one of the launches has extended their standard range by introducing Insta Pop; four brushes designed to give the wow factor to your makeup. 

With the rise of Instagram makeup and intensely concentrated areas of colour, the Real Techniques Insta Pop brushes are designed to apply loose pigments and powder for high impact colour without the mess. Synthetic, duo fibre bristles, with a angled, rounded shape, they make it really easy to pick up powders without losing any products and allow the powders to be buffed into the skin. 

The Insta Pop Face Brush has come in really handy for me lately. I have made the switch from pressed powder to loose and I’ve found it very difficult to control just how much powder to use. As it does keep the powder on the brush and concentrates it onto areas of my face, I’m left feeling fresh faced and not cakey. 

I have been using a new loose powder highlighter alongside the Insta Pop Cheek Brush, and again this brush has massively helped with application, diffusion and depth of product. From a lightweight swash of colour to a deeper more intense build up, it’s another brush worth it’s weight in gold. 

The final two brushes come in a set of two, and the Insta Pop Eye Duo have been used more for pressed shadow than loose. Going against the grain with what they are designed for, I have been really enjoying the fluffiness and shape of these. I have often struggled with RT eye brushes as I find them hard to work with and the names of the brushes often don’t match with what I use them for. The Insta Pop duo have been really easy to work with. The colour payoff that I’m getting for using them more to pack on colour and to blend out has been really quite impressive. I’m really looking forward to playing with makeup this weekend and seeing how they work with loose shadows. 

Have you tried these babies from RT? Have you seen the new RT Brush Crush range?


Cruelty Free Skincare – My Picks

Cruelty Free Skincare - My Picks Holland and Barrett

In Manchester City Centre, there is a secret beauty hall that not many people seem to know about. Shall I let you into the secret? It’s Holland and Barrett, the home to clean beauty that caters for those fulfilling a vegan lifestyle as well as playing host to a whole range of cruelty free products. The Manchester store is huge, with the whole of the 1st floor taken up by a massive range of products within the beauty sector. I have been spending an awful lot of time in there recently, and I have picked some really fabulous cruelty free products for my routine. 

It does look like they are discontinuing the Saaf Pure Face Cleansing Balm, but you may be able to pick this up in store. It was £24, but has been reduced to £8. The balm melts in your hand as you massage it into your face and the addition of water emulsifies it into a milky texture. It’s great at tackling stubborn makeup and mascara, and it leaves skin feeling so clear and squeaky clean. It smells amazing and really nourishes my skin. It is cruelty free, however due to the beeswax ingredient, it isn’t vegan. 

The Sukin Facial Scrub had to make the list as I adore this brand. My first taste into Sukin was the Hydrating Mist Toner which was repurchased several times and I used to decant into mini spray bottles to take to work with me. Sukin, as a brand, are cruelty free and are also vegan. The facial scrub contains non abrasive bamboo extract and ground walnut shells to gently exfoliate the dead skin cells away, leaving glowy and healthy skin underneath.  

When I first started receiving PR, one of the first products that I got was from Dr Organics and it was selection of their popular skin and body care with snail gel. I do love a moisturising gel rather than a cream and I love how easily the gel soaks into my skin. The Dr Organic snail gel products still get the approval from myself and the lemon sherbet scent is still fresh and zingy. It’s non sticky, doesn’t leave a film or residue and my skin really reaps the benefits of the healing properties of the snail gel. As it does use certified organic snail gel, it is not a vegan product but it is still cruelty free. 

The Ekia Organic Baume Eye Cream is a really lovely product. I say this all the time, but I am so bad for using an eye cream but I have really tried to get this into my routine. More of a balm like texture, it’s ideal for those with sensitive eyes like mine as it doesn’t cause any irritation. I do feel that certain areas look more even in tone and less puffy than before and my eye contour area does feel really quite supple. The key ingredient within the balm is Dragon’s blood sap and it does seem to be a popular ingredient in a lot of skincare these days as it does have great results. 

The final product comes from a brand that I have been using for many years. Trilogy, a brand from New Zealand that uses  certified organic rosehips to create one of the best oils that I have used on my skin. Rosehip oil has become really popular in the last few years, and for me, to use an oil that is rich in fatty acids that the body does not naturally produce as well as pro vitamin A to help moisturise and renew skin calls. My skin looks smooth, plumped and refreshed and as the skin is renewing, my pigmentation is slowly disappearing. The Trilogy Rosehip Oil is also vegan as well as being cruelty free. 

Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourite cruelty free skincare brands?


Hair Heroes

I’ve noticed lately that the same few products are appearing in my routine and I will not use anything else. The only problem is that I seem to have very expensive taste and most of these products are going to run out at around the same time. What is life! From sublime hair masks to an extremely luxurious hair fragrance, I must brag that that I have the swishiest, prettiest smelling hair in Manchester. Here’s what I have been using to put the bounce back in my locks. 

I have a never ending cycle of not wanting to wash my hair, using dry shampoo and then getting a build up of product in my scalp. This can, of course, lead to dandruff should it not be nipped in the bud in time. Thankfully, my secret weapon, the Aveda Pramasana Scalp Cleanser is still very much being used to fully clarify my scalp and remove any build up. I don’t use much else in the hair cleaning sector that’s not from Aveda and the difference in how my hair behaves since I’ve been fully invested is really noticeable to me. 

Hair masks were one of those products that I didn’t really see the benefit of until lately. As my shampoo and conditioner has been giving ultimate results, I did skip the mask step. Until I was introduced to Coco & Eve. Just before I headed off on my hols to Bali, I was kindly sent the Coco & Eve Like A Virgin Nourishing Coconut & Fig Masque. First impressions were good; it smelt incredible and I didn’t use it until I was in Bali, surrounded by the Balinese coconuts! A small scoop of product is worked into the hair and left for 10 minutes to work it’s magic, before rinsing out. My hair felt like virgin hair. It was the softest and silkiest that I had ever seen it and it dried naturally, like a dream. Usually when I leave my hair to dry alone, it falls flat and limp. After Coco & Eve, it feels full, healthy and volumised with a beautiful natural wave to it. It’s my hair hero and I’m gutted that I’m about to run out!

One of my more luxurious treats comes from Show Beauty. It’s been quite sometime that I’ve been using Show products for and I certainly do have a lot of love for the brand. It has been a good 3 years or so that I have been using the Show Beauty Pure Treatment Oil, and this is my second bottle. I use it on average of twice a week, so it really does work out well for the money. I use just one pipette full my hair, and whilst damp, I work the oil into the bottom half of the hair, focusing on the ends before I blow dry. It helps with hydration, and smoothing down the hair shaft, and it gives my blow dry a sleekness that I wouldn’t usually be able to do myself. Not only that, but the sharp burnt caramel and vanilla scent is to die for. Seriously, if you haven’t tried Show Beauty before, then I really recommend the hair oil. 

A new brand exclusive to Sallys UK has come into my possession, and this is the range from Design.ME. A capsule range that covers all bases when it comes to hair needs. Fab.ME, a moisturising detangling mist that smoothes and protects from the frizz. Power Dry.ME, a mist for reducing blow drying time by up to 50% and Puff.ME, a volumising mist for ultimate root lift. I must say that the blow dry sprays are making light work of drying my hair lately. I actually cannot believe how long my hair has gone and usually takes such a long time to dry properly. It’s nice to know that should I be in a rush and need a last minute wash, then I can be done in next to now time. Puff.ME has been a brilliant addition to my hair care and styling routine. As my hair is getting longer, the weight of it is pulling it down which compromises the root lift. A puff or two in the root helps give more volume, and if I am putting my hair in any sort of style, this does help with keeping my hair in place and give it the malleability to style with ease.  Design.ME is a superb little brand and I have been quite impressed with how I’ve found the products to work. 

I will never be able to get away from the convenience of dry shampoo. Not only does is help make my hair look acceptable but I find it to help a lot when it comes to styling my hair and putting it up. There’s been a lot of negativity lately surrounding dry shampoo and how it’s bad for you. It’s not bad for you, but you do have to be mindful of how you use it and making sure that there is no build in in your scalp. Making sure I spray it into my hair from the recommended distance, it’s not concentrating on particular spot and it disperses across the roots  of my hair. I’ve been using the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo and I am a convert to this beautiful product. It doesn’t just refresh my hair, but it makes it look and feel clean without any powdery residue. A little does go a long way, and when I compare it to my old faithful Batiste, I can really see the difference between the two in performance and quality. Sorry Batiste, I still love you but Living Proof have nailed it!

The most luxurious product that I use frequently in my hair comes from luxury fragrance brand, Thameen. The Amber Room Hair Fragrance with Keratin locks in the scent whilst the pro vitamin B5 increases the water content of the hair, which in turn increases elasticity, conditions the hair and protects from humidity. Amber Room is a heady, warming fragrance with cedarwood, spices and cinnamon. It’s very rich, with a glowing smokiness. A single spray is more than enough to get a subtle fragrance, but two or three sprays mean you have ultimate in fragrance that lasts all day. 

What are your hair heroes? Which products do you use frequently that I should know about?


The English Mineral Makeup Company

This is the second time that I’m writing this post, and I really hope that I can do it justice compared to my first, non published draft. You see, last week, with the help of my web host, we needed to make some changes but alas it didn’t work in the end. My site is fine but unfortunately, a back up was needed. A backup that didn’t take into account an entire weeks worth of posts, and many hours of work that I put in over the weekend. Not really a nightmare situation as such, but a pain in butt situation non the less. Anyway, let me introduce you to a new brand that I have discovered; The English Mineral Makeup Company who have brought a beautiful range of cosmetics with quite a beautiful story behind it.

Mother and Daughter duo Jeanette and Grace have developed The English Mineral Makeup Company with the idea in mind that the products are suitable for all ages. For those who are older and don’t want powdery, cakey line settling products, and those who are younger who need  gentle products from troublesome skin. This luxury brand uses chemical free mineral powders that have a high quality formula, beautiful finish and effectively treat the skin. 

I must pay homage to the packaging of the Fairy Godmother product that I have received. A white, glossy box with subtle branding, all tied up with ribbon and a delicate Cinderella carriage charm adorning the top. Simple, stunning and the attention to detail shows just how invested Jeanette and Grace are to their brand. Opening the box, the mineral powder in wrapped in its own pouch and nestled next to it, a mini Kabuki brush with scarlett bristles, that matches the red shades within the companies branded colours.

Fairy Godmother is a 4 in 1 wonder powder with one of the uses being an overnight skin treatment. I have used one mineral powder serum in the past before, and although unusual compared to using a traditional serum, the results are great. My skin seems to look much more even and still feels like it has had a bit of a boost, just like when using my normal evening skincare. 

Due to the light reflecting particles, Fairy Godmother makes a great primer, finishing powder or subtle highlighter and the finished look is even, smooth and flawless, with fine lines looked fuller and a moisturised and healthy finish. The formulation does contain crushed pearls which is why is cannot be classed as a vegan product, but it is cruelty free and organic. 

I’ve been really pleased with just how little product goes as long way. It’s perfect for my handbag, as the compact contains a mirror and combined with my mini Kabuki, I can keep myself looking fresh and glowy all day long. 

The English Mineral Makeup Company

Cult Beauty Ltd.