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Zoeva at Beauty Bay & Make Up Habits Revealed!

Oh Beauty Bay, my most visited website that is packed full of the products that my heart desires. Eyeshadows from Make Up Geek, Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products and home of the full Zoeva collection. It’s every bloggers dream to have a set of the rose gold brushes, but whilst I was umming and ahhing over their beauty, I had a moment of sensibility when I decided to just buy the brushes that I needed. I am a changed woman. I don’t doubt that in the near future I will have more of the Zoeva brushes, but for now I have three beautiful new brushes.

First of all, I’m just going to say that the delivery timescale from Beauty Bay is pretty darn amazing. From ordering to it landing on my doorstep took all of 3 days. Now, that’s impressive and more companies should take note. Secondly, hello letterbox sized boxes so no trips to the post office. Hurrah! I ordered three brushes; the 129 Luxe Fan, 230 Luxe Pencil and the 322 Brow Line brush and each came in a handy zip lock pouch to protect the brush. On first impressions, I loved the sleekness of each brush with the glossy black handles, silver ferrules and pure white bristles.

I’ve been after a fan brush for quite sometime for the main use of adding highlighter to my cheekbones. I’ve been using the Real Techniques Contour brush at the moment and unless you are really light handed, it can sometimes end up looking at tad glitterball-esque. The Zoeva 129 Luxe Fan can be used for applying a light covering of bronzer, blush and highlight and can be used to wipe away fall out from eye shadow products to leave a flawless finish.

The Zoeva 230 Pencil Brush is a replacement for an older brush. I love that the pencil shaped bristles work perfectly in the crease and lower lash line to emphasise the eye. Its perfect for shading, smudging and defining and I use this type of brush every time I do my eye make up. I can’t wait to see how this performs compared to my last brush.

Zoeva at Beauty Bay

Zoeva at Beauty Bay

Zoeva at Beauty Bay

Zoeva at Beauty Bay

Zoeva at Beauty Bay

Zoeva at Beauty Bay

Zoeva at Beauty Bay

Zoeva at Beauty Bay

Finally, the 322 Brow Line brush is a replacement for my treasured Illamasqua Angled Brush. I’ve bought this on a whim with the intention of getting another Illamasqua if I didn’t like it. I am so particular about which brush I use on my brows as I have a slight obsession with getting perfect brows. I’ve yet to try the Zoeva with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow but as far as I can see, it’s quite a good shape for creating a perfect arch.

Whilst browsing on Beauty Bay, I came across this really interesting article on our spending habits on make up, and it really made me think about my own habits. I’ve included the results of the survey below. Have a look and see if you think that any of these are relate able to your own habits.

‘Eyebrow products and makeup brushes are now the UK’s top sellers as sales soar, whilst old favourites false tan and lashes sales fall dramatically, showing we are an ‘enhancing’ nation, and no longer about ‘faking it.’

Conducted by Beauty Bay, a study reveals Cara Delevingne’s famous brows and Kim K’s contoured features have majorly impacted the way women buy products. Brow products now result to 25% of all makeup sales across the country, closely followed by makeup brushes, resulting in 1 in every 5 purchases.

Further statics reveal:

v London is revealed as the biggest spending region, closely followed by Lancashire.

v Liverpool ladies are known for fake tan appreciation, but it’s actually Yorkshire and the North East who spend the most bronzing up.

v Essex girls no longer go for the tan, with Northumberland and WAG inspired Cheshire topping the list.

v In fact, Essex girls spend more on nail polish than any other UK city, purchasing pink more than any other shade.

v However, the ‘scouse brow’ stereotype remains true: Merseyside officially spend the most money on eyebrow products.

v Scottish women buy significantly more foundation than anywhere else in the UK, covering up their skin, whilst the West Midlands buy the least foundation, opting for au natural.

v The South West region have the biggest liking for lipstick, with ladies in Somerset and surrounding areas spending 4% more on their pouts than the national average

v The South West region have the biggest liking for lipstick, with ladies in Somerset and surrounding areas spending 4% more on their pouts than the national average..’

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