YSL Touche Eclat Or Rose – YSL Rose Gold Radiant Touch

Rose Gold. One of the most flattering hues that has slowly started taking the beauty industry by storm. Since the launch of the Naked 3 palette, I have been able to pick up many a product with my favourite shade and it has since been going strength to strength. When the new collection from YSL hit Boots on the 16th July, guess who was there, eyeing up the rose gold tinted goodies. The Rose Glow Collection is a five piece collection, exclusive to Boots, that includes a primer, face powder, blusher and blush brush and the YSL Rose Gold Radiant Touch pen.

YSL Rose Gold Radiant Touch

The pen design is still the same as the original Touche Eclat, but with an updated rose gold casing. The synthetic fibre brush is still as easy to use as the original however it is the colour and consistency of the new Rose Gold offering is something else.

YSL Rose Gold Radiant Touch

YSL Rose Gold Radiant Touch

As you can see from the picture, it is a very pale but definite pink with fine gold sparkles that are almost impossible to pick up on camera. Although I am tanned, I find that when applied and blended into the skin, its really suits my skin tone as a highlighter. I think if it was being used in place of the original Touche Eclat, I’m not sure it would suit anyone who doesn’t have a fair skin tone, just with the colour being so light and almost chalky on tanned skin.

I personally wouldn’t use my Rose Gold Radiant Touch in place of my original shade 2 Touche Eclat. My original still is being used daily under my eyes and my inner eyes, however I have been using the Rose Gold shade under my brow arch, on the highest points of my cheekbones and on the bridge of my nose, with a tiny sweep across my cupids bow. Although they are both called Radiant Touch, in my eyes they are two very different products. The gold sparkles, although beautiful, may not be everyone’s cup of tea for daytime wear. Even though it does blend amazingly, the gold still does pack a punch.

YSL Rose Gold Radiant Touch

I do think this is a try before you buy kind of product as the colour just doesn’t quite pick up on camera so its difficult to see the absolute beauty and sparkle of it. I’m pretty sure once you see it in real life, realistic usage will be forgotten in favour of its rose gold beauty and luxury. My new favourite highlighter. Thank you YSL.

  • Hiya hun! Do you know if these will be releasing internationally? Need some Rose Gold in my life! 🙂

    • I’m not sure as they are only available in Boots in the UK right now 🙁 xx

    • I know a company that ships products that aren’t available to people in their countries if you want to get in touch?

      But yeah tried the Eclat now it’s time for the Rose!

      • Ah thats fab news for Kimmy! G3t the rose girls, you won’t regret it!xx