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Wear Sunscreen

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Suncreen and SPF are very important to me. I have been a bit of a stickler for ensuring that I have SPF on, more importantly when I am in tropical destinations. I have been a fool over the years and been quite lax with SPF, choosing to use carrot oil over a high factor. The damage has been done. Pigmentation, moles and a chest that will resemble a Hermes Birkin if I don’t continue to cover up with a high protection. Being silly is part of life, as is ageing, but preventing the early onset of this is key. Not only that, but being protected against the risk of skin cancer is also high on my priorities. For this, I will only recommend a high factor to wear as well as a fabulous hat to protect from the sun. I have pulled together some fab products for the sun to keep you safe and protected against the rays as well as enhancing your natural tan. 

holiday suncare evo hawaiian tropic zshush

Starting with the high factor, I’ve been recently introduced to Evy Technology. A brand that focuses on the SPF being absorbed into the epidermis as opposed to sitting on the surface of the skin. This protective barrier that it creates means that the suns harmful rays will be blocked out even deeper and will last up to 6 hours. The SPF 50 Suncreen Mousse makes a great base for other skincare products so you can layer, should you wish and as it’s suitable for face and body, it’s a great essential for summer. It can also be worn under makeup so whilst we are having this summer heat, it’s even easier to be protected from the suns rays. Although it is only a 100ml bottle, the expanding foam mousse inside definitely doubles the volume. I think I’m a convert to Evy Technology!

Hawaiian Tropic is that brand that everyone knows, and it’s the brand that instantly reminds me of summers abroad. The tropical scent is connected to so many memories. I used to use the swirled Hawaiian Tropic suncreen all the time, but I have now found an even nice cream. The Hawaiian Tropic Duo Defence Sun Lotion SPF 30 is a daily use sunscreen that contains an anti pollution layer and  feels so luxurious on the skin. Again, it’s another product that has been perfect for the UK weather as well as being a high performing cream for more tropical climes. 

The after sun care is as important to me as the sun care and I fall back to Hawaiian Tropic with the incredible body butter. Now, I have been known to use this when I’ve not even been in the sun because it smells so amazing. Historically, the Exotic Coconut has been my go to scent, however this year I have discovered the Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Body Butter in Lime Coolada. I am shook.  It smells insane; zesty, tropical and good enough to eat. In addition to this, for a full on tropical vibe, a slick of the Hawaiian Tropic SPF30 Lip Balm, ensures that you are protected from head to toe. Nothing worse than burnt lips on holiday and it’s definitely an area that I have been caught out with before so I always use it now. 

I have spoken about the Ideal World Zhuzh products before, but I had to drop them in this years recommendations. The Zhuzh Tan Accelerator has to be one of the best products I have used for intensifying tanning time. I mainly use this when sat in the UK sun, and a mild misting of the product over the skin gives it such a boost to develop my natural tan. As it stimulates melanin production, I have found that I start to turn a wonderful dark golden shade that is not normally easy to achieve with my skin tone unless I’ve been in the hot sun for a long period of time. 

The second product from Zhuzh is my secret weapon in prolonging my tan, whether it be natural or a faux glow. The Zhuzh Tan Lock and Saver is a dry oil that has a brilliant 360 degree nozzle so I can get to the hard to reach areas. It keeps my skin feeling soft and supple, which in turn means that my tan stays in place with ease and also fades evenly. As it’s a dry oil, it also makes a great hair treatment to leave on overnight. You can’t beat a good multi use product!

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