VS Pro Magic FX Radiant Flash Brightening Cream

Victoria’s Secret, to me, has always been one of those shops that I never ventured into. In the States, I swear there are more Victoria’s Secrets shops than Starbucks, there’s literally one on every street. Aside from the fact that I am no VS Angel, and I’d barely be able to squeeze a nip into one of their bras, a lot of my friends from work couldn’t go to America without shopping up a storm in there. A little trip into VS one day led me to a make up stand that I never knew existed and ending up in a mass purchase of cosmetics that have fast become daily favourites. I’m a huge lover of the VS Color Drama Lipsticks, and now I am using the VS Pro Magic FX Radiant Flash Brightening Cream daily to add that radiant touch to my cheeks.

VS Pro Magic FX Radiant Flash Brightening Cream

The VS Pro Magic FX Radiant Flash Brightening Cream is not a cream as such, its more of a liquid that is contained within the cutest irridescent silver packaging. The formula of the cream contains anti-oxidant Green Tea extract and applies like a dream. The pearlescent shimmer gives a soft-focus glow to your skin, blurring out imperfections and highlighting the high points of your face such as your cheekbones, brow bone and bridge of nose. To me, its not just another highlighter / illuminator, it really is something special. Its oil-free as well as being fragrance free and doesn’t leave a shine or any glittery particles on your face.

VS Pro Magic FX Radiant Flash Brightening Cream

VS Pro Magic Fix Radiant Flash Brightening Cream (15)

It such a beautiful colour. I did take a picture of it blending in, but the all the will in the world I couldnt get the camera to pick up the subtle highlight. Which goes to show how well it blends, and that my photography skills need more work! You can just about pick up how the light refracts off the VS Pro Magic FX Radiant Flash Brightening Cream.

VS Pro Magic FX Radiant Flash Brightening Cream

Have you tried any of the make up from Victoria’s Secret?

  • Oooh this sounds lovely, I have never tried any VS makeup as I didn;t think it would be that good.

    Hayley x

    • It’s so much better than I thought it would be!xx

  • This looks gorgeous, I know they did fragrances but hadn’t seen this, must give it a go xx

  • I never really knew they did makeup, too busy making their underwear fit haha. But I definitely want this now, its so gorgeous!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • Haha! I can only fit in their big knickers hehehe!!xx

  • MJ

    This is totally the kind of effect I like on my face!! 😀
    I think your preference is generally more matte, so I can’t wait to see how this looks on you!!

    xx <3

    • Like a giraffe has just licked my face xxx

  • I love the packaging! I have only ever been into the VS at Munich airport which just sells the toiletries and they smelt amazing! I’m sure I saw one recently in the UK maybe . . ?

    Amy at Amy & More

    • I think there are a few popping up in places!xx