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Vatika Hair Care – Shampoo and Hair Oil

Vatika is a brand that is completely new to myself and also to the UK so when I was contacted by Vatika, I was really intrigued. Dabur International is an Indian company that produces brands such as Vatika, and from a quick read of their website it is clear that high quality runs throughout Dabur International. Vatika focuses on hair care and uses natural products to give nourishment to hair as well as body and radiance. Using tried and tested herbal formulas, the range will suit every hair type. As I have been ridiculously busy with work, I have asked my sister if she would review these new products and give her opinions on this new brand. Here is what she had to say!

‘Hi, I’m Paula and Anoushka has kindly let me take over her blog for this post on Vatika Hair Care . I was really excited to try the new products from Vatika. My hair is short and I tend to use a lot of bleach to get the almost white colour that I prefer. This does cause my hair to become dry and damaged so I like to use hair products that will help with its condition and prevent breakage.

I tried the shampoo first and I have been using it over the last few weeks alongside my regular conditioner. I found that the Vatika Sweet Almond Moisturising Shampoo* foams up really well with very little effort and is easy to massage into the hair and scalp. It smells fresh and quite luxurious however I feel that the bottle and branding could be improved to match the luxury of the shampoo. It does look like its price point, but the shampoo is worth much more. My bleached hair didn’t feel rough after washing and my hair felt lovely and smooth, smooth enough to not need a conditioner. The shampoo also contains henna which I feel has brought out my natural highlights in my hair. Overall, I’m really quite impressed with how nourished my hair felt after washing.

Vatika Shampoo and Hair Oil

I used the Vatika Almond Enriched Hair Oil* as a hair treat over the weekend. I applied the hair oil to clean shampoo’d but not conditioned hair. For best results it did say to leave overnight however I left it on for around 15 minutes as an intensive boost. The oil wasn’t greasy and it was easy to pull through my hair. After I rinsed it off, I found that my hair felt a bit greasy so I re-washed my hair to get the bulk of the oil out. After the second wash, my hair felt in such good condition that I didn’t need to condition. I also found that after blow drying, my hair was silky and soft and even those damaged bits of over processed and heat damaged hair felt really smooth. It feels like the overall condition of my hair has improved so I looking forward to using the hair oil after I have bleached my hair.’

Vatika Shampoo and Hair Oil

Well, it seems that Vatika has made quite an impression on my lovely sister, and I know how much she loves her hair products. I’m looking forward to seeing Vatika products more readily available in the future, as from as far as I can see they are only available on Amazon. The price points are really reasonable with the shampoo and hair oil both coming in under £5. Have you tried any Vatika products? What have you tried?

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