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Treats from Too Faced!

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I am wearing a minimal face of makeup for work as of late, and although it’s allowing me an extra fifteen minutes in bed, it’s annoying me that I’ve become so lazy with my appearance. From a glamorous, tanned hostie with big hair, big lashes and bright lipstick, I am now the plain messy top knot, glasses everyday and a light BB cream with a lip balm. Who even am I? Sure, my glasses are Balmain and my BB cream is Clarins, but I need to get back into the glam with no excuses. With spring just around the corner and my lust for life coming back in droves, I think I have found a happy medium. Two new products to keep in my handbag so I can go out after work at a minutes notice, whilst keeping my skin looking fresh and glowing. From Too Faced, the Sun Bunny Bronzer and Choc Chip palette have become my new best buds.

Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer Too Faced Matte Chocolate Chip palette

Too Faced Matte Chocolate Chip palette closed

Too Faced Matte Chocolate Chip palette open

Too Faced Matte Chocolate Chip palette swatches on arm

As I’m wearing glasses each day, I rarely bother with eye makeup except for a coat of mascara. To have a handbag sized palette that can be slipped into my handbag with some travel sized makeup brushes, I can change my look in just a few moments. The Too Faced Matte Chocolate Chip eyeshadow palette is so good. Made up of some of Too Faced most popular shades from the Chocolate Bar palettes, but with a new matte finish, it’s nice to see an alternative way to wear some of my favourite shades such as Candied Violet. As with all of the Chocolate Bar palettes, the formulation is rich in anti-oxidants whilst the cocoa scent is ever present. The shade range of browns, pinks and plums make this a very versatile palette, whilst the matte finish gives really good hold on the eye lid without primer. Ideal if you are going from desk to disco.

As with the majority of Too Faced shadows, there are some that perform better than others but I did find that it was the darker browns that didn’t need much work this time around. Of course, out of all of the shades, Marzipan and Semi Sweet are the ones for me. I just cannot resist a warm toned brown with orange and red undertones. I’m getting predictable, but it works for me.

Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer gold packaging

Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer gold packaging inside product

I’ve totally been skipping out on bronzer lately as I’ve been embracing my natural paleness and the fact that I’m coming to terms with my decade long tan is finally leaving my body. All of my foundations seem to be the wrong shade and they look quite warm on my skin as it is so adding further warmth hasn’t been necessary. Now that I’ve changed shades in my base shades, I have decided that I need the warmth. It’s a never ending vicious cycle isn’t it. A gorgeous, natural and glowing bronzer that doesn’t look muddy on my skin tone is one of the more difficult make up products for me to find as they either look too natural or too dark. Too Faced Sun Bunny is an old favourite, and in fact it was one of the very first Too Faced products that I ever purchased. It’s nice to have this back in my life as all I remembered was how pretty it looked on my skin.

The dual powder has a pink undertone which mimics the colour of a natural tan. I prefer to swirl the two colours together rather than try to apply them as separate shades for a more natural sunkissed look. That being said, if you wanted to create a more sculpted look, you could use the shades alone to define and enhance the bone structure. It makes you look so healthy and for my medium skin tone, it’s the perfect blend of shades. I have seen a sneak peek of the new Sun Bunny and it has been redesigned for 2018 with the cutest embossed powders. I think I’d a tough decision picking between Sun Bunny and my other Too Faced love of the Chocolate Soleil Powder, but I think a more universal and more glowy bronzer, Sun Bunny is absolutely perfect.

Have you tried either of these handbag essentials from Too Faced?

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