Tom Ford Lips and Boys in Matthew

Do you know just how restrained I was when choosing a lipstick from the limited edition Tom Ford Lips and Boys collection? I had earmarked several online with the intention of getting at least three of them when I popped into Selfridges on New Years Eve. The colours that I had potentially chosen, Jack, Xavier, Francesco and Matthew were in stock but something stopped me buying them all. I chose Matthew and Matthew only. I know, I bet you were wondering if I’m ill or something. I’m not, but I was just a little bit underwhelmed by them.

Tom Ford Lips and Boys in Matthew

The 50 strong collection of Lips and Boys contains every shade of lipstick that you can imagine from nudes to metallics. Originally launched for a one day exclusive back in December, the full collection came back online on Boxing Day. Picking colours from swatches is not my strong point and combined with the natural deep pink red colour of my lips, colours do not translate on me like they do on others. A great example is the L’oreal Privée Cheryls Nude. A totally amazing colour that didn’t even show on my lips. Anyway, I’m digressing. Why was I underwhelmed? Well, most of the shades were so similar that they literally were a shade or two difference. Jack, Xavier and Francesco, the three colours that were so me all looked pretty much the same when I tried them on. So disappointed, I had my heart set on Matthew anyway, so I bought him instead.

Tom Ford Lips and Boys in Matthew

The packaging is the beautiful Tom Ford luxury that we all know so well. It still feels heavy enough for a smaller size and still has that satisfying clunk when it snaps shut. The lipstick, although it looks so small, is actually only 1g less in weight than the full size 3g lipstick. I don’t feel that the lipstick itself feels strong enough not to snap when being applied, so I am very cautious when I apply it. One application was enough to make the imprinted TF on the top of the bullet start to disappear as well, which makes me sad. I know it is inevitable that it will go if you are using TF lipsticks frequently but one use was a tad quick.

Tom Ford Lips and Boys in Matthew

I know I’m sounding a bit negative about the Tom Ford Lips and Boys but I assure you that I am totally in love with the colour, quality and formula. I get a good 4 hours wear time from Matthew, with light staining on the lips after. It has shimmer particles within this lipstick which is unusual for a Tom Ford Lip Colour. The semi matte formula is still present with a lovely satin finish. The colour itself is a gorgeous warm toned bright coral pink with pearlescent shimmer. It’s not a unique colour and I originally likened it to MAC Costa Chic and MAC Toying Around however these aren’t as close to Matthew as I visualised.

Tom Ford Lips and Boys in Matthew

Overall, as beautiful as the collection is, I would rather pay £37 for a full sized lipstick that I feel that I can hold comfortably and without feeling like a giant. Matthew is such a beautiful lipstick and I’m so happy that I bought this shade, and Matthew is also the name of my best friend so it has a sentimental feeling to it as well. If you haven’t already bought a Tom Ford Lips and Boys lipstick, you had best be quick. Once they are gone, they’re gone! You can get them exclusively from Selfridges although some shades are now out of stock

  • I really really do want to get one but I don’t think I can justify the price right now..or can I? 😉

  • Well, isn’t Matthew a beauty! Not that I need anymore Tom Ford enabling from you….

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • KPsays

    Oh, the beauty community is going to ostracize me for saying this, but I own one Tom Ford lipstick. While the packaging is sooo uber luxe, the lipstick itself didn’t bowl me over. So I’ve never bought another. I even said so in my review. So I totally skipped the Boys collection, though some of the shades are gorgeousl Love the way Matthew looks on you! Though I do love his eyeshadows. And him, of course!

    • Oh he is totally droolworthy isn’t he! I love my TF lipsticks, I think they are the best quality and formula but it was just the size that puts me off Matthew!x

  • Rebecca Slinger

    Oooh Matthew!
    Well Anoushka inspired my blog and I want Didier! I’m going on Saturday to purchase, Selfridges here I come – Anoushka sent me!

  • Matthew is a gorgeous color. As you know, I was totally restrained as well. And like Karen, not completely wowed. I’ll give his regular line a shot before making me final decision though. 🙂

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    • Ahh I know it;s not for everyone but I have nothing but praise for TF x