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The English Mineral Makeup Company

This is the second time that I’m writing this post, and I really hope that I can do it justice compared to my first, non published draft. You see, last week, with the help of my web host, we needed to make some changes but alas it didn’t work in the end. My site is fine but unfortunately, a back up was needed. A backup that didn’t take into account an entire weeks worth of posts, and many hours of work that I put in over the weekend. Not really a nightmare situation as such, but a pain in butt situation non the less. Anyway, let me introduce you to a new brand that I have discovered; The English Mineral Makeup Company who have brought a beautiful range of cosmetics with quite a beautiful story behind it.

Mother and Daughter duo Jeanette and Grace have developed The English Mineral Makeup Company with the idea in mind that the products are suitable for all ages. For those who are older and don’t want powdery, cakey line settling products, and those who are younger who need  gentle products from troublesome skin. This luxury brand uses chemical free mineral powders that have a high quality formula, beautiful finish and effectively treat the skin. 

I must pay homage to the packaging of the Fairy Godmother product that I have received. A white, glossy box with subtle branding, all tied up with ribbon and a delicate Cinderella carriage charm adorning the top. Simple, stunning and the attention to detail shows just how invested Jeanette and Grace are to their brand. Opening the box, the mineral powder in wrapped in its own pouch and nestled next to it, a mini Kabuki brush with scarlett bristles, that matches the red shades within the companies branded colours.

Fairy Godmother is a 4 in 1 wonder powder with one of the uses being an overnight skin treatment. I have used one mineral powder serum in the past before, and although unusual compared to using a traditional serum, the results are great. My skin seems to look much more even and still feels like it has had a bit of a boost, just like when using my normal evening skincare. 

Due to the light reflecting particles, Fairy Godmother makes a great primer, finishing powder or subtle highlighter and the finished look is even, smooth and flawless, with fine lines looked fuller and a moisturised and healthy finish. The formulation does contain crushed pearls which is why is cannot be classed as a vegan product, but it is cruelty free and organic. 

I’ve been really pleased with just how little product goes as long way. It’s perfect for my handbag, as the compact contains a mirror and combined with my mini Kabuki, I can keep myself looking fresh and glowy all day long. 

The English Mineral Makeup Company
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