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Teeth whitening with Sure Smiles at Taylor Faith

Ten days ago I had my teeth whitened at Taylor Faith salon in Bury using Sure Smiles technology to lighten my teeth. Using an ultra friendly UV lightening process and a gel that contained no peroxide, this 60 minute treatment was a quick and easy way to get my teeth looking natural and pearly white.

The treatment started off by taking a colour matching of my teeth before the treatment. Mine were shaded at 26, which makes me think that my teeth weren’t as white as I thought they were! I was given a disposable toothbrush to wipe over my teeth before I placed the retained in my moith. Out of all the treatment, this was the most uncomfortable, but not in a painful way. It was just odd having the retainer in, as I felt like i was dribbling a bit. It didn’t hurt the corners of my mouth however I was given some vaseline to put in the edges to stop any discomfort or chaffing. I then applied a vitamin E liquid to my gums, before applying the first layer of gel. It was quite difficult to get to my back teeth but I focused on the teeth that were on show. The UV lamp was then applied for 15 minutes so I just sat back and relaxed to some soothing music whilst the treatment took place.

Sure Smile Teeth Whitening Taylor faith

After 15 minutes, I applied the rest of the gel and relaxed under the UV light for another 30 minutes. I was so excited to see the results that the 30 minutes went by pretty quickly. Once the 30 minutes were up, I had to pat any excess of gel off my teeth, remove the retainer then rinse my mouth with water to get rid if any remaining gel. I was then reshaded and my colour had gone to 10, which was 9 shades lighter than they were at the start of the treatment.

Sure Smile Teeth Whitening Taylor faith

My teeth are so gorgeous and sparkly white and I love how they look. For the first two days I stayed away from coloured foods until the enamel was back to normal, and I must say that my teeth were so sensitive for a good few days afterwards. Once that had disappeared, everything was back to normal and I could drink my cups of tea again without pain or sensitivity.

Sure Smile Teeth Whitening Taylor faith

Sure Smiles are offering teeth whitening for just £30 at the moment in various locations across the UK, however if you are local to Bury or Manchester then Taylor Faith is the salon to go to in this area. The offer is on for a limited time so if you want to get sparkly pearly whites then book in today by calling the salon on 01617968639 or 01617614260 and quote Anoushkaloves.

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