Sunny Days

With the weather set to get into the mid 20s this week, and the sun continuing to shine, it’s the ideal time to catch a few rays. Whether it be in the garden with a glass of Pimms, or a beer garden with your friends, the sunny weather makes us think we are on holiday and the perfect opportunity to get a tan.

The only difference between the UK and some foreign country is that you’ll probably wear sunscreen whilst abroad.

It is vital that you cover up in the sun with a high factor. Although it may be England and we only get sun for a few weeks of the year, the sun is still strong enough to burn you.

I’m not going to give you a lecture on the pros of sunscreen, but what I will say is that it isn’t worth the risk of going without. A high factor will not stop you from tanning, it will only give you a higher protection against the suns harmful rays. Infact you’ll probably find that you’ll have a deeper longer lasting tan when you’ve used a higher factor, as your skin won’t have been damaged, dried up, burnt and ready to peel off.

No excuses. Just please wear it