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Sunkissed Rapid 60 Minute Tan

There seems to be a common theme running through this weeks post and it’s totally unintentional, I promise. I seem to be having a lot of love for bronzing and highlighting lately and I’m not sure whether it is because we are being tormented with the weather or I’m longing for a deep tan and sun treated hair. I’ve been loving a faux glow lately and I have been keeping myself topped up with several fake tans from several different brands. My current squeeze is from Sunkissed, and this little beauty is not only a bargain at £4.99 but it is easily accessible to purchase from several shops including Superdrug and Primark. The Sunkissed Rapid 60 Minute Tan has been a super quick fix for those pale, pasty limbs and I cannot get enough!

Sunkissed Rapid 60 Minute Tan

My skin tone is of a medium colouring that tans easily and rarely burns. I go through phases of being really deeply tanned or being false tanned because I don’t want to go in the sun. Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time on non beach trips, so false tan has become my new best friend. I’ve been using Sunkissed Rapid 60 Minute Tan as I can leave it to develop in just an hour, or leave it on overnight for maximum colour.

The scent of the Sunkissed Rapid 60 Minute Tan is just divine. It’s like coconuts,tropical flowers and Pina Coladas. When squirting the product out of the can, please make sure that the nozzle is pointing down. I made the mistake of squirting it whilst the nozzle faced outwards and my white bathroom got covered in brown mousse. It smelt good, but it has stained my walls. Oops! It’s also beneficial to use a mitt for an even distribution across your skin.

Sunkissed Rapid 60 Minute Tan

Application is easy as the mousse travels well across the skin and lies evenly and without streaking. The coloured mousse helps you to spot areas that you may have missed. The mousse dries really quickly and doesn’t look muddy or give that dirty look that is commonly associated with false tan. One layer gives me a great colour, and leaving it overnight gives it a slightly darker hue. I find that the Sunkissed Rapid 60 Minute Tan lasts for around 4 days before fading, so I keep it looking fresh by making sure I use moisturuser each evening. It fades nicely with no patchiness, and continues to have that golden glow for the duration until it wears off.

With all the higher priced false tans on the market, I think Sunkissed are really overlooked compared to those with the hype like Zen Tan and St. Tropez. I find the Sunkissed brand to not only be a much better price, but a much better product. The range is slowly expanding with new products to rival it’s competitors and I still find myself reaching for my repurchased gradual tan on a regular basis. The Sunkissed brand is a definite thumbs up for me, and the 60 minute tan is just ideal for those random and impromptu nights out or for a quick fix that really works.

P.s I’ve found Sunkissed Rapid 60 Minute Tan for just £2.99 on Fragrance Direct.

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