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When a girl is feeling a bit meh, the best way to perk yourself up is to take a trip down to a beauty salon for some much needed pampering. A salon local to myself is Sunday’s, a thriving business that offers the most up to date beauty treatments. It’s strange really, as Sundays has been running for so many years yet I have never stepped foot inside, so it was definitely about time to rectify that. I decided to get the latest trend LVL Lashes as well as trying to get dreadful nails sorted out. Appointment booked for 3pm, I took a leisurely walk over ready for an afternoon of pampering.

Due to a miscommunication between being booked in at 3pm to find out that I hadn’t actually been booked in until 4pm, it gave me time to have a good look around the salon to see just what services and products that it had to offer. On first impressions, the salon is really modern and stylish without being too ‘blingy’. It gave an air of sophisticated boudoir glamour and I felt really comfortable from the minute I walked in, especially being offered a coffee almost immediately as I sat down.

LVL Lashes

LVL Lashes

LVL Lashes

LVL Lashes

LVL Lashes

LVL Lashes

Whilst I waited for my appointment, I could see brands such a L’Oreal, Dermalogica and Essie around the salon which made me feel great. I’m a huge fan of all these brands, especially Essie and I was particularly drawn to the bright summery shades of the latest nail polishes. I was particularly impressed to see Crystal Clear was the chosen brand for facials, as well as the lesser known COMCIT facial being offered. I’ve had the COMCIT facial in the past and it’s seriously the best facial that I’ve ever had.

I didn’t haqve to wait until 4pm for my appointmemnt and Carmel took me through for my LVL Lash Treatment by Nouveau Lashes into a tranquil room. Lying on the bed, I was made to feel comfortable before my 45 minute treatment.Each step of the treatment was explained to me before she undertook each step. The LVL Lash Treatment is designed to lift lashes at the root, creating the illusion of longer lashes, with a tint to make them look like they have a smooth coat of mascara on them. We decided on a blue black tint, which creates such a beautiful lash colour and it has made my life so much easier as I don’t have to bother with mascara much anymore.

The lash treatment does smell like perming solution but was gentle on the eye around surrounding eye areas, and although I was wearing my contact lenses when I had the treatment done, I had no adverse effect on my eyes. It does feel slightly strange having your bottom lashes stuck down and your top lashes adhered to the the upper patch, but all in all in felt quite relaxing. Carmel also gave me a hand massage whilst waiting for the treatment to progress and as I had only arrived home from work earlier that day, and minimal sleep, I felt like I could drift off. The difference between my lashes pre treatment and after was very apparent and I am so impressed with the results.

Three weeks after my treatment, my lashes are looking amazing and as the treatment lasts between six to eight weeks, I am going to be booking in for another as soon as they need doing. It really has changed how I view my no make up or dress down days, as I still feel done up because my lashes are framing my eyes beautifully. I’ve been keeping my lashes conditioned with the Nouveau Lashes Conditioning Lash Serum which has really helped in keeping them soft, healthy and shiny. I have also noticed that I haven’t had one lash fall out yet and they feel really quite supple.

As I do wear a black winged eye liner every time I wear make up, I have been removing my eye makeup with the Nouveau Lashes Eye Makeup Remover which is really gentle, oil free and makes taking make up and mascara off easily without pulling and tugging on the natural lash.

After my LVL Lash Treatment, I also had a gorgeous pale greige shade of gel nails applied to my nails. As my B12 issues have been causing a lot of issues with my hair, skin and nails, the gels really helped in strengthening my nails until they grew a bit more. Robyn, the nail technician was so lovely and was really precise when applying the gels and they lasted for nearly two weeks which is quite unbelievable for my nails. After I soaked them off whilst at home, my nails looked in so much better condition.

I had a lovely, relaxing afternoon at Sundays Salon and without hesitation I will be back for my next LVL Lash Treatment. If you haven’t had the treatment before, then its a must. I think it’s a total game changer in beauty world and my only regret is that I didn’t have it done sooner.

Sundays Salon offers a wide range of treatments and pampering sessions, including nails, hair and tan and I’m really looking forward to popping back in for an afternoon of being spoilt.

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