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Summer Makeup Must Haves

Summer Makeup Must Haves

This summer has been the hottest summer on record for years within the UK. After my trip to Bali, I really did believe that I had the most Vitamin D that I would be gain but I was wrong. I’ve even caught a slight tan from being sat in the sun and making full use of my balcony which rarely gets much use. It really has been a great summer. With the heat of the sun, comes the hot flashes and naturally glowing faced and I have really had to change up my makeup for a more mimimal face. The hardest thing about this is actually being bothered to wear it at all. I’ve put together my top picks of summer makeup must haves to see you through to Autumn.

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If you have been reading my blog or following my social media lately, you will know that I have a huge love for the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base. I literally cannot stop raving about it to everyone, and it makes such a difference to my makeup application. A hybrid primer/moisturiser that has an oil free and non greasy formulation, it sinks into the skin with ease and leaves a wonderfully soft base for foundation. I adore the citrus scent and how it makes my skin feel, with or without makeup.

A minimal makeup up base is enhanced with the Nudestix Nudies in Hey, Honey. I liberally apply this everywhere for a glowing, fresh faced look. Eyes, lips, cheeks, or buffed in all over. It’s such a light tinted balm that it isn’t overkill should you over apply.  The handy brush in the bottom of the tube is also brilliant for buffing the product into the skin with ease. A real handbag essential.

When Benefit Cosmetics released Galifornia Blusher last summer, I didn’t think that they could ever top the peachy pink sunshine coral shade that makes me so happy. I was wrong. This years release, Benefit’s Gold Rush has ticked all of my boxes in terms of what I want from a blush. Golden pink in colour, smelling of the tropical sunshine and a finely milled powder that buffs into the skin with ease. This blush is so gorgeous. It’s neutral, but with a flush of colour that makes you look all coy and I love it. The golden overspray of the blush does lift off when you use it, but the flecks of gold remain throughout the powder to give a sheen across the cheeks. It’s quite pigmented so a big fluffy brush is perfect to diffuse the colour. 

Each Summer I like to treat myself to one or two items from my favourite beauty brands summer collections. This year, I saw the Clarins Summer collection and went mad with excitement as it featured flamingos. You know how I love a flamingo or two. Not only is the Clarins Summer 2018 bronzer a very generously sized bronzer but it is made up of a harmony of bronze and peach shades to create a subtle shimmer glow. The powder itself is embossed with a flamingo, which obviously makes it very difficult for me to want to use it but when I have used it, I can confirm that the colour payoff and overall shade is gorgeous. 

I’m having some huge issues with my eyes at the moment, so minimal makeup around my eyes is a must have. You know how hayfever and itching and scratched corneas don’t mix, well, yeah that. I’ve been using just one coat of mascara at the moment and the Pixi Beauty Large Lash Mascara. I love the brush on this as it’s big enough to grab all lashes yet still gives great control in coating them from root to tip. I have found that also not getting the under eye smudges and it’s so easy to remove. 

A summer lip is a necessity for me, and it’s this time of year when I start reaching for the bright oranges and corals. Shades like Miss Loubi from Christian Louboutin Beauté are the kind of shades that I adore. The Louboutin lipstick is probably one of the most extravagant lipsticks I own but the colour is absolutely perfect. Plus, it comes with its own ribbon to wear as a necklace, and its presented in a keepsake box so that totally makes it worth every penny. In the Velvet Matte formula, this is one of the creamiest, non drying matte lipsticks I’ve tried. I think I need to get Bengali next. 

A summer must have in beauty must contain brightly coloured nail polishes. A coral coloured pedicure and pink manicure just remind me of summer, and this cute travel exclusive set of the OPI Lisbon collection from World Duty Free is perfect for holiday. With six shades, the most difficult decision will be choosing which one to wear. 

My final must have has to be the scent of my summer; Jo Malone Tropical Cherimoya. I picked this up on my way to Bali from World Duty Free and it is quite simply divine. Jo Malone have released the Tropical Cherimoya in 30ml and 100ml in limited edition neon green, pink and orange bottles. My only downside is that I bought the 30ml and didn’t buy 100ml. It smells of juicy pears, passion flower, Brazilian copahu resin and tonka bean and green cherimoya fruit. Literally, it’s summer in a spray. 

summer make up must haves
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