Storm Flower by Cheryl

I like to keep as up to date as possible with the latest fragrance releases and when I heard that the beautiful Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, formerly known as Cole, was bringing out a signature scent, I was intrigued. I’m surprised it has taken this long for her to release her own fragrance as over the last few years Cheryl really has become the nations darling with her TV work, music and charity work. In a press conference Cheryl mentioned how she didn’t want to just put her name to any fragrance and as now is the right time, Storm Flower by Cheryl is born.

Storm Flower by Cheryl

My first impression of Storm Flower by Cheryl is that the packaging is absolutely beautiful and would make a gorgeous gift for Christmas. Nestled inside a rose gold and purple trimmed box sits the beautiful rose gold 30ml Storm Flower perfume and 75ml body wash. It looks expensive and luxurious and the bottle of the fragrance is really pretty. Again, in the rose gold hue that is now synonymous with Storm Flower, the lid of the bottle is a blooming flower with a simple but effective ombré effect glass bottle. Cheryl has spoken about how she wanted Storm Flower to be a fresh fragrance and how it has been inspired by that fresh feeling after there has just been a storm.

Storm Flower by Cheryl

The fragrance itself is very fresh. It is a perfect daytime fragrance and for me, it is ideal for work. Zesty notes of mandarin and nectar burst onto the skin. These top notes remind me of another perfume and I can’t think of what it is, but it has a joyful fresh feeling to it. Heart notes of freesia and peach settle into the skin and this floral heart works so well with the top notes. When the fragrance settles further a warm vanilla that isn’t too overpowering blends with white musk and sandalwood to create a deep, creamy trail on the skin.

Storm Flower by Cheryl

The scent itself doesn’t have a great longevity, however given its price point, this doesn’t bother me. After around 2 hours, I can’t smell it on myself and after around 3 hours, others couldn’t smell it either. For a daytime/work perfume, it suits my needs. I can spritz on as little or much as I want without it being too overpowering. For work, it is a great addition to my handbag. I use an awful lot of perfume whilst at work, and I prefer to use perfumes that don’t break the bank, and that are easy and cheap enough to replace at a moments notice. With 30ml starting from £23 up to the 100ml bottle at £40, I think this is a great price point that will be suitable for not only adults but younger girls who can save up their pocket money.

Storm Flower by Cheryl

The Storm Flower by Cheryl body wash which comes in the gift set is also available to purchase on its own for £14.95 and provides a deeper base to layer the perfume on too. The glittery body wash doesn’t leave skin looking like a glitterball, yet leaves the fresh, floral fragrance on your skin that lasts for a good few hours.

Storm Flower by Cheryl

Overall, I am very pleased with Storm Flower by Cheryl. Its a perfume that will be loved by all ages, in a beautiful bottle that will look pretty on your vanity. The additional body products that are also available make a great gift and this gift set is ideal for Christmas. I’ve found a website that offers great value perfumes at even lower prices. Storm Flower by Cheryl is available at just £22.99 at My Perfume Room and is available in both 30ml and 50ml sizes.

*Contains PR Samples sent for consideration of review

  • Min

    Great review, Anoushka! I am also surprised that it took Cheryl that long to release her own perfume.. Is it really her first one? Now I am curious to smell it too!

    • It is her first one. I’m not sure if Girls Aloud released one though? Its very fresh and sparkly!xx

  • Zoe

    Ooh nice review Anoushka ! I’ve heard this perfume is pretty nice actually, I’m going to have to see if I can find it to give it a whiff. The bottle looks really unique don’t it x

    • I think the bottle is so pretty. I’ll have to take it to work without the lid though, it might be a bit big to get through security haha xx

  • Your pictures are great! I got this too from the launch event, such a lovely fragrance .

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  • Hate to admit this, but I have been so obsessed with Cheryl lately. I keep pretending I don’t turn all her songs up on the radio haha. No doubt I will love this too!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • I’ve been wearing it for work and everyone keeps asking what I’m wearing. Good sign!xx

  • kpsays

    Love the packaging! I am fragrance addict also, so it’s nice to have a go-to for work/daytime.

    • I have a million perfumes, I am an addict!xx