The Spending Ban: Payday update!

A little blip is ok isn’t it? I’ve gone nearly a whole month without buying anything then Urban Decay go and ruin my whole spending ban by teasing me with the UD Naked 3 palette. Well, I had to have one of those and I had to get one for my Mum too. Thanks Urban Decay, £75 down before 8:10am. But, excited for my new palette is an understatement.

Having to buy christmas presents is making the spending ban slightly easier. I can browse the make up stands to my hearts content, and even purchase but knowing they will be going to make someone else happy is good enough for me.

Only December and January to go now, two months of no shopping. I still need my mascara and I also have £15 of advantage card points still to use, but I will save these for the New Year for when I am getting desperate!

Until then, roll on the 21st December when my Look Fantastic order will be dispatched and I will be the new owner of one of the most coveted products of 2013! Yippee!


  • I understand, UD’s new palette is hard to resist! I need a spending ban as well, haha! Perhaps I’ll start soon..
    xx Ali

  • kpsays

    Just got mine the other day! Gorg colors!