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Soap and Glory Eau-La-La

Merry Christmas one and all! I hope that you’ve had a fabulous day yesterday and that you were all delighted with your gifts. I know that I was and I will do a post soon as I love reading Christmas present posts. Boxing Day to me is an extension of Christmas Day. A day spent with my family, eating more food and playing with out presents. After such a crazy day, I like to spend the morning of Boxing Day relaxing and having a bit of a pamper. I’ve been lucky enough to receive a fabulous present, the Soap and Glory Eau-La-La gift set* and the orange scented freshness is ideal for putting that zing back into my life.

Soap and Glory Eau-La-La

Soap and Glory Eau-La-La was released for Christmas so it may not be available in the shops as a set, however you may catch it in the in-store sale, although it has sold out on the Boots website. Each product in the Eau-La-La gift set is available in Boots to buy individually and also in full size. Earlier on in the year, Soap and Glory released their brand new scent, Orangeasm and it was a welcome addition to the fruity and classic scent collection that S&G have to offer. I attended an event where I got chance to try the new products and one item that stuck in my mind was the Super Tonic. I never picked it up throughout the year so I was over the moon to see it in the Eau-La-La gift set.

 Soap and Glory Eau-La-La

The Orangeasm Super Tonic Fragrance is full size and retails at a purse friendly £12. Its a refreshing and invigorating spray that instantly lifts your mood with the zesty fragrance. Elemi, green mandarin and cool mint mix with fresh Sicilian lemons and orange peel oils that makes an addictive scent that you want more of.

I am a huge lover of the S&G body washes. I flit between Clean On Me and Sugar Crush, and now I cannot wait to try the uplifting Orangeasm scented wash. The body wash is filled with skin softening, moisture boosting properties as well as the new scent. The full size is 500ml and is a bargain at £6.50 as it lasts for ages.

I think Soap and Glory became famous for their body butters, especially the infamous Righteous Butter. I must have had about 15 of these body butters over the years, in all different fragrances so the Orangeasm Body Butter is a must. A handy travel sized pot comes in the Soap and Glory Eau-La-La gift set, which comes in handy for my travels and I can fill it up from the full sized tub when I run low. Its £10 for a 300ml tub.

I absolutely love the scent of Orangeasm, as well as the cheeky name. I’m looking forward to feeling a bit more invigorated shortly and ready for round two of the Christmas festivities.

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