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Soap and Glory Body Sprays

How many people can honestly hold their hands up and say that they haven’t tried anything from Soap and Glory? I don’t believe you if you haven’t! A staple part of my beauty routine and pink packaged products that have made themselves at home in my bathroom, Soap and Glory are at the top of my favourites list. I can’t go a day without using Foam Call or buttering myself up with Righteous Butter and I can’t get enough of my all time favourite scent – Sugar Crush. When Soap and Glory sent me a gift box filled with their new and improved range of Soap and Glory Body Sprays, I was over the moon, especially as my favourite scents have been put into body mists for me to carry around all day.

Soap and Glory Body Sprays

The Soap and Glory Body Spray has always been a handbag essential of mine, and I have used Mist You Madly as long as I can remember. With the mists being packaged in a 100ml pump spray, they are so handy to keep in my crew handbag as the bottle has no restrictions going through airport security. Not only are they handy for work, but they are priced at just £4 which is an amazing price for such a good product. I also find that the scent of the mists seems to last longer on my skin and clothes than the some perfumes do. The scent range has been expanded to include Original Pink, Mist You Madly, Fruitigo, Sugar Crush and Orangeasm.

Soap and Glory Body Sprays Original Pink

Original Pink – Soap and Glory’s Original fresh and summery fragrance with orange leaf, peach, lemon and strawberries, rose, gardenia and jasmine. Other Original Pink products include The Righteous Butter, Clean on Me Body Wash and Flake Away exfoliator.

Soap and Glory Body Sprays Mist You Madly

Mist You Madly – Richer and warmer than Original Pink, its packed full of mandarin, bergamot and blackcurrant with freesia, patchouli and sandalwood. Mist You Madly products include The Daily Smooth body wash and The Daily Soothe Bath Float.

Soap and Glory Body Sprays Fruitigo

Fruitigo – Heading into my favourite scent territory, Fruitigo is so fruity with figs, frozen yuzu, sweet orange oils and pomelo sourced deep from the jungle. Works well with Foam Call (LOVE!), Pulp Friction Body Scrub and Butter Yourself Body Butter.

Soap and Glory Body Sprays Sugar Crush

Sugar Crush – My absolute favourite scent is made up of zesty limes, lemons and mandarins with sweet vanilla and coconut. It certainly wakes me up in a morning. Other Sugar Crush products include Sugar Crush Body Wash, Sugar Crush Body Scrub and I have just spotted a brand new Hand Food coming soon in the Sugar Crush fragrance.

Soap and Glory Body Sprays Orangeasm

Orangeasm – The newest fragrance to the S&G family, a delicious citrus blend of mandarin and mint, sweet orange oils and lemon with patchouli and geranium. With only a small range of products so far, I luckily have tried them all and love them. Orangeasm Body Wash, Body Butter and the Fragrance Mist layers up the delightful scent on your skin.

Soap and Glory Body Sprays

I’ve had it on good authority that our favourite fragrances are also being expanded into new products with new flavours of Hand Food being one of them. I’ll be very excited to see these as I’m a hand cream obsessive. The whole range can be found on the Soap and Glory website and in store and online at Boots.

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