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Skincare Splurges – Gatineau, Elemis, Kadalys and Simon & Tom.

I’ve been feeling so grotty lately and I haven’t been wanting to make much of an effort at all. I’ve had sinusitis which has given me a dreadful runny nose and sore face, leaving my skin feeling parched and looking so lack lustre that I wish I could peel it off and grow a new layer of skin. Sometimes a girl just needs to invest in making herself feel like her normal self and sometimes that means splurging on some new skincare.

Skincare Splurges - Gatineau, Elemis, Kadalys and Simon & Tom

As I’m venturing into my early 30’s, I’ve started to use products that are designed specifically for my age range. Not too strong in anti-ageing properties but those that target the first signs of ageing and fine lines. After the way I’ve been feeling, I needed a quick fix and these four products that I have splurged on have shown results in the 7 days that I have been using them. I’ve been using my usual cleanser and toner both morning and evening but I have changed up my routine by changing my moisturiser, and adding in a new serum and two new masks.

After cleansing, every evening I have been applying a small amount of Simon & Tom Premium Lift to clean dry skin. This face mask takes around 15 minutes for it to fully absorb on my skin and then I rinse it off using warm water and a muslin cloth. The formula is gentle and leaves my skin feeling so soft and looking so much fresher. It’s packed full of retinol, collagen and argan oil to tone and hydrate my skin. It has helped massively with dark circles under my eyes, so I look much more alert and wide awake.

Simon & Tom Premium Lift

Twice a week, I’ve been treating myself to the Elemis Absolute Eye Mask to combat signs of fatigue and the way my roster has been lately, it is a welcome addition to my routine after all those long flights and time zones that I have been in. I’ve never used an eye mask before so I was intrigued to see how an eye mask performs in comparison to a regular face mask that works on the eye area. The Elemis mask soothes and cools the eye contour and reduces puffiness. The formula contains Rose, Lavender, Mimosa, Cornflower and Camellia extract and smells absolutely divine. It’s a definite recommendation from me.

Elemis Absolute Eye Mask

I wouldn’t usually use a serum in the morning, and I tend to apply it mainly of an evening but the Gatineau Renew 7 Laser has been amazing. It’s active ingredients include AHAs and Hyaluronic acid to smooth and fill the skin surface, giving a perfectly smooth surface to apply make up onto. It’s not like most serums, which are usually quite fluid, as this is a velvety smooth lilac coloured cream. It promises visible skin smoothing within 7 days, but after just 4 days of using it morning and night, I started to see a difference especially around my eye area.

Gatineau Renew 7 Laser

Finally, I’ve splurged on an absolute hidden gem of a brand and product. The Kadalys Musalis Jour is a light day cream that concentrates on early ageing. Green banana, hyaluronic acid, ribose and lemon water help neutralise free radicals and preserve the skins elasticity. It smells gorgeous, like fruity sweets and I find that my make up sits well on top of it with no sliding around. I look forward to the mornings so I can use it and I love how it makes my skin feel. I can see a difference from when I use it and when I don’t and I feel its effects more when I have been flying and my skin feels dehydrated. I’m definitely going to splurge on some more of the Kadalys range, I’m extremely impressed.

Gatineau Renew 7 Laser

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