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Skin Saviours: Glo-Therapeutics Clear Acne Cleanser

* Warning! This post contains a gruesome picture of my bad skin*

Back in February it was brought to light that I had a Vitamin B12 deficiency and the beginnings of pernicious anaemia, and needed to have booster injections to raise the levels back up to a normal standard. Since my first lot of injections, I have suddenly developed a bad case of adult acne which is something that I have never dealt with before and has been causing me a great deal of distress. My poor skin went from the odd blemish to full on cystic acne, raised red welts and spots that were like mini volcanoes under the surface that were sore and throbbing. After having a complete overhaul of my skincare products, I have found four products that have changed my skin from bad to very good. The first product that has changed my skin is the Glo-Therapeutics Clear Acne Cleanser*

Glo-Therapeutics Clear Acne Cleanser

The Glo-Therapeutics Clear Acne Cleanser is a water based cleanser for normal to oily skin. Its formula is more of a mild exfoliant due to the scrubbing beads, and although it isn’t harsh on your skin, I find that using it daily is too much for my face so I alternate it with a milder cleanser every other day. The scrubbing beads have caused no irritation to my skin and it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and free from congestion.

Glo-Therapeutics Clear Acne Cleanser

The 2% Salycylic acid and Apple enzyme formulation helps to buff away those dull cells and clear away any daily dirt and grime from your skin whilst keeping the pH balance of your skin. With a clear skin surface, the salycylic acid can penetrate deeply into your skins layers to cleanse the pores. I have been a fan of products containing salycylic acid as I have found that they do work for me, however it is essential to use a hydrating toner and rich moisturiser to stop my skin from drying out.

Glo-Therapeutics Clear Acne Cleanser

I have been using the Glo-Therapeutics Clear Acne Cleanser for just over 4 weeks now and have approximately half of the 200ml bottle left. Although it retails at a fairly pricey £31.95 for the 200ml, it has not only lasted but it is working in clearing my complexion. One pump of product from the bottle is enough to massage into my face, the scrubbing beads exfoliate well and I like to massage the cleanser into my skin for around a minute to let the cleanser fully penetrate my face. A muslin cloth is used to remove the cleanser before rinsing with warm water, and my face is left smooth with no residue from the product. All in all, I think its done a pretty good job over the last few weeks and I will continue to use Glo-Therapeutics Clear Acne Cleanser when my skin is having breakouts.

Here are some pictures to show you what my skin was like, and what it looks like at present. I apologise for the gruesomeness!

Glo-Therapeutics Clear Acne Cleanser

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