Nugg Beauty Face Masks

Being a frequent traveller to the US of A, I often find myself with a wishlist of products that I am unable to buy in the UK. One of those brands is Nugg Beauty, who have a range of face masks on handy one use capsules. I first tried Nugg Beauty after a trip to Target in Orlando, and spotted the cute little pods nestled on the shelves. With a selection of skin targeting treatments, at an affordable price point, I picked up a couple for a pamper session back at my hotel. Fast forward a few years and I’ve found out that Nugg Beauty have finally reached the UK shores and are being sold in my local shop, Selfridges. Hurrah!

Nugg Beauty Face Masks

Nugg Beauty Face Masks

Nugg Beauty Face Masks

Nugg Beauty Face Masks

The Nugg Beauty face masks come in seven different varieties, each targeting a certain area from anti-ageing to de-stressing. My favourite one so far is the De-Stress made with coconut oil and Acai Berry to help nourish, calm and protect stressed skin. It worked particularly well after flying when my skin was feeling dehydrated and stressed out from the air pollution and wearing a heavy make up during the previous few hours. The capsules hold quite a lot of a product and usually I wouldn’t have used a full pods worth on my face. As my skin was crying out for attention, I did use a full pod and my skin literally drank it up. In fact, it was very tempting to leave the mask on overnight, instead of rinsing off after 5 to ten minutes. The mask was all but absorbed by the time I rinsed it off, so my skin definitely needed a boost of TLC.

Once rinsed, my skin felt soft and supple, with a fresh glow. Waking up the following morning, I would usually have oily patches yet it taken care of problematic areas and left my skin looking and feeling so much better. As I’m having skin concerns at the moment, and my combination skin has decided to start playing up with large oily patches, I am going to focus on using the Nugg Beauty face masks a lot more, due to their all natural properties.

Although Selfridges online doesn’t yet have the full range, it does have a selection of the multi packs priced at £16.50 for five pods. I am a particular fan of Deep Cleansing face mask as the jojoba oil helps remove excess sebum which I am in desperate need of at the moment.

Have you tried Nugg Beauty? What do you think?

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  • I’ve never heard of this brand but have just added it to my list of brands to check out when I’m in the U.S. at the end of next month! xx


  • I really liked the lip and face mask from Nugg, I can’t wait to try these pods and I love that they are individually sized! x


  • I think i’d be tempted to put these in the tassimo! I like the quirky design and bet they’re a lot easier to get the product out than sachets!
    Amy at Amy & More

  • I’ve heard about Nugg Beauty masks before from some US bloggers. Now that they are available in UK I’m really exited to try them..Thnaks for letting us know!! xxx