The Single Gals Valentines Guide: Nip + Fab De-Stress Pampering

Hello there my lovers and welcome back to my Single Gals Valentines Guide. Yesterday I gave you the most perfect nude lip, which FYI is a perfect colour if you are going to be having cheeky snoggingtons over Valentines, and today is all about the pampering. I love a good pamper, and I don’t need any excuse for a bubble bath, face mask and an early night. Add in a body scrub, body wash and some moisturising body lotion and my night is complete, especially when said products are from Nip + Fab, creators of the Viper Venom serum. The Nip + Fab De-Stress range is the perfect addition to any pampering evening.

Nip + Fab De-Stress Pampering

The Nip + Fab De-Stress Blend Body Scrub* is a mild scrub to exfoliate away those dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and smooth. Gentle enough to use several times a week yet tough enough to shift those stubborn areas. Natural walnut shell and microscrub beads leave skin glowing. Warm Frankincense, sweet orange blossom and sandalwood make the de-stress blend extra special, it’s such a calming and soothing aroma.

Nip + Fab De-Stress Pampering

After I’ve buffed my skin to a radiant finish, I lather up using the Nip + Fab De-Stress Blend Body Wash*. The De-stress aromas are still present and whilst the body wash lathers up, the aromas envelop you into a warm, calming bubble of relaxation. It’s a perfect bed time body wash as the intoxicating essential oils make you so relaxed, you fall asleep so easily.

Nip + Fab De-Stress Pampering

To finish off my perfect pamper, I wrap myself in a big fluffy towel taken straight from the radiator and relax on my bed whilst I dry off. To make sure that I am in a total state of relaxation and to aid a really good nights sleep, the Nip + Fab De-stress Body Lotion is generously used over my freshly de-stressed skin. The body lotion contains salicylic, lactic and glycolic acid to aid with exfoliation of the skin, leaving skin looking fresher and younger and feeling renewed. It’s a great lotion to use to start preparing those legs for spring and summer.

Nip + Fab De-Stress Pampering

So whilst all you loved up ladies are heading out with the men of your dreams, I will be pampering myself into a state of pure bliss. No men allowed I’m afraid! Buy the Nip + Fab De-Stress pampering products direct from Nip + Fab or from Superdrug. Mwah!

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  • Emily Knott

    They sell this on ASOS too and I was tempted as it was on offer. I’m just starting to venture into the NIP&FAB range and defiantly want to try some new products. x

    • I think Nip + Fab are brilliant, you must try some products soon 🙂 xx

  • This sounds absolutely perfect, I have tried nip and fab before but nothing as pretty as this- I am all about the pink so it just wouldn’t be right without getting them- and hey it might make up for my poor sportswear purchase hahaha xxx

    • Hahaha at least it was from Net A Porter, that gives you bonus points. You need this for post workout xx

  • These sounds amazing! I am in love with the yoga blend they do, but this could be a new fav. Shame they’ve used micro beads in the scrub, I’d definitely try the body wash though!


    • Ooh the yoga blend looks lovely, I was looking at it online 🙂 xx