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Simon & Tom Soft Peeling Gel

At the end of every week I have a bit of a ritual. The end of my week doesn’t necessarily finish on a Sunday, but it’s usually any day that comes before my next block of shifts. Ah the randomness of shift work where my Sunday night bath night is on a Tuesday. In my little ritual, I usually strip my bed and put fresh clean bedding on ready for a good nights sleep and I like to pamper myself so I am all smooth and fuzz free and ready for the week ahead. I step my skincare routine up a notch by using masques, exfoliators and more intensive moisturisers. I love this time in my week and I have a little hidden gem of a skincare product that I will be sharing with you today. It’s quite a remarkable product and I’m so very impressed with the Simon & Tom Soft Peeling Gel*.

Simon & Tom Soft Peeling Gel

I was sent the Simon & Tom Soft Peeling Gel before Christmas so I have had quite some time to form firm opinions on this little pot of goodness. First of all, the packaging is really quite lovely. It looks quite high end with its pearlescent spherical pot and although you should never judge a book by its cover, it looks really special. I know that I am a bit of a snob when it comes to beauty products so its look satisfies me immensely.

Now of course it’s the contents that are important and this clear gel doesn’t look like anything special at all but how wrong could I be. The instructions say to massage the clear gel into damp skin for around 2 minutes and rinse. The first time I used it I wondered what on earth was going on my face as when I started to massage it in, it started to bobble on my face and these little balls of tissue were multiplying. I didn’t realise it was a gommage style gel with which I get huge satisfaction from peeling off my face.

Simon & Tom Soft Peeling Gel

So, although it sounds a bit bizarre, the Simon & Tom Soft Peeling Gel is such a good skincare experience. It is quite difficult to rinse all of the balls of dead skin off my face so I use a flannel to catch the last few bits. My skin went quite pink when I was massaging the gel into my skin but after rinsing, there was no redness and no adverse effects. I particularly love using it on my nose as I get the most exfoliation from that area. Post rinsing, my skin feel absolutely amazing. Soft, smooth and practically brand new. No tightness, no soreness or no redness after the exfoliation and it left my skin looking like I had been for a peel. I wouldn’t have ever considered using an exfoliator without the grains to slough away dead skin so the Soft Peeling Gel is such a great alternative and easy takes off the top layer of skin, easily and without any after effects.

Simon & Tom Soft Peeling Gel

My skin is glowing and I know that the Simon & Tom Soft Peeling Gel is gentle enough to use more than once a week although after a few uses, once a week is just enough for me. I’m so impressed with this little pot, I can’t express my happiness enough. The peeling gel also contains Argan Oil and Vitamin E which helps with the softening and repairing of the skin. My skin feels so much better lately and looks healthy and fresh which in turn has made a difference on moisturising. I feel like I don’t need to use a heavy rich moisturiser in the evening as creams are sinking into my skin so easily and my serum is more than enough for moisture.

Simon & Tom Soft Peeling Gel retails at £49.90 which is a fairly expensive product however it still sits comfortably within my skincare budget. For a product that works as well as the Peeling Gel, I would be happy to pay this each and every time. I 100% recommend!

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