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Selfridges The Beauty Project introduces Elle Macpherson and The Super Elixir

Last Friday I was invited to a very special lunch at Selfridges Exchange Square at the Farmacia De Dolce with a very special lady; Elle Macpherson. During the lunch, which was a gorgeous tasting plate and a large glass of red wine, we listened to Elle and Dr Simone Laubscher talk about The Super Elixir by WelleCo. The Super Elixir is the brain child of Elle and Dr Simone, and their aim was to create a super greens supplement to help with wellness and vitality.

The Super Elixir

The Super Elixir contains a balanced blend of 45 different ingredients including the bioavailable greens such as chlorella, spirulina, barley and wheat grass, alfalfa and kelp, as well as chinese herbs, digestive enzymes and members of the maitake mushroom family. The effect is to keep your body within its desired alkaline range, promoting healthy cellular activity and nutrition. The Super Elixir will help those everyday stresses such as tiredness and fatigue, stress and premature ageing.

The Super Elixir

Elle and Dr Simone have created The Super Elixir in time for Elles 50th birthday. Can you believe that she is 50, as I can’t! Elle is a goddess, she looks healthy and refreshed and she spoke to me about how she uses The Super Elixir to assist in her busy lifestyle. Elle mentioned how she has a teaspoon of The Super Elixir added to water or coconut milk in the morning to set her up for the days events, however she stays away from caffeine based drinks for a good hour until the elixir has started to take effect. Throughout the course of the day she drinks her elixir mixed with water to not only make sure she drink enough water, but to help her feel full of vitality. Elle drinks around 3 litres of water everyday. I’m definitely upping my intake!

The Super Elixir

At the end of the lunch, I had chance to talk to Dr Simone about The Super Elixir, and how it could benefit myself with my B12 deficiency. Dr Simone was incredibly helpful and I will be in talks with her over the next few weeks as I embark on my Super Elixir journey that Elle and Dr Simone kindly gifted me. I also had a few minutes to chat with Elle, so I asked her my burning question…’Just how do you cope with jet lag?’

Elle’s response ‘Don’t eat the airplane food, drink plenty of water and use The Super Elixir, and get plenty of rest on the flight’. Perfect!

The Super Elixir by WelleCo is available exclusively at Selfridges in a specially designed UV resistant glass caddy priced as £96.

The Super Elixir

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