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Revolution Liquid Highlighter in Unicorn Elixir

I really need to stopping popping into Superdrug whilst on my lunch break. This mentality of £3 here and £6 there suddenly mounts up and before I know it, I can’t afford food but have 17 brand new highlighters and a couple of eyeshadow palettes that I didn’t need. I jest, I only bought 15 highlighters and I needed the palettes. Seriously though, my local Superdrug is fantastic. It’s so well maintained that the testers are presentable and the stock to purchase hasn’t been used and had grubby fingers shoved in it. I always find that I end up in front of the Revolution stand as I think they are killing it at the moment with their new launches and I have been seriously impressed. My latest purchase was, of course, a highlighter. I did veer off course and purchase a liquid highlighter but fell back on my path by buying one named Unicorn Elixir. I really am a marketers dream, aren’t I? 

The Revolution Liquid Highlighter in Unicorn Elixir is just £3 at the moment and I am really considering going back and getting the rest of these Cover FX Glitter Drop dupes. Unicorn Elixir is a blue toned iridescent liquid with multi dimensional glitter particles that shimmer and glow when the light hits. Whilst it does look very blue in the bottle, when applied to the skin, it forms a milky lilac with pink reflects. To those who are a little afraid of such an unusual shade of highlighter, I would say that it isn’t to be scared of. A little goes a long way and aside from patting it onto the high points of your face, you can mix it in with your liquid foundation for a glowy sheen. You could even use it with a primer, or a moisturiser depending on the level of glow that you want. 

I do have the Cover FX Glitter Drops in Luna and to be honest, whilst they do look like a dupe, the Cover FX drops are very different. Even down to the base that the glitter is suspended in, it just feels different. I also find the Cover FX drops to pack more of a punch but the Revolution drops are so much easy to wear should you not want so much glitter but more of a shimmer. 

The one thing that I will point out is that my pipette on the bottle took some working to be able to dispense product and at one point, I did feel that it was about to break off before I was able to get the liquid into the vial. Whilst the bottle was closed, I squeezed as much as I could into the pipette and luckily after a few attempts I got it to work. It wouldn’t be particularly bothered if it broke considering it was only £3. 

Have you tried any of the Revolution Liquid Highlighters? I can’t wait to get a few more shades. And maybe the Soph palette!

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