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Platinum Dentistry Smile Design

When I was younger, I didn’t get the opportunity to get braces on my teeth as as far as the dentist was concerned, they would have to take too many good teeth out to make room to move my teeth into place. My teeth aren’t particularly bad. I have a pretty straight smile with some slight overlapping but as the years have gone on, I’ve started to become very self conscious of my smile. I have always been slightly jealous of those who received dental treatment to correct uneven teeth when they were younger as now I’m in my thirties, I don’t really want to wear a brace. Luckily, as technology has improved, the different options available have improved.

Platinum Dentistry Smile Design

I came to visit Adam at Malt Specialist House Dental Clinic, just off Trinity Way in Manchester. Only 15 minutes walk from work, it’s quite easy to find if you’re around Manchester. Platinum Dentistry, part of Bupa Dental Care, has 22 luxury practices across the UK, in which they have launched a new consultation service to tailor your dental treatment to you. This could be aligning teeth, whitening or repairing teeth, correcting the appearance of existing fillings and even veneers, all based on your own budget. Smile Design gives a scalable treatment option dependent on your budget and desired results.

My budget is quite reasonable for orthodontics and I want to look at straightening my teeth with the assistance of braces to create a perfect smile. I suppose with all the photos I have taken over the years for my blog, I have become ever so critical of what I have and I am now looking at what I can do to change things.

Platinum Dentistry Smile Design

Platinum Dentistry Smile Design

Platinum Dentistry Smile Design

My initial consultation with Adam was to look at my teeth and what I want to achieve from treatment. Adam has created a bespoke plan, tailored to my budget in order to deliver a transformation that will last a lifetime.

The consultation lasted around an hour and it was a full dental examination alongside x rays. I did know that I needed some dental work before looking at orthodontics however Adam has found that I need a few more treatments before we look at changing the alignment of my teeth. It was really interesting to see what has gone wrong and the steps needed to sort it out. There are some slight issues to be rectified but needless to say, I want these sorted out so I have booked in to have some repairs to get my teeth back on track.

As these works need completing first, we didn’t spend too much time talking about the orthodontic work, however we did discuss Invisalign and how it will help to rotate my teeth back to where they should be as well as help with the slight overbite that I have.

Having spent time talking to Adam, I am pretty determined to get everything sorted out to ensure my teeth are fully healthy before we start moving them. It is slightly disappointing to know that I need a bit more work than I thought, but I am happy that it has been explained to me and what the priorities are. So, that means no more makeup for me for a while and lots of overtime to pay for the treatment. Luckily Malt House Dental Clinic do a finance plan which is ideal to cover the cost and pay off over the course of a year, two years or even five years.

The thought of having a perfect smile and straight teeth is making me really want to reach this goal and how important looking after my teeth are. I’ve been told off for not flossing so that’s the first thing on my list to rectify, as well as reducing my sugar intake. Silver lining though – reducing my sugar intake may reduce my waistline!

Thank you Platinum Dentistry and Malt House Dental Centre for the superb in depth consultation which has started me on my designer smile journey.

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