Pixi Glow Tonic

Pixi Glow Tonic is classed as a wonder product in the world of beauty. Ever since Caroline Hirons classed it as an amazing dupe for P50, it has been winging its way to beauty lovers bathroom cabinets everywhere.

After falling for the hype, I ordered my 250ml bottle of Glow Tonic from a lovely lady over the phone for £16 plus P&P. At the time of ordering it was only available from their Covent Garden store or by calling 0207 287 7211 for mail order. You can also email storemanager@pixibeauty.com however as you need to give your card details to pay, calling may be safer. It has since been announced that it will be available to order online soon on the Pixi website.

When my Glow Tonic arrived, the first thing I noticed was the simplicity of the packaging. No box, simple fuss-free labelling and a pump action bottle. The tonic is packed with ingredients such as ginseng, horse chestnut and witch hazel. It has a organic smell, sort of woody smelling. Its quite a distinctive scent but I do like it. It doesn’t contain alcohol or oil, and its active ingredients of aloe vera and glycolic acid help exfoliate and oxygenise the skin.


I use my Glow Tonic daily, and over the last few weeks I have noticed that the surface of my skin feels different. It is smoother, and clearer and the dull, congested areas have all but disappeared. The make up of the tonic has worked to strip away the old skin so new skin can reappear, looking fresher and brighter. As it does exfoliate so well, it is worth while ensuring you wear SPF as the new skin can be prone to sunburn. I have seen a bigger difference when I use Glow Tonic alongside my Environ Sebuwash as they both have properties that target dullness and congestion.

If you haven’t tried Glow Tonic, then what are you waiting for?! At £16 for 250ml, it is not only a bargain but the exfoliating toning properties quite simply make it one of the best toners around. Have you tried it? What did you think?


  • I really like this & have been using is almost daily since April. It has helped reduce the amount of blemishes I get and keep my skin looking fresher. I am almost at the end of my bottle and need to get another. I think It is a permanent fixture in my skincare routine.

    • I’ve half a bottle left, hopefully the internet ordering will be available by the time I run out!xx