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The Origins GinZing Dupe?

I’ll set the scene shall I? Sat at my dressing table one freezing cold wintery morning, I was just about to start my post cleansing routine. I toned, applied a light serum and went to take a fingerful of my trusty Origins GinZing when I realised I had one whole application left and no back up. I was in a frenzy. Why didn’t I have a back up and why didn’t I live near a Boots that stocked Origins without having to go into Manchester city centre. Sure, I could order one but where is the fun in that. I had heard a whisper, a whisper of an Origins GinZing dupe so I used this GinZing free time to see just how it measured it.

Origins GinZing Dupe

The dupe in question is the Garnier Moisture Match Revitalizing Hydrating Gel, 50ml. Being a bit of a snob with my skincare, I must admit that I don’t tend to even look at drugstore brands, After using higher end brands for the last decade or so, I have high hopes and invest a lot into skincare that promises the world for my money. Now, the first thing that surprised me was the price. It was £3.99 or buy two from the Moisture Match range for £4 from Boots. Pretty impressive compared to the £23 price tag on the Origins GinZing.

Origins GinZing Dupe

The Garnier Moisture Match is a really lovely moisturiser. The gel formula means that its suitable for dry and dull complexions and I find that it sinks into my skin quite quickly, however it does leave my skin feeling slightly tacky. I don’t feel like my skin felt as hydrated as it could for a gel moisturiser.

This is probably going to be quite difficult to explain as gel moisturisers are gel moisturisers right? Wrong. The formulas of both, although very similar, are both very different. They both have a gorgeous fresh citrus scent, and they both refresh and revive tired looking skin. They are both very lightweight and sink into the skin easily but this is where the similarities end. For me GinZing is far superior in hydration and the formula and how it sinks into the skin. That being said, the Moisture Match is a really good moisturiser but it just doesn’t have that wow factor. I’ve repurchased GinZing several times now and it is has stuck firmly into my skincare routine with no chance of it being pushed out of place.

Origins GinZing Dupe

For me £23 isn’t a huge amount to spend on a moisturiser, after all it is one of those skincare products that is actually staying on your skin and not being rinsed off. For a cheaper alternative, the Garnier Moisture Match is a great product that does what it is designed to do, with no frills and a bargain price point. For me, it just doesn’t have the oomph that GinZing has, yet I will contemplate buying it again in the future. Not a full on dupe, but close enough.

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