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Nivea for Men Sensitive Shave Balm – The Best Primer?

I love how some of the best beauty discoveries are born from being forgetful and lazy and how products that you thought were for one thing, actually turn out to be bloomin’ brilliant for other things. Like, did you know that I once forgot all my make up brushes, pencils and liners on a trip once and I learnt how to do a perfect winged eye liner using a black eyeshadow, a spoon and a cotton bud. I love being able to multi task and I also love how Nikki Tutorials, one of the only YouTubers that I watch religiously, has found a product that you would never even entertain usually. The Nivea for Men Sensitive Shave Balm has been deemed to be the perfect primer and it’s one which Nikki discovered when she forgot her moisturiser whilst staying at her boyfriends house. Having seen that Glycerin was the main ingredient and it’s this that helps make up stay in a place, a new Holy Grail is born. I’ve been putting it to the test to see how it has fared against my favourites.

The first time that I tried the Nivea for Men Sensitive Shave Balm, I was really unsure, due to the consistency and also the scent of the product. I started off with a tiny amount and applied to my face after cleansing. It took a few minutes for the masculine scent to disappear and I felt like my skin felt really fresh yet almost tacky to the touch. I used my usual foundation, and my Expert Face Brush to blend in my foundation, and so far so good. In fact, the way my foundation sat on top of the shave balm was lovely. It looked flawless, it didn’t bunch up into dry patches and my skin looked like porcelain. Wonderful.

Nivea for Men Sensitive Shave Balm

Nivea for Men Sensitive Shave Balm

I was really taking the Nivea for Men Sensitive Shave Balm for a test drive by trying it out at work. A whole day of being in a dry environment, with recycled air and being prone to hot and sweaty patches. I usually have to do a few touch ups through out the day, with an oil free powder such as Benefit Agent Zero Shine. It took a long while before I noticed that I needed a touch up, around 5 hours into flight which usually my foundation was sliding off my face. I haven’t been wearing my Double Wear for work lately as I have ran out so I have to be over zealous with ensuring my skin is looking covered and flawless which by some miracle it was. It’s like it making an invisible shield on my face to protect it from sweat and shine and it’s magical. What is this trickery and magical adherence of the foundation to my face. I’m very impressed.

Removing the Nivea for Men Sensitive Shave Balm after a day of wear requires a double cleanse. I use an oil based remover to ensure that every last scrap is taken off before using a cream cleanser to give my face an thorough cleanse. I have heard reports of people that have experienced spots and clogged pores after using this, yet I have yet to experience it myself.

Although I have been using the shave balm fairly frequently, it still hasn’t overtaken my love for my now empty Hourglass Veil primer or even Benefit’s The POREfessional. As much as I love to try new things, sometimes you have to fall back on your old faithful. But, what I will say is that for a men’s shave balm, and especially for sensitive skin, it does help with redness and to calm and soothe the skin whilst holding onto foundation like there’s no tomorrow. Jt’s a surprising find, and one that I am going to continue to use – and it’s so cheap as well, that there’s no excuse for anyone not to try it and see how they get on.

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