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New Years Essentials – False Lashes and How To Apply

False lashes are a staple part of my make up routine and I seem to wear them more often than I don’t. I have amassed quite a collection of false lashes over the last few years and they vary in budget, from brands such as Eylure to top range Esqido. When I first started wearing lashes, I bought MAC lashes and my favourite set from MAC are the number 8 lashes. As I have large eyes, I can get away with wearing quite heavy lashes without them looking too over the top. As I was wearing them daily for work, I was going through a pair of £10 lashes very quickly. I use the DUO glue which is available in Boots and MAC as I have found that this is the best adhesive which is also very easy to remove from the lash to keep them in tip top condition. I’ve chosen a few of my favourite pairs of lashes which would be suitable for first time wearers, right up to my Esqido lashes which I will be wearing on New Years Eve.

One of the most common questions that I get asked is how to apply false lashes. I’m going to try and explain in simple terms how I apply them. As a frequent wearer, it’s become second nature to me to apply so all I can say is that practice will make perfect. With any new set of lashes, I always trim them to fit my eye. Holding the lash against your eye with the outer edge positioned on the outer corner, use this as a guide to see how much you need to trim from the inner corner. The inner corner is usually less dense so always trim from the inner rather than the outer edge. The inner corner should finish where your natural lashes finish. I apply the DUO on the cotton band evenly and let the glue go tacky. This takes approximately 30-60 seconds. It’s better to let the glue get tacky before placing them than waiting for ages for the glue to dry on your lashes. Using a pair of tweezers to hold the lash, I look down into a mirror as I can see better. Place the lash at the base of your natural lash and use the tweezers to wiggle the lash into place. My ultimate tip here is to never let the lash come away from your lash line as you may get glue on your carefully applied eye make up. Once the lash is in place, press it down and let it dry. Prior to applying my lashes, I always mascara my lashes and never add mascara to my falsies. Once you’ve become a bit more acquainted with applying your lashes, you will soon see how you make the most of them when worn. For example, I press the lashes down on the inner corner and push them up on the outer for more fullness and definition. You can go over the lash line with a black eye liner to disguise the cotton edge if you feel that you can see it. You can buy DUO in clear or black glue, depending on your preference and level of application.

New Years Essentials - False Lashes and How To Apply Eye Candy Hd brows Kiss Lashes Esqido

New Years Essentials - False Lashes and How To Apply Kiss Lashes Chic Posh

Kiss Lashes Posh

Kiss Lashes Chic

Eye Candy 50s Style Lashes 006 002

HD Brows Faux Lashes in Bombshell

Esqido Lashes

Esqido Lashes in Voila Lash

Eye Candy have a great range of lashes and the two I have picked from this range are the 50s Style Lashes in 006 and the 50s Style Lashes in 002. The 006 lashes are great for volumising natural lashes and given them a thicker fuller look, whilst the 002 lashes are a lot more subtle and delicate but give incredible length. With both sets of lashes, I’ve got around 4 to 5 wears from each pair. They’re really lightweight, and they don’t feel like you have lashes on whilst you’re wearing them.

In the same price bracket as Eye Candy are the Kiss Lashes which can be bought from Boots. I’ve been using Kiss for as long as I can remember and I don’t think that there is a style of lashes from the Kiss range that I haven’t tried. Again, I’ve chosen a light pair and a heavier pair, and the two I’ve chosen are Chic and Posh. Kiss Lashes in Chic have become my work lashes as they give me a little bit of a flutter at the edges but you can’t actually tell that I have lashes on when I wear them. They would make the ideal starting point for new to lashes wearers as they are really lightweight yet have that beautiful fullness. Within the Kiss range, my favourite set have to be Kiss Lashes in Posh. They are full and voluminous, yet light to wear and I find that they give that added oomph to an evening smoky eye and feline flick. With the natural hair and tapered end they can really change your eye shape.

The HD Brows Faux Lashes in Bombshell are a bit more pricey, but I adore the look they give when worn. They are so unbelievably comfortable and give both volume and length without being too heavy around the eye. They remind me of my trusty MAC number 8 lashes; big, full yet surprisingly natural.

Finally, the most expensive pair of lashes I have ever owned and a brand that I will be continuing to buy from forever more – Esqido False Lashes. From the website, you will see that it’s all in Dollars and looks to be an American brand, however they have storage based in the UK so any orders will be posted via Royal Mail from the UK without putting you at risk of customs charges. The Voila False Lash retails at $38 which is just an insane amount to pay for a pair of false lashes, but they are SO worth it. They’re the lashes that have been worn by the Kardashians, Victoria’s Secret Angels and bad gal of pop, Rihanna, and they are made from the highest quality mink fur. The mink fur is naturally collected and then sterilised to ensure they are hypoallergenic and suitable for wear. The quality is something that I have never seen before. The lashes are almost indistinguishable from human lashes and when worn, they blend in so well that you wouldn’t even believe that they were false. Esqido really are the creme de la creme of lashes. If you are worried about the cost, for a pair of lashes, then don’t worry as the Esqido lashes can be worn up to 25 times whilst they retain their shape and curl. To me, Esqido lashes are the best investment in false lashes.

Let me know your favourite pair of lashes in the comments below.

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